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Saturday, October 22, 2016


Beware of Toxic Sequel To Flailing Donald Trump's Campaign

It won't last long people are bored and tired of his comedy show.
that's your opinion, lakerben. Hillary is getting closer to that orange jump suit everyday.
He has turned this country in to hysterical haters. He acts stupid and the herd mentality continues.
If he was so great how come the whole republican party won't back him?
Obama is the divider - not Trump.
Barry the divider, has set the world back 400+ years. Even the Filipinos hate us now.
Lakerben calls it a 'comedy show' because the increasingly informed electorate has become SICK AND TIRED of the status quo and demands a change of direction. Enough already with the non-stop Alinskyite demagoguery, divisive and harmful anti-American policies implemented over the course of the past 8 years, not to forget the astounding level of outright criminality, cheating and corruption that has been fully exposed to public scrutiny. The swath of destruction that has been intentionally wrought and brought to bear upon this country by the Impostor in the White House and his co-conspirators is staggering to contemplate.
By the way, LB, in case you haven't heard, the 'RINOs' that refuse to support Trump are all owned part and parcel by the establishment bureaucracy and are terrified of any anti-establishment politician arriving on the scene to upset their apple carts. Let them become Demonrats and live in the gutter for all I care. DUH !
Lakerben, don't pay any attention to those thin-skinned repubs. America is not falling for their gibberish and BS. They tend to forget about the first amendment when people disagree with them, but will sight the second amendment verbatim if anyone even mentions gun control for criminals and terrorists.
LilSleazey, please tell me you're not really that stupid. If Crooked Hillary gets her way, the criminals and the terrorists are the ONLY ones that will have guns. The criminal element doesn't give a whit about gun control laws but the law abiding citizenry will be disarmed to make them sitting ducks for the thugs and hoodrats running rampant in the streets. What part of that can't you get through your thick skull ? The Law and Order Candidate will not allow your vision of utopia to continue forward.
The so-called law and order candidate is a fraud that will lose miserably on election day, but it's ok to keep hope alive. Calling me LiSleazey is your way of expressing your anger about the inevitable--A Hillary Clinton win on November 8, 2016. I don't have a thin-skin like you people so your insults don't phase me bubba.
I've noticed that about you. Your on-line personality is always so calm, pleasant and affable. And you certainly never insult people that express opposing views and present actual facts. LOL. But wait, maybe you are the new and re-invented version of LilSpeedy (?)
That your problem, you don't know me, so let's keep it that way. There is too much of an age gap between you and me and we have nothing in common except we both are Americans. I'm a baby boomer and you're a Millennium. That's like mixing oil and water together, they don't mix bubba. Your intellect is in its infancy compared to mine, which is why you can only talk gibberish.
BTW, I put you in the wrong generation. It should be Generation-X.
STFU you lowlife POS. I'm 54 years old and retired LEO with 35+ years experience. I arrested ignorant dope smoking MFs like you for the better part of my life. Typical trash talking street vermin ! Go back to swigging your MD 20/20 and toking your blunts in the backyard. Then come back and post something even more ignorant.
You are typical trailer park Albany GA BIGOT. Your racist depiction of me could not be farther from the truth. First of all, I don't have an arrest record, don't drink, smoke, or take drugs. I am a Vietnam veteran, a retired Middle School Math & Science teacher(31yrs). I also have a master's degree in Math. I'll be glad to compare transcripts with your dumb age any day. You are the type of AZZ HOLE that gives good police a bad name. Albany is known for police brutality and racial profiling. I have no doubt you participated in it Kop.
Also EINSTEIN, if you did 35 + years and you are 54, that means you became a police at age 18 or 19, I find that hard to believe.
KOP, You are probably a LEO, LAW INFORCEMENT OPPRESSER. That I believe!
You may find it hard to believe Lilsleazy, but what do I care ? I'm going on 55 now and did serve continuously as GA POST certified LEO since age 19 until earlier this year (last 15 years were in CID) Folks like you always went out the way to talk trash and ensure that each and every police/citizen interaction culminated in a hostile or antagonistic encounter. (typical demonrat voter with anti- law enforcement sentiment) I've previously commented about your so-called degrees, but don't particularly feel like re-hashing that highly dubious subject at the moment. Suffice it to say that I find it hard to believe you have any kind of degree except in Dumb and Dumber since you write, spell, express yourself and process incoming thoughts and facts on the level of a 6th or 7th grader at best. I know plenty of folks that purportedly possess multiple mail-order master degrees and can't even write a coherent sentence, much less formulate and prosecute any sort of cohesive argument. Your blind trust in the Demonrats and Crooked Hillary show you have no critical thinking skills whatsoever. NONE. Make way for the Law and Order Candidate ! That's all.
Kop, your jealousy is very apparent. I have a few police friends and a relative that has a high ranking job in the police department and none of them possess your degree of ignorance. Then again, they are baby boomers such as myself. Unlike you, they are community oriented and have a good report with young black males. They take their job serious and don't abuse their power like you. I'm sure many were happy when you were forced to retire. The Albany community have one less rogue COP to deal with.
Forced to retire ? LOL, but WTF? More like retired to save my sanity and extend my years on this earth, not having to deal directly on a daily basis with numb-skulls like you ! Anybody that lasts 35 years in my line of work is richly deserving of the accolades that come with retirement as that person has demonstrated resolute constitution, conviction,courage and integrity (look up those words) over the years; somewhat of a rarity these days with all the dimwits such as yourself trying to keep unrest and false accusations constantly stirred up and circulating in the community. Most importantly, you must keep yelling 'RAYCISS' every time you see a white officer wearing a police uniform. Hold high and keep marching backwards with the banner of Racism and Ignorance !You and your ilk take great pleasure in dedicating yourselves to engendering devious schemes and plotting in your feeble and twisted minds to make the job of being a police officer extremely dangerous and almost unbearable in the current racially charged environment that Odumbo and his sorority cabinet advisers set in motion 8 years ago and which hoards of demonrat sheeple blindly follow and encourage. So take a hike and get lost already you despicable and pitiful moron. Go back to posting anti-police videos on You Tube. Such a brilliant and shining example of complete FOOL you are ! In terms on being a complete nitwit, you take the cake ! I will grant you that much. Dangerous fool with advanced degrees in Dumb and Dumber ! The black sheep of the family. So sad. But jealous ? I think not.
Kop, all of your sadness will go away when Hillary becomes President on November 8, 2016. All the Wiki Leaks in the world that's sent to the repubs from Russia will not prevent Hillary from being the first Female POTUS. You are definitely a product of Generation-X. Albany has enough problems. They don't need racist rogue cops like you on the police force. As far as fearing white police, I don't think so. The law is for the lawless, that doesn't fit my MO bubba.
