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Friday, July 22, 2016


Donald Trump's Angry Dark Speech Caps Off A Disastrous RNC

We must defeat lucyfur!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lucyfur must be crushed!!!!!!!!! and for all you dummy trolls, God kicked lucy out and if you believe in God so you must in the evil lucyfur. help hill the beast by not allowing lucyfur to make good on the deal, help save hill the beast's soul. BTW lucyfur is an occasional guest writer for
Trump told it like it is. He said he was not going to be politically correct.

This speech was in lock step with Richard Nixon's 1968 RNC speech, and, all the way down to the fear mongering and separation of ravces. All about what to do but, not a single idea on just how which is as its' been from day one. It seems that Mexico won't be financing the wall after all according to the absence of that in the speech....which is the longest acceptance speech since '72, or, maybe in history.

I'm still reflecting on Wednesday night's WWF- style wrestling theme. They send Cruz out to do his thing and wait patiently for the boo cue. Once the booing begins, almost simultaneously, uncontrollable cheering takes over as Trump enters the back drop behind Cruz without him knowing. This whole deal was an exercise in pure entertainment for his supporters...and guess who paid for it? The DNC won't come anywhere close to this four-day, apprentice-WWF- style deal but the substance and how-to will be center stage...for sure.
Loser, no comments from you and Speedy on the Black ministers speech that all lives matter. How about the number of Blacks in the audience? You and Speedy both, may be in for a big surprise come November. The number of Blacks for Trump will increase as we get closer to the election.
Trump speech was about me , myself, and I. Nixon was a law and order candidate and we had nothing but turmoil throughout his presidency, and I know first hand how it ended. I did not have to read it in a book. CARBO I don't need a BIGOT like you trying to dictate to me about anything. There were a few blacks in a sea of white at the convention. The cameras had to pan to find them. Watch the Dems convention. It will be a make-up of the real America. Also CARBO for once in your life, try to stick to the subject. This thread is about TRUMPIE. Defend him if you can. Quit using useless diversion tactics that's racist in nature.
I could only watch one minute of his garbage and the channel changer saved the day. He is very inexperienced and immature.
The subject was about Trumps' speech and it was a fantastic speech, "Making America Great Again" and the Black minister was a great speech, "All Lives Matter'. Come November, "Black Lives Matter" will be shut down.

BLM will not be shut down regardless of whom may be POTUS. It is a movement whether you accept it or not. Trying to demonize it like you people once tried to demonize the NAACP, CORE, and CBC will not work. Trump's speech was whack. He said nothing new and everything was centered around him single handedly solving America's problems by himself. You know that will never happen in your life time. Unbelievable!
You are forgetting something, the Blacks will never have another MLK, NEVER. BLM will be shut down, the only reason they exist now, is Obama and his lawless self.
The title of the article should have been a major clue that this was a biased article and that the writer is reporting their OWN biased CONCLUSIONS as fact!

I didn't read it because it is an obvious waste of time.

I watched the convention on CSPAN which is the only way to watch otherwise you get self-serving shills who report their own conclusions as facts.
If you didn't read it THINK why comment? One can't get the gist of the article from the title. (>>)
lil*shiddy wdtfdytya stupid prick faced troll, f'ing wanna be bully, you are nothing but a bitch.
CARBOB wants BLM shut down in the end, no matter what. He's so quick to quote MLK during instances like this but, he's silent when President Obama both quotes and acts on MLK's desires for peace. They call Obama divisive when he speaks up for blacks but, they respect MLK for doing the same thing. These people are so confused that they don't know their azzes from a Mud Dauber nest. Hell, MLK pointed out all the wrong-doing that was done to blacks back then as well by police forces, and, there people there just like PEOPLE HERE saying that he was divisive and causing problems. History repeats itself, folks, and the Bible speaks of this:

Ecclesiastes 1:9

-“The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.”-

While I'm at it, this one is for Mr. Trump, and it applies to the 'T'...pun intended:

Jeremiah 22:13 - Woe unto him that buildeth his house by unrighteousness, and his chambers by wrong; [that] useth his neighbour's service without wages, and giveth him not for his work;

CARBOB likes the pastor because he was at the RNC, and, because he supports Trump. It's okay. In the end, though, only God knows the REAL motives of what's in our hearts. I know MY people, okay, and I've already got the drop on Pastor Mark Burns as my uncle is also a local pastor and 'in the know' so to speak. I'll go on the record and say that Trump made a great speech...for the targeted people. That was easy.
Wow, people are really being a special kind of snowflakes, by trying to compare Obama to MLK.
Obama could fill his jock strap...!
And then we have a Godiva who quotes passages from the bible condemning someone when they don't know ONE iota of what a person does with his business, except what he's heard on MSNBC, or Fox. Yep snowflakes run rampant when they can't except the truth...
Wow, this person has got people he knows at every venue of Life, I'm wondering is he for real or a ROBOT?
That would be: Obama Couldn't fill his Jock strap...!
@ LilSpeedy do you know what invective means?

Read the definition and then read that title again and then ask yourself why YOU would waste your time reading ANY article with an invective title.
Think you didn't read the article so to comment about it shows a lack of intelligence.
@lilspeedy yes, yes, you are right! I totally lack intelligence and I am a complete and utter moron.
You are all seeing and all knowing and you can solve all the worlds problems without even trying.
I don't know how I ever got along before I read all your brilliant posts! I can't believe I have been so stupid for all these years.

I will leave you with this-

and then I will run along and join my fellow morons oh great one!
Think, you are trying to be sarcastic but you are telling the truth about your swallow self.
lil*shiddy you swallowing jerk off, maybe you should write a book I have the perfect title for it, this is the one thing you are good at:

"How to make enemies and be totally non-influential."
JARASAN, the difference between you and me is simple. I'm an educated mature man and you're not. You're still stuck in puberty and behaves like you're still a teenager. You act like an A**Hole most of the time and a MORON the rest. You are stuck on STUPID dude. People are not laughing with you, they are laughing at you.
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