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Friday, January 13, 2017


John Lewis to skip inauguration, says Trump not a 'legitimate president'

Hey Lewis, I hope people do the same when you run again. Better yet, at age 75 give it up already, you are one rude, lifer Democrat.
Maybe he can help Hank Johnson , they can keep Guam from tipping over.
John Lewis is a man of principles. He's a disciple of Martin Luther King. He has been through the good, the bad, and the ugly in America. There is nothing you people can say about this man that will damage his integrity. You may try, but that only tells one about you and your mentality.
WGAF what johnny says, another sore loser.
Lewis is so full of it , he stinks.
Hahahahahahahahahahahaah, THAT Hank Johnson omg, I thought, did I hear right? NO ONE even our liberal lunatics on LP are THAT stupid, (oh wait I might have to take that back) how in hades did THAT guy get elected? In fact, there are a LOT of politicians I cannot understand how they got elected, like Elijah Cummings.
Hank called in top military officials to discuss this, Guam capsizing, he tried to work global warming in there. Said with so many military people there, they would over populate and the island might tip over.
Clearly he never got the correct bs talking points on the global warming lie. So he had to wing it.
Google him, tons of Hank the retard videos.
Those of us with a sense of humor, got it. Hank is a very intelligent man. He does a lot for his constituency and can easily be reached. While you are googling check out his educational background, then you will see who is the retard.
lol, he was serious, was trying to tie in global warming talking points and couldn't do it.

Term limits help everybody us, them, and.......especially the term limited.. These geezers have lost all grasp of reality.
-Well, John, you spoke your heart on this matter and did so with merit supported by facts. I'm absolutely positive that you've endured much, much more in the distant past than today's mere words which may target you. John, in saying whay you did, you simply did the same thing that Trump did to Obama with all the birther and muslim jive. Yes, those remarks were rude, disrespectful, and hurtful towards our sitting president but, NOONE ran to his defense from the right.

What goes around comes around, John, and they know it but, yet, ignore and deny. They have resillience but, it's the wrong kind...they have a resillience for wrongness.-Trump just recently told the very people selected for his cabinet to 'just be ypurself and say what you wanna say' in the hearings. How ironic is it that when everyone else does exactly what he admonishes his picks to do, they must face backlashing and immature tweets regarding what they said. Donald, we've come to actually like and admire you and your followers...for good reason. You all are very special and we very much look forward to after you're sworn in.

Democracy is a beautiful always catches up.
Goggle him, then you can learn about the man, then maybe you won't be so prejudice. I know the man, he is my congressmen.
He sold out.
Emilu you sold out.
Speedy, it's all good on this end. The very thing that Trump has been so protective of was directlty attacked, and hit, by John Lewis...Trump's legitimacy. NOT A SINGLE SYLLABLE YET FROM TRUMP...OUR SOON-TO-BE TWEETER IN CHIEF.
Now, he may try and sneek in a sucker punch later but he was already on Meryl Streep by now...and she never even said his name. We have a little ways to go but, we'll get there...and Putin holds our 'trump card.' Pun intended, brutha.

Has no business being there anyways, not the same caliper as Trump. Trump never came up thru Affirmative Action.
I guess he wasn't qualified huh CARBO? Typical bigot response from an old fart. Change your narrative, you're making a fool out of yourself. Trump is in the 1%, he can't relate to affirmative action. A matter of fact, neither can I, but I do know it was necessary to correct past discrimination practices by people like you Carbo and your generation. Now that is a fact and there is nothing fake about that statement.
Well look at it this way Speedo and the rest of you loud mouthed, arrogant liberals. I'm a Bigot, Racist, or whatever you want to call me, Only because of loud mouthed people LIKE YOU and your followers, with the same narrative
You want to see change? Change your narrative.!! Your name calling is typical, especially when you cry wolf. I'm going to gloat when PEOPLE like you are proven wrong
Also, you can't change past discrimination practices when people lie you and others have the same narrative as Fifty years ago. know what I mean Brutha?
Well, I also know you'll be trolling to see how many comments are here, so I'll throw this in too. Intelligence doesn't make a person, it's common sense along with how it's applied is what determines your Intelligence level. You can be ultra Intelligent and still be considered Stupid. Look around and listen.!!!
@MD, I wasn't responding to him. I was responding to the thread. They have had over 100 years get over slavery. They have had over 50 years o Affirmative Action and it hasn't work and never will. They need crutches to support themselves. Over 70% of the Black homes are Fatherless. What does that tell you about the soul, of the majority of the Black men? Five hundred years from now, if this world is still turning, it will be the same or worse for them. They ignore all the crime committed by the kids from these fatherless homes.
CARBO and MADMAN only a bigot or racist paint a broad brush about a particular ethnic group. When your narrative is always about intelligence, the hopeless black man, this is the same type of rhetoric that racists used to spew during segregation, Jim Crow, Black Codes, etc. You two, as well as a few others, exhibit the same mentality.
lil*poopy when does a godonkmonk give a ratz a$$ about anything? STFU.
JARASAN take your pervert azz back to mommie.
lil*poopy godonkmonk, if anyone is wondering what a godonkmonk is..............

jarasanComment by jarasan - December 28, 2016, 9:59 pm
lil*poopy's mind is very small because his daddy was a donkey and his mommy a goat.
jarasanComment by jarasan - December 28, 2016, 10:01 pm
It is called a godonk!


lil*poopy, all you could have been was a lousy public school teacher. All you ever achieved was a degree in teaching? I wouldn't carry that sign around as much as you do. Teaching is an honorable profession, but you dishonor the profession. You've never had anything to teach here at LP, from that, it appears all you ever did was repeat stuff out of a text book, you were a puppet propagandist for teacher unions run out of the NEA. All you do is repeat sh1t, you've never learned or created anything, all you ever did was read out of text books and as of late, repeat demoncRAT talking points.   You are a boring fuque, your students hated you, and we hate you, you talked way too much about yourself, they could have just read the books, they didn't need you and we don't need you. You don't even know why you keep double/triple posting, you are an impatient dimwit.   Typical bad drummer, just bang bang bang maybe a different result? Yeah, I thought so, you f'ing godonk.

Upgrade that lil*sh1tty HP win8.1 IE11 crapola.
# posted by jarasan : 12:43 AM

lil*poopy you probably got some monkey in you.
# posted by jarasan : 8:41 AM
a godonkmonk................HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHa!


Trump won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!


Happy New year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
# posted by jarasan : 8:43 AM
lil*poopy now go ahead and respond in #27 like a good little godonkmonk.
JARASAN take your pervert azz back to mommie.

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