I thought I just told you to get lost, WTF are you doing back here already ?
Kop, you don't give any orders here bubba. You were no more than a bully in blue. Now you are a nobody living in yester year. SAD
Actually all of my worries will go away when I see Crooked Hillary in an orange jumpsuit behind steel bars at the Federal Penitentiary for the long list of crimes against the country. But of course you admire her for that very reason. Because she is a criminal and thrives on treachery and corruption at every level. Way to go LilSleazey !
Trump is unfit and unqualified to be president. Hillary hasn't been charged or indicted for anything KKKAL. I forgot your name, my badd. The only thing you will see that's orange is TRUMP's HEAD giving his concession speak on November 8, 2016. Get use to hearing Madame President fool.
BTW, there were no ON-LINE Universities in the 70's or 80's to my knowledge. I know there was not any at UGA where I was graduated with honor, and later graduated with honors on the Master's lever. What about you? Oh, that's right you had to go to Canada because you were not smart enough for any of the universities or junior colleges in GA...or America. SAD
Why do you insist on repeatedly demonstrating in a public forum what an imbecile you are ? I get your drift. I believe you. I give you all the accolades that go with being the officially recognized Village idiot of Decatur, GA. Go back to posting your anti-American and racist videos of you antagonizing the police on You Tube. I don't have time to entertain your drivel at this moment as I'm busy trying to listen to Rush Limbaugh without your rude interruptions. Go away. You are worse than a pesky mosquito that keeps dodging the fly swatter.
KKKAL, you must have me confused with someone from Generation-X . I'm a baby boomer and we don't play games. We say what me mean, and mean what we say. You are a bonafide Albany Bigot. You may fool others that don't know about the history of Albany but not me KKKAL. Keep listening to DOPE HEAD RUSH, he fooled you people before and he's fooling you again. POOR SAP.
You're just another one of Crooked Hillary's quacking "ducks on the ground", willing to go out dressed in your silly duck suit and get paid $40 to say or do anything in order to create discord and incite violence at the wildly popular and YUGELY attended Trump rallies. Meanwhile Crooked Hillary's lucky if she can get 40 people to come out and listen to her screeching voice for 5 minutes. You can't seem to even win a $40 box hit on Cash 3 these days so you have to go out and put on the duck suit for a few hours to get your 40 bucks. How pathetic !
KKKAL, you're right. I do support Hillary and will vote for her without question. She has the most experience, temperament, and expertise. Hillary went where the Black votes are at, Trump didn't. Instead he would ask for the Black vote in front of a predominantly white audience. That says a lot. Trump's rallies are his base...they don't have enough votes to win the election. Can I say Madame President.
You can say it all you like, but Trump still wins in a landslide victory ! Can you say bye bye to the Demonrats for the next 8-12 years ?
KKKAL, how do you like your CROW? Medium or well done...with hot sauce of course!
If the Queen of Corruption and Malfeasance wants the White House bad enough, the demonrat's are going to have to regroup and get more creative in their election stealing techniques as their traditional election rigging schemes have been fully exposed and revealed to public scrutiny by Wikileaks, VERITAS and the FBI,- eg. Misleading polls based on oversampling of Demonrat voters, busing in homeless people and illegal aliens to vote multiple times in various states using fake IDs, Donna Brazile providing debate questions in advance to Crooked Hillary, complete collusion with biased debate moderators and dishonest mainstream media outlets, paying trolls at Trump rallies to incite violence by calling Trump supporters RACIST, paying disgruntled old hags to make slanderous and false accusations of 'sexual assault', pulling the 'race card' at every opportunity, so on and so forth. Every day we learn something new about their devious strategies. Personally, I don't think it's going to be enough this time around to put the repulsive screeching harridan in the White House.
KKKAL, all the gibberish that you write is to make yourself feel better and to keep hope alive, even if you know in your heart Trump is going to lose. And guess what? It won't be rigged! Also if you think these twelve women are just making accusations without merit, then your character is the same as your hero TRUMP.
Ah yes, I forgot, in your fantasy Hillary world, hard data, facts and figures all equate to 'gibberish'. As you're not the exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer, I'll try not to overload your pea-sized brain with too much information at one time since it all goes to the 'gibberish dump' anyway. Given everything that we now know about how the Demonrats operate, I suppose it never struck you as odd as how ever last one of the Trump accusers suddenly came out of the woodwork after alleged incidents dating back 15 to 30 years and just weeks before the election ? How convenient, but no, of course not, nothing odd about that ! LOL, what a fool you are ! I hope he sues the hell out of them and finds out who paid them off, as if we didn't already know !
KKKAL you are not on my level. I am older than you, more educated, and more experienced than you. You will never know more than me no matter how hard you try. Nothing beats experience. It's a waste of my valuable time talking to a rock head dummy.
Lilsleazey, I regret to inform you that I may soon be compelled to start restricting your access to my incredibly vast database of indisputable facts and knowledge, as every time I stoop to your level to impart some of this valuable information for your own benefit, I feel as though my IQ has been lowered 5 by points via mere virtual osmosis with the Village Idiot. It's a scary feeling and I don't like it. I hope you will understand. Birds of a feather flock together and you don't have nearly enough feathers to flock with me. You just keeping plodding along with that grandiose delusional vision of "Madam President', LOL
KKKAL , Ignorance is Bliss. SMHLMAO
Lilsleazey, The fact that you have achieved weapons grade stupidity is in fact a monumental feat and may earn you bragging rights in your own circle of friends in Decatur, GA. Even I am impressed ! You have arrived at the pinnacle of stupidity and congratulations are in order ! Your abilities qualify you to be a DEMONRAT dirty tricks operative extraordinaire ! Even though you consider yourself invincible at the moment, you must continue drinking the FOOL AID in high doses as other are envious of your stature and are even now nipping at your heels to overcome your success in deploying weapons grade stupidity against the informed masses. Furthermore, I must caution you, weapons grade stupidity is not only extremely dangerous and volatile, but highly contagious to those in your periphery. Others may easily be infected and dragged down to your level in the gutter. For this very reason, my internet firewall settings are set at maximum security to assure some degree of protection in trying to deal in a rational manner with extreme nut cases such as you present.
KKKAL, don’t judge me. I was born to be awesome…. not perfect.
Ummm, I was congratulating you.
Time to drain the swamp, Lilsleazey, too many skeletons coming up from the bottom.
KKKAL, There's no point in trying to make you understand as you are incapable of it. When you're sick and tired of trying to explain why you're right, it's okay to give up. Some people are just lost causes.
How many times must I explain to you that liberalism is a mental disorder ? When will you seek help ?
KKKAL, it’s so funny how the people who know the least about you, have the most to say.
