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Friday, July 8, 2016


Gingrich: White People Don't Understand It's More Dangerous To Be Black In America

Hmmmm, very interesting. I'm not sure on just how sincere he really is but, the general merit is there and it's the truth. Let's wait and see what actions, if any, support his position.

It really doesn't matter if you're white/black, color doesn't discriminate if you put yourself in that situation. Yes it's more prevalent in areas such as Chicago. But stop for a min, and put yourself in someone else's shoes. What about the Individual that has to enter an area such as that? Your adrenalin is doing 240, it's almost like a Soldier being on patrol in an area that's known for enemy dominance. It's true, while some will try to understand, while others will not.

When they find out why people want to kill another person, this scenario may stop. It's not just whites killing blacks, or Blacks killing whites, both races kill one another also. Yes, racism plays a part in some, but what about the individuals that kill their own kind. That is the root.
Some people don't know that murder is crime.
Some people should just shut up and let grown folks talk JARASAN. There was a real dialogue going on until it was interrupted by your immature moronic response.
lil* sh1tty, TLDM, "troll lives don't matter", you fuquing loser troll, it looks you are the one acting like an immature douche bag going straight off topic and personally attacking a human being, you are the idiot that needs to grow up.

We've been investing in the Middle East with how much and for how long now trying to intervene on those people killing their own? Then, we must consider that those people have access to C4/dynamite, hand grenades, RPG's, and they can construct their own suicide vests. Yet, we STILL go over there and face that danger while not dropping a dime on Chicago where they have only mere hand guns. Yes, racism is playing a HUGE part in that and it seems we could careless about them killing each other up. I still contend that there's no benefit to them investing there for them to be motivated. To me, this is the root.

In the Middle East, there are 'check points' where soldiers must inspect vehicles and 'vet' those inside the vehicle to confirm their 'business' and where they're going etc. We protect our interests over there and address those that cause problems because 'we care about humanity', right? Just like those Iraqi Extremists which take out people not like them, these cops are doing the same thing over here and we want to give these men a pass and write it off as doing their jobs. Now that people have had enough of it and are rising up, it's being looked at as serious and a disease within our culture. Hell, this cancer has been here forever and just spreading but, now that it's out of hand they want to diagnose what kind of cancer it is and try to stop it.

We're light years ahead of other countries with military technology and other advancements but, WAY BEHIND on cultural issues.

Interjecting the Middle East is why answers can't be given. That has literally nothing to do with our society and what is happening in America. Have you ever been in combat and faced the fear of being shot? I honestly don't think so with your commentary.

Don't be so quick to judge a cop over anyone else until you've been in that situation, because books only make a person travel so far, where as REAL situations take you that much further. Hell, you have other blacks taking out other blacks and that's OK with you? Uh huh.
JARASAN, you are an immature simpleton.
Immature? Me? HAHAHA!!!!!!!! You are the immature one, you (for eg.) can't let things go, you always, always, always have to have the last word like the immature bitch that you are, prove me wrong one time or prove me correct once again in comment #10.
You have proved my case once again juvenile. Read #9 to yourself JARASAN.
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