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Friday, September 9, 2016


How prosperity preachers supporting Trump using him to sell themselves

Although this has been many blacks' strong opinion from day one, I felt that most of these black preachers were simply looking for exposure and their version of 'ratings' by jumping on the Trump Train. Based on all the latest revelations about these meetings between blacks and Trump, we're right on point. Trump was looking for votes and those preachers were looking for money and exposure as Trump is the king of media exposure but, for all the wrong reasons. With this in mind, we are talking about preachers, men of God, that teach the specifics about God's word. If those preachers were REALLY worth their weight in truth, they would've required that Trump sit in on a full teaching of God's word, and, they would've shed light on this thing called 'being humble.'

But, nope, it was all about the money and fame while the scriptures played second fiddle...which is actually going on in lot's of congregations. Let me explain something to all you readers here, okay. Trump may ACT STUPID but, HE ISN'T. He knows full well that he's EXPLOITING BLACK PREACHERS AND THEIR MEMBERS and I'm gonna show how with an excerpt from this same article. Trump has visited Texas several times, and, Houston twice I believe. If he's so high on Evangelical voters then please explain why he didn't stop in and visit with Pastor Joel Osteen and his very large, well-known and respected multifaceted church??? Not a chance 'cause Trump knows that Pastor Osteen doesn't play that nonsense that he does with spirituality and people's souls. -God is in the business of people's souls and giving them hope via HIS WORD to be saved in the last days...THAT'S IT.- All these preachers dealing with Trump for money and exposure, as opposed to SHOWING HIM THE ERROR OF HIS WAYS WITH GOD'S PEOPLE, will SURELY have to answer for it on the last day and I can guarantee that.

Then, we have the dummies running around all these blogs talking about 'how that black preacher is telling like it is' just because he's slamming Hillary and being very nasty. I'm willing to bet that NOT ONE of these pro-black preacher BLOG POSTERS HAS EVER EVEN VISITED A BLACK CHURCH AND HAD FELLOWSHIP WITH A BLACK CONGREGATION. I refuse to allow you to play on my intelligence...AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN.

Instead of me posting an excerpt, just read the second paragraph which begins putting it all into perspective. Prosperity won't help you if your soul is all jacked up when you take your last breath...and this is what their meeting with Trump should've been all about. We live a money-driven world.
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