Also KKKAL, just to show you how stupid you are and how easy you are to manipulate, look at how long I've kept you on this old thread. LMBAO
Ummm, nope, it's the other way around Lilsleazey. I tired of this a long time, but I'll be danged if you're going to get the last word in this time. I know you're notorious for having to get in the last word no matter what, but I'll keep this up until November 8th if necessary when Trump is announced as the winner. LOL
When Trump trounces the repulsive screeching harridan in a landslide that will be the last word. That's all !
KKKAL, I accept your challenge. You are too easy. LOL
Ha ! I knew your twitchy little fingers wouldn't be able to stay away from the keyboard very long. Like a typical demonrat, you simply must have the last word on every topic under the sun. But not this time. I wonder what you will have to say for yourself on 08/NOV after the American people render their final decision ? Will you be one of those that that have vowed to pack up and leave the USA in protest ?
KKKAL, I guess if you spoke your mind, you’d be speechless. LOL
There goes that pesky mosquito again ! Anybody seen the confounded bug swatter ?
KKKAL, if I wanted to listen to an AZZHOLE I’d FART. LMAO
This I can believe as it would be about typical for demonrats. Convene for bi-monthly FART Session (Functional ANALysis Review Team) Bunch of beady eyed demonrats in the same room sniffing each other's butt to see who can claim bragging rights by stinking up the room the quickest with their non-stop happy horses**t. Demonrats love to collectively savor the smell of their flatulent rectal transmissions. LOL
KKKAL, grab a straw because you suck. You can't think for yourself as demonstrated by your use of my thought to make a simple comment. How pathetic!
Don't forget to mark your calendar !! Next Demonrat FART session is scheduled for Monday, 10/31/16 at the decrepit downtown Decatur Proctology Convention Center Annex adjacent to the fabulous South DeKalb Mall ! A self-proclaimed local proctologist with highly dubious credentials will be the guest speaker ! Topics to be discussed include singing the praises of Obama Care and how to safely extricate your head from your azz after refusing to stop making a fool of yourself on the LP blog pages. You must show your Demonrat voter registration card at the door in to gain admittance. Absolutely no one with an IQ over 70 will be admitted ! Bring your own latex gloves for the practical exercises.
KKKAL. you are definitely a GENERATION-X Buffoon. You have the intelligence of a gnat, and the aptitude of a simpleton. Which is why for you ignorance is bliss.
Lilsleazey, you're going to have to do better than keep parroting the same old worn out 3 word proverb from 1742. You're disqualified from future interaction with me if you post "Ignorance is Bliss' one more time. Try to come up with something original ! I give actual facts and useful information in my posts, but since you can't process it, all you do is shout out IGNORANCE IS BLISS !! This is very typical coming from a hardcore demonrat that doesn't want to be 'confroozed' by the FACTS since you already got your pea-sized mind made up. That's all !
BTW, Lilsleazey, I would have thought you would have been excited as a little kid on Christmas morning for you to discover that I had gratuitously forwarded you a VIP invitation to the upcoming Proctology Conference in Decatur, but yet not even so much as a single word of gratitude or any other correspondingly appropriate acknowledgement have I received as of this moment ! This is quite rude and reflects improper upbringing. Not quite sure what the problem is (?) You most assuredly require help getting your head extricated from your azz. And you're already statutorily qualified for admittance by being a certifiable DEMONRAT and don't have an IQ exceeding 70. Do you need me to send you the money so you can go the nearest Dollar General and get you a box of latex gloves that are required for the practical exercises ? Just trying to be helpful so let me know !
KKKAL, the difference between you and me is that you are a pervert, with homosexual tendencies. You're so stupid until you forgot you made the IQ reference on #56, you know the thought you copied because you are not creative enough to come up with something of your own. But that's ok, I know I have your attention.
No, I didn't 'forget' you bumbling senile fool ! You need to watch your filthy mouth and learn some manners ! Since you failed to acknowledge receipt of the VIP invite to the conference alluded to in message 56, I was merely REMINDING you that there is still time to register and was impressing upon you the fact that you are already statutorily qualified since for admittance by virtue of your low IQ. The conference topic is evidently of great interest to you. Don't allow the price of a box of latex gloves prevent you from attending ! I told you I would send you the money for the gloves! You got that through your thick skull ? Furthermore, I am still waiting for you to thank me for being considerate enough to forward the invite to your sorry azz in the first place. I should also mention that I find it a HIGHLY suspect that you always start accusing MEN of being homosexuals or perverts every time you run out of anything semi-intelligent to say. I've noticed this happening on the forums several times and find it troubling. It seems likely there may be some problematic latent issues bubbling to the surface in your disjointed and nonsensical posts that need to be addressed by competent psychiatric personnel. I thought you were getting your secret jollies from the inflatable 'Crooked Hillary' love doll that you keep from prying eyes hidden in the corner of your closet, but for all I know it may have been an inflatable 'Slick Willie' love doll. Too disgusting for me to even contemplate !
LilSleazey, here's the bottom line. The bad news is you are headed full speed ahead down the road to perdition. The good news is it's still not too late to change the road you're on. Turn before you burn ! Get on the Trump Train and be a winner. Make America Great Again !
You did forget idiot so quit making excuses. Since you follow me in the threads, you should know that I never engage in pervert speech with another man, but I will put you on blast when you revert to that type of sick and unseemly behavior with me. You have no respect for yourself nor for people that are your senior.
Listen-up you pantywaist lightweight ! I already cautioned you once about watching your mouth. As ex-LEO, I have a low tolerance for this type thing. The purpose of this post is to correct a typo in message # 61. Since as far as I can ascertain, you never posted anything that could be considered intelligent or even construed as semi-intelligent; what I SHOULD have written is that any time after all of your childish and naive demonrat arguments get shot down by a high information Trump Supporter, you immediately revert to hurling personal insults, typically calling men 'homos' or perverts, etc. I have seen you do this on multiple occasions so don't even try to deny it. You should try getting INFORMED with the facts on any given subject before that helpless feeling suddenly comes up on you and all you can think of at the moment is hurling personal insults. And I still believe there may be some problematic latent issues here that need to be dealt with. However, if you have positive volition and are willing to learn, you can start off with Herman Cain in the morning and then maybe move up to Rush Limbaugh in the afternoon. Due to your advanced age and being so set in your obstinate ways, I'm afraid Michael Savage or Mark Levin would be far over your head at the present time. Eventually you will be able to eat solid food and not just drink milk for infants.
LilSleazey, you never responded to message #62, so again, I bring to your attention the fact that it's time to turn so you don't burn ! Change the road you're on now before it's too late ! Vote Trump !
