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Sunday, February 14, 2016


Glenn Beck: I Would Feel Unsafe Alone with 'Psychopath' Trump, Presidency Would 'Lead to Civil War'

Evidence Glen Beck was a yuuuuge fan of Trump...............
No, no, no, no...wait just one cotton pickin' minute, dammit! Hold the phone while I bring this confusion home! Now, just earlier, we had someone conduct a war on women for voicing an opinion on Trump which actually packs lots of merit. Right? Here we have Glenn Beck who is seemingly FINALLY coming around with some common sense...the same common sense we LEFTIES had all along. But, what I see missing here is my buddy's rebuttal to Glenn Beck like he did with Margaret Cho. What's the dealio Rogelio? Just in case folks are confused, have a look at the lady he abused:

-Who gives a flying fuque what that stupid bitch says?
# posted by jarasan : 11:01 PM-

You can also find my summary of the profound inconsistency of these folks in the same link. That is, unless he decides to show up, after all this time, to save face...which will still be two fries short of a happy meal, y'all.

To Glenn Beck: Man, your boy Michael Berry had already drawn this conclusion a long time ago. While you and the rest were so busy giving Trump a pass on everything, and thus strengthening his media power, everyone else with a brain was shaken their f'n heads trying to figure out what in hell y'all were snorting. It would be funny if it weren't so sad, buddy, to know that the very people you hate (LIBERALS) were well on top of this from DAY ONE....and tried to tell you all. Hey, I ain't mad at ya 'cause better late than never. Now, if you could just get Rush's spineless azz to be more honest with his audience....

LL, fat head Russ will never admit that he was wrong, he has to keep his disciples uninformed.
LL, fat head Rush will never admit that he was wrong, he has to keep his disciples uninformed.

Speedy, take notice on how they completely avoid coming overr here, to this link, and contending with Glenn Beck on his positions. This further confirms the type of supporters we're actually dealing with. I see a brawl brewing when daddy Bush takes the stage later and has to put Trump in check. Then, heaven forbid if momma Bush steps up and cracks on Trump...only to have Trump get very nasty with them. I've got money on it, and, that the cowards will have zero respect for the Bushs'...'cause it's Trump. Thank goodness the Dems are exemplifying professionalism.
The whole world is laughing at the repubs. There is something new everyday.
Trust me Speedo and Long Winded Looser, the Republicans are truly laughing at the soap opera between Hilary and Bernie. The Old and Restless.
No YELLOWDOG, they are laughing at the FLIP-FLOPPERS and RINOS that call themselves true repubs. He who laughs last, laughs best.
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