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Friday, December 30, 2016


White House Dares Trump To Roll Back Sanctions Against Russia

Why do you think Obama is fukin with Putin right now. He is challenging Trump to do something about it. Looks like Trump is not taking the bait.
If Trump doesn't deal with Pootin when he becomes president, he will deal with him later. Pootin is an EXTREME NARSASIS and suffers from NAPOLEAN SYNDROME.
Those hacked emails really scare them - wonder what they fear so much.
Hey, Speedy, you've hit the nail on the head because just as all of us who are REALLY paying attention know, Putin is playing hard ball with our internal Democracy. Sure, hacking has been around and China has done its own form of it but, not to our political system. They're just trying to stay on top of our manufacturing technologies and secrets which has been proven already. Putin has injected himself into our political system in an unprecedented way because he carefully analyzed Trump's disposition, his willingness to say and do anything just to try and win, and most of all, how Trump completely discounted our own intelligence agencies and military. My man, you could NEVER get Putin to discount his own military and intelligence agencies when it comes to America.

Putin saw Trump coming way up the road and began to seize on what he already knew by having already been buddy-buddy with Trump. None of our presidents in history have taken the road that Trump has with Russia and Putin for very good reason. It doesn't mean that we hate Russia but, rather that we should be feeding them with a very long handle spoon and limiting trust in them. This has absolutely nothing to do with Putin to soon have an American Republican president to interact with in order to have better relations either. Look at how volatile Putin was when Bush was in office and had to deal with him, man. Putin is playing games because that's what he does as a former KGB agent...his job is to cause confusion between his enemies so that the enemies TAKE THEIR EYES OFF HIM AND RUSSIA SO THAT HE CAN MAKE HIS MOVE INCOGNITO.

Now, and as expected, Putin has slowed his row in the same form as Trump. At first, he said that he'd respond accordingly to Obama's left jab but, then pulled back only to say that 'he is going to wait and see how Trump responds.' That is code for Trump and conveys that they're personal relationship is now dependent on whether Trump sides with him or American intelligence and the Republicans that back the intelligence. Putin has no reason to expel our diplomats because ours haven't injected themselves into any of their politics at all. Trump is now in a position where he must honestly send the message on whether he truly trusts our (16) intelligence agencies or will play into Putin's sucker game and embarrass this country. Even Rudy Giuliani has come forth and discounted our intelligence just because it's Obama who's over it...while every other Republican is on board with Obama because they know Putin all to well.

This is serious. Meanwhile, Trump now wants to later meet with the same intelligence he's been heavily discounting and skipping briefings from. But wait, not a word YET from Michael Flynn who's going to assume the position of NSA and we know how he feels about Obama. Yes, it's a combination of Obama taking care of much needed business while also boxing Trump in... an effort to make Trump $s**t or get off the toilet regarding Russia and loyalty to America.

Obama says, "Checkmate."
I almost forgot. What President Elect actually says they hope that Russia hacks our system? In fact, why haven't they published those emails now that Trump has won? All the pieces will come together in the next 18+- months.
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