This is all very amusing to me LilSleazey, making you squirm and get your panties in a twist, LOL. There's much more where this comes from ! I will stop putting you in your rightful place you as soon as Trump wins on 08/NOV or whenever you concede that you will NOT have the last word for the 1st time in the history of LP Blogs. That's all.
Well KKKAL, I don't call anyone a pervert unless they are acting like one. Being an ex-cop you probably did a lot of things that was unprofessional or even racist. You gave yourself away when you bragged about how many people you locked up. There is nothing more sinister than a rogue cop with a gun. You are the type that would develop Wyatt Earp Syndrome and shot first and ask questions later. Blacks in Albany are doing a lot better since you retired.
KKKAL, you are trying too hard. I told you that you don't have my educational background. I almost feel sorry for you. It's like I'm taking advantage of someone that's handicapped academically. Word of advice, be yourself and cut out all the fake BS.
You're actually trying to paint yourself as some kind of high brow 'progressive' academic type ? LOL, far from it, LilSleazey, you simply don't have it in you ! I'm not one of your former Junior High students that has to sit there for an hour every day and listen to the retarded left wing propaganda that you undoubtedly fed them at every opportunity. ! All anyone has to do is take the time to read the the plethora of mind boggling lame posts you have made down to this point to quickly dispel the outrageous notion of you being some sort of academic type. LOL, you did the bare minimum that you had to do to get along 31 years in the school system and collect a check without being fired for incompetence. But now in your later years, if it's any consolation, you have evolved and become the perfect shining example for your DEMONRAT libtard mentors, blindly accepting and trusting the party rhetoric without question. Emails have been released that show your corrupt heroes CONSPIRED TO PRODUCE AN UNAWARE AND COMPLIANT CITIZENRY (in other words, to break it down to your level, 'DUMB'). You fit perfectly into the Master Plan! I hope you are content being counted as one of the unaware and compliant citizenry. Get educated and rise above the circumstances, you dummy ! Vote Trump !
lil*slutty you ignorant dipsh1t loser STFU, now go ahead and make my point for the 100th. time that you have to have the last word in comment#71.
KKKAL, You are trying too hard. You will never be on my level and equal my amount of education and you can't stand it. I don't fit your stereotype of a Black manand the bigot in you is confused. Well, let me enlighten You. Your opinion of me does not determine my destiny. Everything that you say is moot. I retired at the top of my profession as a math specialist. If it were not for people like me, there would not have been a KKKAL LEO. I hope you don't become ill when Hillary becomes your president. If you do, you deserve it.
News flash: FBI re-opens investigation into Crooked Hillary's email scandal. How can she serve as POTUS from behind bars? Maybe they could put an email server in the cell with her (?) They've told so many lies that she can no longer keep track of them. Not much chance of squirming out of a federal indictment this time around ! LOL, Go Trump !
KKKAL, it's going to take more than stolen emails for Trump to win. I support Hillary 100%.
KKKAL, you're so gullible. What was in the emails that was so damaging to Hillary?
Of course you support the most corrupt person EVER to seek the presidency, LOL, and a criminal to boot ! Why am I not surprised ?
OMG, please tell me you didn't just ask the most astoundingly stupid question that has EVER been posted !! What is so damaging in the emails ? LOL, sorry but I'm not going to sit here and type out thousands of pages for you to dismiss as "no big deal" or ''gibberish''. Maybe you should call the FBI Director James Comey and ask him why is it necessary to re-open the investigation ? Apparently you have paid absolutely no attention whatsoever to the news for the past 2 years as you go about day by day in your parallel fantasy world. If you're that far behind, I can't get you caught up. You're just going to have the accept the fact that Trump is going to be the POTUS. That's all !
LilSleazey, please call Michael Savage (1-800-449-8255) on his radio show next Monday afternoon 3:00-6:00 and ask him that same question about what is so damaging in the emails. Savage will rip you a new one and you will be permanently labeled in the You Tube archives as THE DUMBEST CALLER EVER IN THE HISTORY OF THE SHOW ! Forging ahead with the Master Plan with yet another example of the 'unaware and compliant citizenry' shining through brilliantly ! You have the qualifications to be the DEMONRAT'S poster child for the Master Plan. Send an email to John Podesta to express your interest in the position, LOL
KKKAL, that is your number one problem. You spend all your time being indoctrinated by right-wing wackos all day. That is why your head is so screwed up and you parrot everything that they say. You can't think for yourself without quoting one of your wacko talking heads shock jocks. You are definitely a follower.
You are definitely a mindless imbecile !! Even a 3rd grader has more sense than you. Jeez !! Talk about being the poster child for Dumb and Dumber. I put it that way since you likely have no clue what 'unaware and compliant citizenry' means. This is how your wonderful heroes talk about their supporters behind your backs, but so what if it goes right over the top of your head, right ?
KKKAL, you are not smart. not even intelligent. If you were you wouldn't have to regurgitate something that you heard on talk radio for the low-informed and pitiful.

The only thing that could make this day any better is for me to hear that FOX news is reporting that DC Capital Police are pursuing Hillary in a white Bronco and she's threatening to harm herself if they don't back off ! LOL
A vote for Killary is a vote for World War III. That's all.
If I was a betting man, I'd bet Crooked Hillary gets totally plastered tonight !
KKKAL, why would you want a war that your kids or grand kids will have to fight. Hillary understands this, Trump don't. There will be no World War III. The next World War will be nuclear. Everyone on planet Earth will die of radiation poisoning, while some will have the flesh melt off their bones. This is the chance America will take if Trump is in charge of the nuclear codes. You can't have a thin-skinned Commander-In-Chief.
Once again, it's clear you haven't been paying attention to world developments ! Crooked Hillary is the one trying to steer us into a war with Russia even at this moment. If she succeeds it won't be pretty since the traitor Odumbo has utterly decimated and gutted the American military to unprecedentedly low levels. In the meantime, Vladimir Putin has been steadily building up the Russian military machine while Odumbo was tearing down the American military. Trump on the other hand will maintain peace with Russia and enlist them as an ally in the war against Radical Islamic Terrorism. Pay attention LilSleazey and don't just go repeating something because you heard Don Lemon say something stupid on CNN. Try to get your facts right !
Hillary's toast anyway. Word is she's going to be under Federal Indictment after the election. She'll never come out from under all this network of corruption, criminality and deceit that the Clinton Crime Family has created over the years.
Time to give it up and face the facts LilHillary; correction, I meant Lilsleazey !
KKKAL, one thing I can say about you is that you have a vivid imagination.
No, Lilsleazey; I know where to go to get the cold, hard facts. I don't put much stock in anything reported on CNN (Clinton News Network aka Communist News Network) LOL
I bet tonight's bombshell news was enough to wipe that smug, self-conceited smirk off that witch's face !!
