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Sunday, April 24, 2016


Let's not lose sight of how a historic Hillary Clinton presidency would be for women

Good grief, Let's not lose sight of the fact we need real leadership in this country.
Hillary is not real leadership, far from it.
This woman let her husband cheat on her over and over, not only did it humiliate her, but what about her daughter? Friends and Family?
She didn't love him anymore? or even to begin with?
Is she so power hungry that she doesn't care?
It might be her marriage, but she wants to lead this country. If she let hubby get away with that, what other poor decisions will she make.

OOPS, Can probably name hundreds.
BENGHAZI, That alone says it all.
Hillary's personal life have nothing to do with her ability to be president. She choose to forgive her husband. That in itself is a strength that very few seem to possess because thousands divorce for much less everyday. History will show you that some of our former presidents had extramarital affairs while in office, it did very little to their ability to look and act presidential. I applaud Hillary for taking her marriage vows serious. I don't have to think whether she loves him or not, it shows when they are together. BENGHAZI is no longer talking points for repubs because Americans don't want to talk four people that died while doing their job and forget about the over 6,000 soldiers that have lost their lives in defense of this already great country. This country will become greater
only with a president that's already prepared to lead. So that eliminates TRUMP. Even the rich KOCH brothers see the handwriting on the wall.
There's that old saying, if he hits you once it's his fault, if he hits you again its your fault.
She allowed this man to openly pummel her over and over again, in the figurative sense of course, forgiveness has nothing to do with it. No, she's not fit.
Yep, and once again just like someone else, more pretending to be so concerned about what Hillary endured in her personal life with Bill. Just a couple of months ago, Speedy, she and all her peeps were just lambasting Hillary on how she played a part in all the mess by attacking Bills's prevaricating accusers. Now, they're complaining, again, about letting Bill get away with it? Really? Get real. Obviously, these people know nothing about the Bible or they'd see how Bill and Hillary successfully worked through all that BS and that the only people worried about how they did it are the accusers and haters. Benghazi is just a waste of energy.

What sully16 is essentially implying here is that Hillary is wrong for forgiving her husband and working their marriage out...period. She and the rest would much rather see a failed marriage than A STRONG WOMAN STICK WITH HER HUSBAND FOR BETTER FOR WORSE, SICKNESS AND IN HEALTH, RICH OR POOR, ETC. ETC. It's too much like right for them to just give the Clintons respect in that regard, Speedy. One thing about us, Speedy, is that we're consistent with our views and support and I'm gonna prove it right here and right now.

Just seven months ago, truesee posted a link about Hillary's greatest accomplishment(s). You and I responded in much the same way then that we are now. We are rooted in spirituality while they're all rooted in pure hate and here's the proof:

Case closed and great job on your response, Speedy.

This is a woman who has been ABUSED, Mentally and emotionally over and over again, and you think forgiving makes it all better, love those rose colored glasses your wearing.
Just how much abuse do you think one person needs to receive before they smarten up?
She allows herself to be abused, she's not fit to run this country.
What's really sad, the indifference you two have on the issue of abuse.
Abuse is okay if you forgive, speaks volumes on who you 2 really are.
Give us all a break with your seriously disingenuous concern about Hillary, Dr. Sully16. Your prescription for care, understanding, and sympathy is 100% BS. We all know you hate Hillary, Bill, Chelsea, and pretty much all Democrats, okay. Every time her name is mentioned in any blog link, you resort straight to Benghazi, emails, bad policy, and helping Bill with attacking women. Would you like proof of this? I've compiled about half a dozen of your personal responses to anything Hillary and NOT ONCE have you shown concern about her mental or emotional state of being...NOT ONCE. Now, you want to pivot from your consistent pure hate to her mental health from being abused in your opinion? Biggest laugh of the week, I promise!

YOU'RE the one who wants to see only what YOU want to see, okay. I've already proven my worth by resorting to the link provided where I took the same stand then as I am now but, guess who had nothing to say? YOU, dear. Now, you wanna come here and challenge MY position when you've NEVER even had a position to begin with? How's about we go over your comments from the last two months on all things Hillary? We can both show how you care sooooo much about her mental health and how it's relevant to her not being fit for president. People like you are truly interesting to me.
I never said I was concerned with her mental health, in fact I am not, I am concerned with the country and she's not fit to be a leader. Don't need to be forgiving Putin, Or Kim jong ding dong every time she turns around.
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