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Monday, May 9, 2016


Obama's last act is to force suburbs to be less white and less wealthy

It has already started in many major cities around the U.S. They should start by selecting predominately democrat neighborhood to implement these time bomb experiments as it's the head of that party that just love wasting tax dollars in the name of equality.
I firmly believe that people should be able to stay anywhere that they are able to afford. But I am also a realist. There are people that don't want certain people or nationalities in their neighborhood. I could never stay where I am not wanted. My peace of mind is too important to me. There are too many wealthy or well kept neighborhoods, especially in and around Atlanta, to choose from. You don't have to be rich or famous to live in a nice well groomed neighborhood.
They don't have to afford it, the taxpayers are picking up the tab, as always. Obama wants to move the "hood drug dealers", into the suburbs, to make the "hood' safer. That would lower the BLACK on BLACK crime.
They don't have to afford it, the taxpayers are picking up the tab, as always. Obama wants to move the "hood drug dealers", into the suburbs, to make the "hood' safer. That would lower the BLACK on BLACK crime.
This article is just refreshing old news. Read about this plan some time ago.
CARBO, there are a lot of blacks that have money in Atlanta. People like you could not even walk in the neighborhood. So go back to your gator trailer in the swamp and STFU.
My neighborhood is suburbia we got every peoples up in here, they should let the markets work and leave us alone.
Speedy, you never address the subject, always sidestepping the issue. You think the "hood drug dealers", would be allowed to move in?
CARBO if you think no one in your neighborhood is involved with drugs, you are either stupid or mentally challenged. It is a known fact that drugs are in the suburbs, especially heroine. Ecstasy and meth is in your hood fool.
I know this, we have an attorney and some of us owners had the sheriff's department put so much heat on the two dealers, that was here, left overnight. So you can do something about drug dealing, if you wish.
CARBO, you may run the dealers away, but their clients are still there. Unless you treat the symptoms, the problem persists.
For being a teacher, you sure miss the point, a lot. No more traffic, all night long. So were the clients!
No, you don't understand. The dealers will just relocate. The clients(addicts) will find the dealers, buy their dope, then bring it back to your neighborhood. Sooner or later you will notice an increase in burglaries or car break ins. This will not be criminals coming to your neighborhood, this is going to be criminals that stay in your neighborhood that look like you. You are so naïve.
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