KKKAL, it did not do a thing because I know they don't have jack. Blacks, Hispanics, and educated women are still going to vote for Hillary in HUUUUGE numbers.
I'm sure there are still plenty of brain dead morons such as yourself that would still vote for her even if a live video of her burning down an orphanage were to be released complete with that Satanic cackling laugh of hers during the video narration. Again, I repeat, Hillary is done for ! Give it up ! BTW, which category do you fall in ? Black, hispanic or educated woman ? LOL
KKKAL, Trump is spending millions of his own money and is getting help from Wiki Leaks and will still lose. I guest you TRUMPAZOIDS head will start to explode. LMAO
Crooked Hillary may very well be in jail next week after Assange releases the next Wiki leaks email dump ! Commander -in-Chief Trump can get then start savings millions of his own money and coast unopposed right into the the White House. Of course he'll have to have the entire premises fumigated after the ODUMBOS move out and steal the furniture. Meanwhile, Trump can stay in his extravagant new DC luxury hotel. LOL, give it up LilHillary !
KKKAL, you can't make yourself believe that no matter how hard you try. I have fun laughing at you repubs every four years. You repubs are so desperate until you will give a pervert a pass.
I've admittedly been a life-long card carrying member of the Republican party, but after seeing how the establishment Republicans treated Trump during this election cycle, I think I'm done with that crowd of losers. Paul Ryan, Jeb Bush and John Kasich in particular. Trump's more of an independent than aligned with any particular party affiliation. That's why he's no longer contributing to their party fundraisers, sorry bunch of disgusting yellow-bellied sapsucker turncoats ! Not nearly as bad as the infernal DEMONRATS that openly admit their intentions of wanting to destroy the USA, but I'm just saying !
KKKAL, I must admit that you were indoctrinated thoroughly by the right-wing propaganda talk show whackos. To say that democrats intentions is to destroy the USA is a slap in the face of all democrats that have died and are still dying serving their country. That statement is downright un-American. I was fighting for this country when you were a toddler and my rights were being denied in the USA. They did not clap for us in the airport when we returned from Vietnam, they called us baby killers, and you have the audacity to say democrats want to destroy America while at the same time enough enjoy the freedom that me and others fought for. You are a typical conceived repub. You only care about your well being, the HE!! with everyone else. Now that is truly sad.
Sorry to bust to your bubble, Lilsleazey, but once again, you are WRONG. The face of today's DEMONRAT party has changed drastically from the time period you make reference to. There probably were some decent patriotic people in the party back in those days. You are still living in the past as you are clearly oblivious to all the damage and destructive Anti-American policies the demonrats are responsible for implementing to forward their agenda. You just continue to mindlessly plod along in your fantasy world without a clue. Today's DEMONRATS despise the United States as the founding fathers intended it to be and have no respect or concern for the Constitution. They want to transform the USA into some sort of socialist quasi communistic country with Big Brother running all aspects of your life. Look at what the impostor living in the White House has already done to this formerly great country ! Look at all the demonrat idiots totally disrespecting the flag and military personnel by refusing to stand for the National Anthem. Demonrats today are all about control and deception at all levels and at any cost. Why do you want to be their poster boy ? Once again, I encourage to become informed and get the facts before posting nonsense !
KKKAL, you obviously never served in the military or know your history. The founding fathers were not gods. Many has issues with racism, slavery, and women's rights. Many were not included in the constitution. Blacks, women, Indians, and numerous other minorities. This you will not learn from talk radio. You are the true definition of a BIGOT. You are indeed a jerk, a coward, and a poser.
So I take it you're another 'stuck on stupid' Colon Paperdick supporter as well ? I've never met a Trump supporter who supported disrespecting the flag and the heritage of the USA. Furthermore, I don't know of a single Trump supporter that advocates intentionally disrespecting and antagonizing Law Enforcement Officers. Ever last one of them involved in that type activity are your filthy DEMONRATS. Shove it up your azz LilSleazey. And don't forget about the Proctology Conference tomorrow.
BIGOT defined is a person who is utterly intolerant of any differing creed, belief, or opinion. KKKAL this you 100%. Your problem is that you can't relate to anyone that has served their country, so you make idiotic remakes like you know what you are talking about. When it comes to the military you need to STFU. You're embarrassing yourself. You can't equate being a cop with infantry bubba. YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT'S INVOLVED.
You are a sick person, LilSleazey. If you hate the USA so much, please move to Brazzaville in the self declared Marxist-Leninist state known as the People's Republic of the Congo in Central Africa. I'm sure you will find conditions there much more favorable.   A man once described Hèll as place a place where there is no reason, and you drag me into Hèll with your every idiotic post.
And now you would have me to believe that military personnel attending sports events, especially say for example on Military Appreciation Day, LIKE to see the Colon Paperdick idiots disrespecting the American flag and spitting on their military service for serving America and what the flag symbolizes. Wow ! The sheer lunacy of the dark and shady underworld where you sick beady eyed socialist DEMONRATS lurk and scurry is incomprehensible to me.
KKKAL, let me help you out. We fought so people like you (Bigots) can have a right to your OPINION as protected by the Constitution. I don't have to agree with someone burning, or spitting on the flag, but according to the 1st amendment they have a right to do so. To infringe on someone's right that's protected by the constitution would be ruled unconstitutional. WHY DO YOU THINK COPS DON'T ARREST THEM STUPID AZZ?
LilSleazey, once again, I must correct you. Nobody said they should be arrested. You apparently pulled that one out of your azz. It's not a question of whether or not they're committing a criminal act. It's a question of right or wrong. A question of morality and integrity. A question of do you love your country or do you hate your country. Most DEMONRATS approve of this type Anti-American activity because they are so self-centered and know nothing of history. They have arrived at the conclusion that their country is to be loathed and despised because of the left wing LIBTARD drivel they've been been spoon fed ever since 1st grade. Now its even spreading to the High Schools and beyond.You will NEVER see any Trump supporters engage in this type Anti-American activity. A vote for Trump is a vote to save and restore America's former greatness. A vote for Crooked Hillary is a vote to impose a death sentence on America. Is it really that hard of a choice, LilSleazey ?
But like I told you yesterday, it's really a moot point now. Crooked Hillary is toast now. She may have to drop out of the race next week after the next Wiki Leaks email dump comes out. I understand there's going to be some real doozies in there, LOL
I told you you're not going to get the last word in this time, LilSleazey. You can concede at any time but Trump being declared the winner on 08/NOV will settle the matter in my favor regardless.
KKKAL, you are the only one that is mentioning quitting, not me. You are a big plunking hypocrite. One can't legislate morality, they tried that during prohibition and they went underground. You people hate the government to interfere unless it fits your agenda. Trump hasn't gain any votes where he needs them. So I wouldn't get too happy if I were you. If Trump loses, and he will, don't disappear because I won't.
