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Thursday, September 8, 2016


Bakery refuses to write "Trump 2016" on birthday cake

Do you blame them?
Interesting story but, the training on copyrighted material story won't hold hold and it's gonna cost them in business along the way. This is no different than the story about the bakery in Indiana (Mike Pence), I believe, where they refused to bake pizzas for a gay couple's wedding. They used religious beliefs as the excuse for not doing it and had to ultimately shut down down. But, they started a GoFundMe page and ended up making waaaaay more than they would've ever made on even their best sales cycle. The lady at the Albertson's bakery should've just written it on there for customer satisfaction, made the money on the cake, and just laughed her azz off as soon as she handed her the cake...because the joke was actually on the girl from beginning to end.

I'll bet this girl has no clue that those little girls are suing Trump because he wouldn't even pay them after they performed for his rally crowd. I'll bet this girl has no clue that Trump said, "What did these geniuses expect when they put men and women together' regarding military sexual assaults and this list goes on and on. Oh, but how soon the types of people who are commenting at the end of the article FORGET that WHAT GOES AROUND COMES RIGHT BACK AROUND...AND CONDEMNS THEM BIG TIME. Remember what I said above about the Indiana (Mike Pence) bakery's refusal to honor those pizzas? Well, look at these comments which ALL reflect my past and present positions on this issue from Republicans and Democrats.

Excerpt from this article:

-Several folks who commented on the post were outraged by the baker’s refusal.

“That sounds like a good lawsuit,” Linda Brittain posted.

“I’d be rich,” Kevin Giddens added.

“Unbelievable, this has got to stop,” Val Boswell wrote. “What happened to ‘the customer is always right.’”

Even several people who dislike Trump agreed that the baker was out of line, and should have complied with the request.

“Even though Trump is a pile of s**t, the cake should have been made as requested,” Jack Estephan wrote.

“I am a Democrat and dislike Trump but this is unacceptable behavior,” Antonio Bigazzi added.-

End of excerpt.

See, blog readers, this is why I'm always level-headed and using common sense each and every time I post. When you lean too far one way, you have no room to retract and adjust your position and this is usually the result of someone full of hatred who cares nothing about how they actually appear. I'm willing to bet that the lady here named Val Boswell is Republican and also a Trump supporter based on her comment of, "What happened to the customer is always right?" My black azz would just love to see comments on her position regarding that pizzeria in Indiana (Mike Pence) refusing to bake pizzas for that gay couple! I'd bet the bank that SHE STOOD WITH THE BAKERY ON THAT ONE...'cause I know how these types of people operate!!

Then, we have the INTELLIGENT and COMMON SENSE-FILLED DEMOCRATS here who are saying that the lady should've just did the cake and been finished with the whole thing. HELL, THIS IS WHAT I SAID ABOUT THE BAKERY THAT WOULDN'T BAKE PIZZA FOR THE GAY COUPLE!! Don't believe me? Hell, I ain't NEVER gonna let y'all down and here's the link on the article from April 3, 2015 right here in truesee's blog:
"A large pizza with a side of hate"

I can ALWAYS back up my consistency for a correct and common sense position on ANYTHING I've said here in the matter how far back. Other people here have flip-flopped like a live catfish dropped in smoking hot peanut oil, when they can't make the situation fit their dirty agendas. Truth stands alone.

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