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Monday, February 15, 2016


Trump 'Adopted The Most Vicious Line of the Hard Left' with 'Bush Lied, People Died' Claim

Trump telling it like it is. If JEB got the nomination Democrats would be using JEBs brother against him too.
So WTF difference does it make.
Now, we're getting somewhere. As I looked back on the many, many articles posted here by truesee from other contributors which also asserted that Bush's invasion was a HUGE mistake, I see a serious lack of comments from anyone here in these blogs that felt the same way. FACT. No one wanted to post up against Bush...EVEN WHEN TRUMP WAS DOING IT ALREADY. Hell, the man said that Bush basically killed the economy! FACT. Now, all of a sudden, Trump is just telling it like it is?? He was doing it back then but, now you're all just so DESPERATE NOW 'cause all of Trump's BS flip-flopping is coming out. He tells truth about your party, then counter punches his own motives with lies and then tell you he didn't say it.

For the record, Bernie was against the war from day one which is on record. Hillary voted FOR the war but, it was based solely on the intelligence provided by the Bush administration. Bill voted for the war based on the same intelligence which was doctored. People fail to ask themselves one important question: How did Saddam get WMD's and chemical agents from jump street????? Your answer here in the most descriptive and FACTUAL assessment EVER:

-The US and Britain sold Saddam Hussein the technology and materials Iraq needed to develop nuclear, chemical and biological weapons of mass destruction.

Reports by the US Senate's committee on banking, housing and urban affairs -- which oversees American exports policy -- reveal that the US, under the successive administrations of Ronald Reagan and George Bush Snr, sold materials including anthrax, VX nerve gas, West Nile fever germs and botulism to Iraq right up until March 1992, as well as germs similar to tuberculosis and pneumonia. Other bacteria sold included brucella melitensis, which damages major organs, and clostridium perfringens, which causes gas gangrene.-

We went over there, took out Saddam and de-stabilized the region on the premise of OUR OWN SH*T WHICH WE SENT THERE AND INVADED ON. BUT, THEY TRIED TO BLAME IT ON IRAN. You Trumpers are so in denial and desperate that you're unable to rationalize and sift through all the BS. You'd rather point at the Democrats when your own people are pointing right at you and laughing at just how gullible you all are. Hell, they actually got over on some of us too but, AT LEAST WE'VE LEARNED FROM IT. You're still hook, line, and sinker all the way....'cause it's Trump.
Obama is doing the same with Assad. Want to run his ass out of town and put in radical Islamist in power.
If it was a mistake to take out Saddam it is a mistake to take out Assad. Obama is all happy about running the leaders out of Egypt and Libya.
A friend and I just went over Trump's press conference, several times. Anyone with common sense can see and HEAR how the more Trump lays in on Cruz and 'the establishment', the more he sounds just like The Bernie and The Hillary on policy...especially on foreign affairs past and present within reason. As far as Putin is concerned, buddy, he wants Assad to step down but, they still need someone with skills to re-establish and maintain order. Obama isn't trying to kill Assad and neither is Putin...they just want him out. How to go about accomplishing this is where the problem is. So, Trump honkers down on Bush for the war and then honkers down on Obama for the way we left Iraq. Trump is trying way too hard to do way too damage much to too many people at one time. He said we would've better off if Obama had went to the beach instead of pulling the out.

Well, what he forgot to disclose is that is was also Bush's call in the SOFA agreement, firmly, to leave Iraq on the date in question. There were no provisions for a residual force especially with Maliki not extending IMMUNITY TO OUR TROOPS. That would've been political suicide for Obama but, Trump ain't gonna tell that and this is where I take issue with him. He tells good truth then counter punches with inaccuracies or withholding 'extended truths' which would completely disrupt his narrative. All the Bush supporters that were so gung ho about how well Bush did are now slamming Bush just because Trump is slamming him. Rush callers went all out on George Bush today...WHICH MEANS THEY WERE FAKING THE FUNK THE WHOLE TIME BECAUSE OBAMA WON AND THEY JUST HATED OBAMA.
LL, the repubs agenda since 2008 was to take back the white house, but they don't have anything to offer. This is why all of them keep referring to Ronnie. I don't know why. The economy was terrible with Reagonomics. I know because I was there and working through it.
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