Let me send you some Brazzaville, Congo real estate brochures for when Trump wins and you in good conscience won't be able to remain in the USA ?
BTW, I'm definitely not getting too comfortable in a Trump victory as I hear the DEMONRAT dirty tricks operatives have obtained a video clip of Trump removing a tag from a new Serta mattress in 1962. (gasp !) What will they dig up next ?
KKKAL, the one thing that sticks out about you is insecurity. Plain and simple - anyone unwilling to have their ideas challenged is not solid enough in his/ her beliefs. Sharing opinions does not necessarily mean having to convince others that you are RIGHT. The truth should be more satisfying than the egoic need to be correct.
Congratulations, LilSleazey ! I've got to give credit where credit is due. That last sentence is the 1st thing you ever said that makes any sense (except the word is 'egotistic'). Hello ! Public awareness and outcry is the ultimate weapon of truth that will break down the tyrants! If you want to stop the war-mongering criminality of Hillary Clinton and the crime syndicate she represents, it is now more important than ever to go into the Wiki Leaks, to go through the thousands of emails to find the information and to put it out yourself, send it out to the press and force the corporate media to follow this information.
KKKAL the word is not egotistic. I forgot you did not go that far in college. Egoic: The state of being identified with the ego, the power which seeks to defend and glorify the separate and separated self, works for separation, unhealthy autonomy, or dogged independence, and works to obscure or destroy the Divine self. In other words, you are trying to be something that you are not and embarrassing yourself in the process. You're no match for me rookie, you don't have enough education or experience to match me. Now that is a fact.
Either word fits LilSleazey; that's a minor point. Big deal ! I noticed you totally ignored the crux of the post, LOL. Did that also follow the default path to the 'gibberish dump' since your pea-sized brain couldn't process the far-reaching and deep-seated implications of what I just explained to you ?
The fewer the letters, the more apt you are to remember the word, LOL, you get my drift DOG ?
Or should I say 'DAWG' in accordance with the local vernacular of Decatur and environs ? LOL
KKKAL, you can't make yourself sound intelligent no matter how hard you try. You probably lived in Albany all your life. Which is why your personality is so screwed up. BTW, the words have different meanings but as explained earlier you have an egoic need to be correct.
No skirting around the issue this time, LilSleazey ! I know you're feeling elated at the moment that you managed to slip one by the omniscient KAL035, but you still need to address the crux of the post in message # 112. I tried to give you some modicum of credit for making an intelligent statement, but you don't want to go there ? WTF ? Typical demonrat unless you have anything else to add (?)
I can't take it any more tonight, I'll deal with your nonsense later tomorrow, whatever drivel you come up with.
KKKAL, I don't want you to quit because I have nothing but time. So get you some rest and we'll continue today.
Wow, you know the DIMWITRATS have really hit rock bottom when the old worn out skank Madonna takes the mike at an Amy Schumer show and starts offering BJs to to any male that votes for Crooked Hillary. The crowd of Libtards in attendance went wild. She then elaborates further and describes how great she is at providing this service. We know Slick Willie will be the 1st in line to take her up on this offer, but who will be 2nd in line ? I'm thinking she might have to give 3 BJs maximum (?) Can't make this stuff up folks, but I'm guessing LilSleazey will give this tactic a pass, explaining that it comes under innovation and thinking outside the box to get votes (?)
KKKAL, good to have you back. You see I'm not heartless. I let you get some rest. I'm not shocked at anything Madonna does, after all, she is from GENERATION-X like you. That's how your generation rolls. However, don't underestimate entertainers like MADONNA popularity with millennials. They are going to be a force to reckon with.
LilSleazey, you've been under brainwashing for far too many years. I'm not heartless either, but you need to understand that Hillary hates you, laughs at you and says you're stupid ! But yet this is still the person you keep looking up to and advocating for ? The Queen of Corruption ? WTF ? Read the emails and become informed !
KKKAL, you are the one blind and clueless. Trump has a track record of being racist and discriminatory toward blacks and other minorities. He spent his whole life exploiting the very people he wants to kick out of this country. My eyes are wide open. Trump is only concerned about his brand, not you, unless you are lucky enough to be in the top 1%. I could never vote for Trump.
No, LilSleazey ! Trump has NO record of being racist or discriminatory towards anyone at any time ! You are again parroting the party rhetoric like the good little demonrat soldier that you are. You cannot point to one single example of anything he ever said or did that was 'racist' or 'discriminatory'. Donald Trump's Contract with the American Voter is the most serious proposal ever made by a presidential candidate to end Washington corruption. You probably don't even know about it, but you can read about it on the Trump website. A 100-day action plan for restoring a government “of the people, by the people, and for the people”. That is why he introduced it at Gettysburg, where Lincoln resolved to save the union on behalf of the same cause. That's all.
LilSleazey, tomorrow's Halloween and there's NOTHING more haunting than the thought of that repulsive cackling and screeching harridan riding into the White House at night on Broomstick 1 !
KKKAL, you have been trumpotized! One has to lose all of his dignity to go to a Trump rally and listen to a bunch of lies and BULLS#IT by Trump. All you will have there is group of good old boys reminiscing about the good old JIM CROW DAYS. KKKAL, YOU ARE ONE OF THOSE good old boys.
KKKAL, rather than argue a moot point with you, I'll let you read this article at your leisure about your guru DONALD. Enjoy.
KKKAL, here's something else racist Trump said. Since you have been denying that Trunk was not racist toward Blacks that lets me know that you are the same way.

"Black guys counting my money! I hate it”

Next in the Trump record on race came a 1991 book by John O’Donnell, who had been president of Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City. O’Donnell quoted Trump saying,“ Black guys counting my money! I hate it. The only kind of people I want counting my money are short guys wearing yarmulkes… Those are the only kind of people I want counting my money. Nobody else…Besides that, I tell you something else. I think that’s guy’s lazy. And it’s probably not his fault because laziness is a trait in blacks.”

LilSleazey, that's pretty lame if that's what you're basing your opinion on; something Trump allegedly said in 1973, LOL. You had to dig deep to the bottom of the barrel to come up with some defamatory Trump hit piece like that ! Around that same time period, the author also claims Trump's father allegedly told him not to rent to blacks in NYC. Big effing deal ! Get over it ! It's all a last ditch desperate appeal to the emotions (not the thinking part of the brain) to keep the DEMONRATS in power. Good grief man, this is 2016 and the country is imploding under the weight of the corruption and criminality of the DEMONRATS. Do you wish to permanently remain part of the 'unaware and compliant citizenry' that they count on to keep them in power? Trump can be opinionated but he is most certainly NOT a racist. A lot of African Americans are getting behind Trump and that's a fact, whether you like or not. They're sick and tired, just like most everybody else of the Demonrat's non-stop polemic of happy horse$hitt, and would like to turn over a new page in American History. You are 1000 times more racist than Donald Trump could ever be ! Did you watch the video Jarasan posted of the elderly black lady laying in the street and getting beat up and taunted by a bunch of DEMONRAT anti-social thugs because she was giving out pro-Trump literature ?
