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Thursday, July 7, 2016


Farrakhan: Calls for 10,000 voluteers to stalk and kill them

In a Baptist church????????
Make him spend the week with the kartrashians, maybe he'll kill himself.
He preaches what the Qaran has taught him and it's ok with the MSM, DOJ and Obama. Now if he was white and preached the killings of blacks this entire nation would be set on fire with Obama lighting the first match.
Now, for an intelligent always. First of all, President Obama and Louis Farrakhan have never played well together due to Farrakhan's extremism mixed with truthism. If anything should settle the score on Obama not being a Muslim and all about anti-Americans and anti-Whites, THIS SHOULD. Louis rolls Islam and is hardcore with it but, tries to go about things the right way. He said that if the government won't step in and help us with this matter, then the aforementioned actions should take place. I keep trying to explain that so many people from Louis's generation are seared with how blacks were done back then for no reason.

This has resonated from generation to generation just like those same whites that hurt, killed, and mistreated us passed their ways on from generation to generation. This is a serious historical dilemma that whites don't want to address except by way of perpetuating it. There are tons of cases on file where officers will initiate talks with an armed white who has shot people, and, at them but blacks are dropped almost instantly with no weapons. Why? Wanna know what that does? Right here in his last paragraph:

-"They would like to charge us with radicalizing our people by telling the truth, but every time they kill a black man or beat up a black woman or unjustly stop us for traffic violations and then kill us, we are being radicalized. They are the ones who are radicalizing us. All we are doing is telling the truth of what they are doing," Farrakhan said.-

That is the truth, people, but whites now call it 'race baiting.' If we tell the truth about how blacks were burned, hung, burned while hanging, hit with high pressure water from fire hydrants, and you name's race baiting. Now, though, they have Chicago to lean on in defense of their race baiting charges but even Farrakhan has went there to try and curb the violence. Obama has asked for helped to no avail. But, we can cross the seven seas to fix everyone's problems in the Middle East while exploiting our own at the expense of other countries laughing at us. Our priorities are all wrong. WE know we have's those in denial that are the real problem.

By the way, #3, it's QURAN. Good grief.

If and when another civil war erupts in this Country, I would think Farrakhan would probably be the first to meet his Demise.
calypso louie is on dante's short list, he'll be getting the daily pineapple soon.
Looks like he got his wish, 5 dead cops, 5 people who ran towards the shooters to protect the piles of crap who were protesting against them.
Same piles of crap who say nothing about kids getting shot by their own.
Cop kills someone unjustly, throw him in prison, be careful what you ask for, next time there's a protest someone may open fire on the protesters instead of the cops, keep stoking the fire.
The Blacks who are doing this stupid crap are the same ones in Chicago and Baltimore and everywhere else you see Blacks protesting. They are the drug dealers and trash from the hood, BLM'ers. If a White cop wrongly kills anyone, Black or White, prosecute them to the max.
Carbob, I might add the the crowd in Dallas was extremely peaceful and caused no problems, okay. These people were completely peaceful throughout the entire March and caused no problems. We understand that there are issues in our community of blacks but, do you also inderstand that these problems are violence seeds coming forth from being planted by whites decades ago?

Those acts against us don't just go away, Carbob. I'm not saying that all whites hated and treated us that way or that I agree to the retaliation of today but, so many did hurt blacks for no reason. This is being ignored right now but, if people would just stop and honestly discuss this, we could address it. A lot of bad cops have infiltrated both the police departments and justice system...and they get away with murder. White men with guns pointed at cops are reasoned with and calmed down while unarmed blacks are dropped and this is fact. We have a serious problem. Carbob, what was stolen from blacks when they were shipped here?

THEIR FREEDOM. They were taken from their families where they were a unit and forced to work and profit whites men and their families. I believe you understand our history but, choose to side step it. We have been hated from day one...but why? What did we do besides slave? These talks must be had at some point.
2 wrongs don't make a right, we still don't have all the facts on the 2 shootings of black men, all we have is hearsay.
Just the other day a 3 year old black girl attending fireworks with her grandma was shot, nobody is protesting for her, why cause she was shot by a black guy. A thug.
You want talk about what was taken from someone, A government that hunted my people like animals, shot cannons at us and ran us down.
Let's not forget the Buffalo soldiers, all black unit that loved killing the Cheyenne, were proud to dangle scalps off their horses.
Yes our history is ugly, but I don't blame people today for what happened 2 hundred years ago.
Just as many whites and Hispanics are killed, only it doesn't fit the narrative.

Silly let's not forget that Native Americans also had slaves. That part of history you conveniently did not mention.
Silly let's not forget that Native Americans also had slaves. That part of history you conveniently did not mention.
I'm stunned that we're actually having a substantive conversation on this issue. When I meet with friends during the week, this is what we about problems and possible solutions. Sully, you actually validate my points about an ugly history because if you honestly didn't care, you wouldn't have mentioned the Buffalo Soldiers. Are you of Indian descent because this American Army Cavalry fought in the Indian war.

