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Thursday, December 8, 2016


Donald Trump Attacks President of Carrier's Union

The union biggie started it. NA, NA, NA, NA,
That is exactly right Jap69.
Yeah, Trump attacked the guy just like he's attacked so many others in the past for simply setting the record straight...telling the truth. The job numbers were fudged from the onset by roughly 40%, and, it was completely intentional, not an accident. What's really going on is this: die hard Trump supporters are simply butt hurt because the guy came out and accurately detailed the true results of the deal. Sure, he said that, "Trump lied his a$$ off!!" but, it's the truth and he said it with the same tone and delivery that Trump himself has used when describing others.

See, nobody is supposed to contest or correct Trump even when there's factual proof of the lie...just let it ride. The problem though, in this case, is that it misled other workers when it came to secured positions and just who was in jeopardy. Trump didn't care and neither do his supporters apparently. The only thing that mattered was that if he appeared to keep even five jobs then it was an all-around win. Details matter, though. The gesture was great but, the logistics were purposely designed to mislead everyone. If this were President Obama attacking a Union Leader under the same exact circumstances after the same deal, you can best believe these people would be standing with THE LEADER OF CARRIER and calling Obama a liar.

This is yet just another prime example of people frowning at the truth instead of being responsible adults and embracing it. The very idea that The Huffington Post wasn't even attacked for reporting in this particular entry speaks volumes, though. I'd call this 'trickle down acceptance.'
Bada bing!
What's next ? Is the republican party going to be selling cigarettes out of a trunk of a car?
We will be going from Obama who is a brilliant man to Trump!
lb, we will leave the cigarette selling to the illegals. Loser, I don't recall no one calling Obama a liar on his healthcare plan. Neither the media, nor any of you AFFIRMATIVE ACTION individuals.

Bob ,idiotic comment as usual!
The republican health care plan is what? Pitch a tent in the park?
lakerdummy it appears you pitch a tent every time you talk about your king "barry".
Huffpo rag, unions are soon to be obsolete.
Yes if the unions go then work for $8 an hour, that's what they want!
LB, an idiotic comment is the one you made when you said Obama is a brilliant man. Bud, you are so brainwashed it is not funny. WTF makes him brilliant? Please enlighten us.
I was a member of the Alcohol and Tobacco Union back in the late 80's and early 90's. I paid union dues every month and the union sucked. I turned in my union card. Wasn't worth it. All they cared about was looking out for their Union officials who were getting fat off our dues. All the union is, is a legal mafia.
In my wildest dreams.....................they outlaw government affiliated unions like SEIU, which should have never been allowed in the first place.
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