Americans must ask themselves- would you hire a person under an active FBI Criminal Investigation? (and not just once, but two times ! )
Jim Comey said she wouldn't be able to apply for an FBI job since she couldn't get security clearance. Duh, that should tell you something right there, LilSleazey !
LilSleazey, it's looking more and more likely that Crooked Hillary's going to have to swap out her Chairman Mao pants suits for an orange jumpsuit ! LOL
Jim Comey may be looking for a job soon. Trump will be going back to realty and flim-flam. I didn't expect your very dense brain to comprehend. You are living in the world of denial like all low-information repubs. It's the electoral college that will determine the president. I know you don't like to hear that, but that's the gist of it. Chew on that for a while bubba.
Happy HALLOWEINER LilSleazey ! The scary night when Anthony Weiner's undead schlongweiner rises from its grave to decisively doom the Wicked Witch's campaign to ruination with it's frightful full length spectre ! Let us give thanks for WEINERGATE. The gift that keeps on giving ! LOL
KKKAL, that's where you're wrong as usual. Stay tuned. Trump's Russian Mafia connection is about to hit the fan. Let's see how he handles it. The emails did not help Trump at all. Go figure>
LilSleazey, don't be so stupid ! Trump has no 'Russian Mafia' connection, LOL, you dimwitrats are pathetic creatures but I guess the witch has to try something (anything!) to divert attention from her insidious and cunning long pattern of continuous corruption, deception and criminality. Trump had been day by day gaining ground on the witch as the informed electorate began to open their eyes, but the emails will be her final undoing, LOL, the FBI has a treasure trove to investigate now. Go FBI ! Why are you such a spoilsport on HALLOWEINER night ?
KKKAL, gaining ground. If the emails were so damaging, why is he still behind. I'll answer that for you. Many of the voters have already voted. The ones that haven't don't give a rat's azz about the emails and are still voting for Hillary rather than whiny orange head Trump. LMAO
Yep, that would be a typical low information demonrat voter for you. "Excuse me, but don't confuse me with the facts, I already got my mind made up. I'm voting for the wrinkled old hag aka Queen of Corruption " LOL, by the way, Trump is now leading now in many of the polls. We already found out from the emails that the demonrat dirty tricks operatives were manipulating the earlier polls in favor of Crooked Hillary by oversampling the demonrat voters. Ya'll have this thing rigged at every turned; now we're starting to hear reports of the rigged demonrat voting machines owned by none other than George Soros. Ya'll need to give it a rest already, enough is enough !
KKKAL, I just love it when you repubs get over confident. Remember Romney, he didn't prepare a concession speech because he was so sure he would win. I could have rubbed it in when Romney lost but I didn't because there were too many people in mourning. When Hillary is sworn in as POTUS I will give you a period of mourning.
Demonrats will try to steal the election as usual, but it's not going to happen this time, LilSleazey ! Most demonrats are not interested in knowing the facts or the truth. All they care is to see the 'D' by their candidate's name. Informed and patriotic Americans understand that we are way past overdue for a drastic change of direction and mission. Eight years of abhorrently destructive and traitorous Anti-American policies, decrees and edicts fraudulently foisted and maliciously perpetrated upon the country under the Marxist-Leninist administration currently installed in the White House by George Soros and led by the Thin Smoking Man from Kenya in The Black Suit have already taken a devastating toll and must be reversed ASAP. The Impostor in the black suit has turned America into a Third World Banana Republic and he is so proud of his accomplishments ! Crooked Hillary wants to give Odumbo 4 more years to effectively advance his socialist agenda while she and Slick Willie continue to pursue their shameful goal of personal enrichment via the so-called 'Clinton Charity Foundation' LOL, Are you kidding me ? Not gonna happen, LilSleazey. Not this time !
The Clinton campaign is so distracted by the Weiner that they can barely maintain an election. Their election has gone soft. LOL
KKKAL, you sound like a parrot from talk radio. You don't possess one thought of your own. You are a true disciple of Rush. Before you judge my life, I suggest you take a good look at your own life.
Just trying to help you see the light of day, LilSleazey. Turn before you burn ! I've already told you there's still time to change the road you're on. Get off the road to perdition before it's too late !
KKKAL, like I told you Trump is about to be exposed. Read the following article. "Report connects Trump organization server to Russian bank" Stay tuned, Trump won't be able to bounce back like Hillary.
Like I told you, Crooked Hillary is toast.

FBI Insider: Clinton Emails Linked To Political Pedophile Sex Ring.

An FBI source has confirmed that evidence has emerged from the Clinton email investigation that a massive child trafficking and pedophile sex ring operates in Washington.

Oops ! Those darn emails again, LOL
KKKAL, I see you are like a dog chasing his own tail. The emails are moot to democrats...we don't care what you repubs think. Those same people that you repubs have been insulting will win the election for Hillary. Ask Romney. LMAO
Wow, that really speaks volumes as to the total lack of character and integrity of the demonrats as you openly admit that most dimwitrats don't care in the slightest that the greedy and power hungry screeching harridan is not only a felony grade criminal many times over, but also intentionally endangered national security, not to mention being the most corrupt, incompetent and negligent person to ever seek the office of POTUS. She is bogged down, swamped and drowning in so many scandals, lies and criminal enterprises that it will be impossible for her to ever recover. And yet you idiots still want to put her in office ? The level of stupidity is truly mind boggling ! Crooked Hillary may have been able to pull it off had we not recently learned about the demonrats' fractional counting massive and clever vote rigging scheme revealed by Ms. Beverly Harris (
Anyway, looks like the swamp is draining nicely. Crooked Hillary is finally going to pay for her evil deeds !
Watching a compulsive liar scramble to do damage control when the secrets are unfolding is quite entertaining. LOCK HER UP !!
KKKAL, if you think for one minute Trump is not corrupt, a crook, tax-evader, pervert, and adulterer, then you have serious problems with morality too.
KKKAL, you like to do a lot of judging.     Don’t judge my path if you haven’t walked my journey.