-Buffalo Soldiers originally were members of the U.S. 10th Cavalry Regiment of the United States Army, formed on September 21, 1866 at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. This nickname was given to the "Negro Cavalry" by the Native American tribes they fought in the Indian Wars.-

Black soldiers. Please don't try and twist it all around because it's not gonna work. When you can successfully justify rounding up people who weren't bothering anyone and in their own land, let me know. I appreciate your being more civil on the matter, though.
Loser, I don't sidestep your history, nor do I dwell on it. As far as I am concern, you don't have any history. There must have been a reason slaves were sold to the traders. They must not have want them there. Your history started here when you arrived. I will admit some slaves were mistreated, abused and even killed, by their owners. My father was born in 1901. His grandfather never owned slaves, nor his father. They farmed their own land. The big land owners had the slaves, through out the South. There were more Whites that didn't own slaves, than the ones who did. The Blacks will never change their living habits, until they quit living off the government. Johnson knew what he was doing with signing the Civil Rights Bill. I will bet you and Speedy, both of you know more Bigots than I do. Every single Black, I know is not a Bigot, or they have a funny way of showing it. I met a Black man the day before Mothers Day, with a big bouquet of flowers. I asked him, were they for his wife or girlfriend? He said no, my mom, she is 90 years old. I said to him, GOD bless her and you for being a good son. I met him again, a couple of weeks later, ask him about his mom. He tells me, doing fine and thank you for asking. That man is not a Bigot.
Never said we were perfect in fact we were very hard on each other, those feuds still exist today.
Speedy, there's much I did not mention, we got people inciting others to violence, that puts us all at risk.

Killing cops and making there job harder will eventually lead to someone needing their help and they will not be there.

I prayed today for the end of all this, Prayed for all of those hurting to heal.
" I met a Black man the day before Mothers Day, with a big bouquet of flowers. I asked him, were they for his wife or girlfriend? He said no, my mom, she is 90 years old. I said to him, GOD bless her and you for being a good son. I met him again, a couple of weeks later, ask him about his mom. He tells me, doing fine and thank you for asking. That man is not a Bigot."

CARBO, you don't know jack about black culture. It is considered rude and disrespectful to go up to a perfect stranger and ask personal questions when you don't know them. But you were never taught that because you thought you were far superior than any black, regardless of their age or educational background. Your screwed-up thinking concluded that he was not a bigot because he told your nosey azz something that was none of your business. You have issues.

Carbob, after your first sentence, the next few which discount ANY history are disturbing and almost insulting. I have studied black history very well and am able to see the connection even today. Carbob, I had family members in their 80's and 90's that gave me first hand accounts of those times. Sure, I personally was not exposed or mistreated like those back then but, I'm not insensitive. Obviously, though, you are but I have reserve for it. No sympathy needed here but, your understanding is unfounded based on historical facts.

That is your main problem Speedy, You have no idea and no experience dealing with people, other than your hood friends. I suppose when I had a Black neighbor and we would have a conversation, both of us were bein rude. You are an idiot. Now STFU.
CarBo are you just stupid or pre-senile. It would have been rude if you had a black neighbor and never talked to them and then all of a sudden started asking personal questions. You have no people skills because of your preconceived stereotypes. You wish you had my people was part of my occupation. What do you think meeting with children, parents, and administrators on a daily involved? IDIOT
What people skills do you possess? You sure as hell don't display any. Did you ever live in neighborhoods, with Whites? Did you ever speak with them? You are the one with preconceived stereotypes, you are a down right Bigot!!!
My first house was in a neighborhood with whites. My neighbors were white. In fact, I was the first one to live in my neighborhood. This was in Stone Mountain, GA . It was a new subdivision. The make-up was 50/50. We had a HOA and met at each others house. So I shot to he11 another one of your bigot statements. You are the real bigot because you don't know how to relate to people of color. I do, I just don't give bigots the time of the day.
Quit your BS!! You don't believe I or anyone else believes the lies you tell? Stop It! I am finished with you.
BTW Speedy, how long is your nose, now??
CARBO you need to quit being a bigot and so jealous. It's unbecoming.
Your nose keeps getting longer. I read you post in the other thread. You need to stop your Race Baiting.
I speak the truth about you. Race-baiting to you is anyone that does not agree with your opinion. Well, as a full grown intelligent man I think for myself and don't back down to no man. It's simple, if you don't want me to say anything to you then keep me out of your conversation. It's just that simply. How is it that I can ignore all of you repubs, but all you make it your business to say something to me? All of you were use to bullying people and gang attacking them with no consequence what so ever. But the WWW and LP members are aware of what's going on. Trust me.
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