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Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Atty for Freddie Gray's family: Fox News' 'whole approach to the black community is racist'

Let's flip the script. Had this been six black men who got into it with a single white officer and, that officer's voice box was completely crushed along with an 80% severed spine 8n the end, every single one of them would have murder charges right now. They would be held FULLY accountable for that officer's injuries and death.

No crime was committed and the little butter knife was legal. He got paranoid, ran, and when they caught up with him, they seriously punished him for it. No accountability yet. The driver is next for trial and has NOTHING TO DO WITH THE DEATH. His spine was done BEFORE they had to put him into the van...he had no legs and was already dying. Man.
He was a known drug dealer, you are intentionally, omitting that, just like his attorney.
CARBO, we already know Black Lives Don't Matter to you.
Speedy, you and loser really love to support the BLM, who represent the "HOOD" drug dealers.
CARBO you need to educate yourself about Black Culture. Every thing you say sounds like dumb azz BIGOTRY.
I would love for you to give me a lesson in what you call, "BLACK CULTURE", please.
It would be useless. You were raised to think that your race was superior even with the likes of people like you. Did you not learn anything from your Nazi literature?
You are just a dumb-a$$ BIGOT. My oldest brother served un WWII. How you became a school teacher beats me. You have no "BLACK CULTURE", to begin with. Just as the BLACKS claiming, "SOUL FOOD". Don't say Whites learned cooking certain types of food from Blacks, from slavery. My family never owned slaves and I grew up on, Black eyed peas, Collard Greens, Butter Beans, Field Peas. My dad raised our own pork and no we never ate "chitin's", those were given to the dogs.
Don't bring up "Red-Eye" gravy!!
CARBO just as the slavery mentality was passed on, so was the cooking techniques of the slaves. They took the scrapes the master gave them and made an entre out of them--if soul food cooking was not real, why do so many whites go to soul food restaurants? I'll answer that for you, because the food taste better.
You are pitiful, you believe that Whites learned everything from Blacks?? I don't go to soul food restaurants, as a matter of fact, I am not sure if there are any in Orland.
CARBO you are a bonafide Floridian Racist. I don't expect your kind to appreciate foods from other cultures. You probably hate Mexican foods too. I never said Whites learned everything from Blacks on any thread. If I did, prove it! That is your prejudice mind playing tricks on you. Atlanta has many soul food restaurants. Orlando has soul food restaurants also. Many are in Black areas you are too afraid to go to because you don't know how to relate to people of color. You would stick out like a sore thumb. You probably would say something ignorant to the wrong person and get your azz kicked.

Also try:

best soul food restaurants in orlando fl

Soul Food Restaurants near Florida

Soul Food Bistro

Restaurant · $$ · Open · 110 on Yelp

5310 Lenox Ave, Jacksonville, FL · (904) 394-0860

The Potter's House Soul Food Bistro II

Restaurant · $$ · Open · 129 on Yelp

11876 Atlantic Blvd, Jacksonville, FL · (904) 394-2801

Fancy's Southern Cafe

Restaurant · $$ · Open · 239 on Yelp

8890 Salrose Ln, Fort Myers, FL · (239) 561-2988

Steph's Southern Soul Restaurant

Restaurant · $ · Open · 72 on Yelp

14519 5th St, Dade City, FL · (352) 437-5907

Beauty of Sprouts

Restaurant · $$ · Open · 102 on Yelp

1474 Fruitville Rd, Sarasota, FL · (941) 350-8449

View more

Carbo since you don't know if there are soul food restaurants in Orlando, let me help you out.

The Best 10 Soul Food Restaurants in Orlando, FL -...

You are as bad as him.
No results found for the best 10 soul food restaurants in orlando, fl -...

Search tips:
Ensure words are spelled correctly.
Try rephrasing keywords or using synonyms.
Try less specific keywords.
Make your queries as concise as possible.

Other resources that may help you:
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None of the ones he posted are anywhere near Orlando. As I said, Blacks may have coined the word, "Soul Food" . The type of food you call that name, I was raised on, long before the word was coined>
The Best 10 Soul Food Restaurants in Orlando, FL -...

The Best 10 Soul Food Restaurants in Orlando, FL -...
There are soul food restaurants all over Orlando. You need to get out more often and quit staying at home with a gun at your side scared to go out and about.
BTW, you two BIGOTS. My favorite foods are CAJUN.
1. Blacken Steak
2. Chicken/ Seafood Gumbo

Something else to chew on, I have both a Mexican Grandson and Granddaughter. Do either of you have any mixed grandchildren? NO! They come to Disney World, every year at Christmas.
A funny story about my grandson, Emilio. He was the starting Quarter for his high school, but he didn't think he should have to practice, so he quit. I told him, Pro Quarterbacks practice, you think high school quarterbacks don't? He thinks he is Manziel.
Nice distraction, but you said there was no soul food restaurants in ORLANDO, Wrong! There are many. BTW, they don't use the term mixed anymore, it's called bi-racial. You say your grandchildren see you once a year. My grandchildren stay with me 3 days out of a week. My oldest grandchild is five. He will start school this year. I will miss him, but I will have his brother who is nineteen months. My grandchildren are fortunate in that they have grandparents that are both retired teachers. He will be well prepared for school.
They live in California, with their parents.
Perhaps, you should go and visit them more often.
Perhaps, you should go and visit them more often.
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