Single Best word to describe Hillary Clinton: 'CORRUPT'

'CORRUPT' defined by dictionary:

1) guilty of dishonest practices, as in bribery, lacking integrity, crooked
2) debased in character; depraved; perverted; wicked; evil
3) infected, tainted
4) (verb) to destroy the integrity of, cause to be dishonest, disloyal, etc; especially by bribery
5) (verb, tr.) to lower moral standards, pervert

Perfect description of Crooked Hillary. Guilty as charged !

LilSleazey, a whole lot of other people other than myself are about to step up to the ballot box and do some serious judging on next Tuesday, 11/08. Somebody's got to have the moral fortitude to do it if our country is to ever recover from the plague and curse of the DEMONRATS !
KKKAL, have you ever heard of the word ALLEGEDLY? Used to convey that something is claimed to be the case or have taken place, although there is no proof.
Trump is a sociopath, pathological liar, scam artist, bigot, and preys on low information people such as yourself.

LilSleazey, judgement and discernment are two abilities that SHOULD be prerequisites for participation in presidential elections. Sadly, most demonrats can't see beyond the tip of their nose. They just go with what "feels right"or what Odumbo told them should be.
'Allegedly' my behind ! That's a term used by a defense attorney, LOL. No proof? No, of course not, just thousands upon thousands of pages of proof that came from their own internal conversations and archives, that's all. "Nothing to see here folks, just move along" ! The unaware and compliant citizenry blindly acquiesces to the demonrat party rhetoric as they always do. Get the FACTS LilSleazey and Vote Trump !
KKKAL, you are not a very smart LEO. Allegedly is the same as a person being presumed innocent until proven guilty. Low information repubs are the only ones living in la la land and believe everything they hear on whacky repub talk radio for the brain dead.
No, LilSleazey, as usual you miss the point. There is nothing alleged about Crooked Hillary's corruption. It's widespread common knowledge among those that bother to seek out the facts. GOOGLE images of 'pathological liar' and see whose face comes up, LOL, duh !!
KKKAL, oh ye of little UNDERSTANDING. Hillary has never been charged or indicted for anything. Innuendos and fabrications doesn't mean jack. BTW, just voted, for Hillary of course. But unlike you I don't vote straight democratic. I also voted for some incumbent repubs if they have done a good job and treated people fairly. The color of their skin or party affiliation means nothing to me. I'm so far beyond that. I know how to socialize with civil minded people with an open mind. Close minded people are repulsive and are conversation killers. They are either avoided or not invited to many social gatherings. I can't see you being invited to anything but repub functions, you appear to be a stick in the mud or boring outside your clan.
No, Lilsleazey; once again you are incorrect. If you had been paying attention in class, you would have made note of the fact that I stated my belief that the Republican Party has in large part become a party of turncoat traitors. There are still many good ones but I am very embarrassed that the likes of Jeb Bush, John Kasich and Paul Ryan would actually vote for Hillary Clinton. They deserve to be tarred and feathered (in a figurative sense, don't get excited)). I also stated that it is my opinion that Trump is more of an Independent rather than a Republican. I align myself with those that are best for the good of the country. Ya'll demonrats have caused almost irreversible damage to the country but are still out trying to convince everybody through trick and artifice that the Queen of Corruption is winning when she is actually losing big time ! Trump can't be bought, he's the real deal and he means to do what he says he going to do. Pay attention in class LilSleazey. Get your facts straight and don't just make it up as you go.
Odumbo stated in his speech today that Trump is a racist, he hates women and minorities, blahblahblah. In the meantime, the cool and hipster Odumbo worships Jihadis, hates white males, and has degenerate thug rappers in the White House that glorify thug life by using profanity and talking about twerking, whores, hookers, bitches, getting that pu$$y, etc. So it's perfectly fine to debase and objectify women in this manner but Trump hates women, LOL, such a disgusting hypocrite the thin smoking man in the White House. Hurry up and leave already Odumbo ! Trump will need time to get the premises fumigated from all the riffraff constantly in and out of the White House. Bring back the patriotic music of John Philip Sousa and other classical musical overtures to White House social events and restore the dignity of social events on the premises of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Go the Club or hang out on the street corners for an earful of the the degenerate gangster rap
KKKAL, I feel sorry for you. Your racism has you so confused. Profiling has warped your common decency. Stereotyping has become part of your personality. If God has a problem with the way I live, let him tell me not you.
No, LilSleazey; once again you are incorrect. I need you to slowly back off from the keyboard, power down, turn off the lights, get some sleep and try again tomorrow. You cannot pull the race card every time you are backed into a corner. Crooked Hillary is in more trouble with the African American community day by day already. They are getting wise to her dirty tricks just as much as anybody else. Time to change the road you're on LilSleazey. Turn before you burn !
KKKAL, the African American community loathes Trump and that's a fact, the Hispanics and educated white women also. Hillary's surrogates are picking up the slack for her. Whereas Trump is making it a family affair. BTW KKKAL, you must be born again, not of water, but of the spirit, if you're not it's impossible to please God.
No, LilSleazey; once again you are incorrect! No allegedly 'educated' or 'intelligent' person regardless of color would knowingly and willfully vote for a presidential candidate with the following qualifications: 1) Most corrupt politician ever to seek office of the President, mired down in an endless litany of scandals, a known criminal involved in felonious acts of treason, soon to be indicted and become a convicted felon; 3) a pathological liar incapable of telling the truth that routinely lies to FBI Agents because she thinks Odumbo and Loretta Lynch have her back covered. The only reason anybody would vote for this pathetic screeching harridan is that they vote solely on emotions, regardless of the facts. As you stated yourself, FACTS mean nothing to these people. They have not the slightest clue what is going on out there and nor do they care ! All their lives, the demonrats have been spoon fed the same old party rhetoric that the Republicans are mean, bad people that hate minorities and want to take away grandma and grandpa's social security check. (Gasp !) Ignorance is the main reason anyone would vote for Crooked Hillary but there are those that would vote for her because they wish to see lawlessness and anarchy reign in the USA or they wish to see the citizens of the USA become subservient to a full fledged Marxist-Leninist or Communist style government later on down the road. Anyway, her campaign is going down in flames and Trump is emerging as the clear winner on 08/NOV.
OOPS, another FBI investigation into the corrupt activities of the Clinton Foundation set up for their personal enrichment ! I see a RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act) indictment shaping up here.
KKKAL, you're setting yourself up for a big let down. All your gibberish is for naught. The only way to get hate out of your heart is to be born again.
Who in their right mind wakes up in the morning and thinks... "Well, time to get over to my local voting booth and vote for a woman that's currently the subject of multiple FBI investigations."?
LilSleazey, don't believe the media...Hillary's poll numbers are falling faster than Bill Clinton's pants in an Arkansas trailer park !
KKKAL, I get it. Abusers of women stick together. You think it was just locker room talk. Teenagers lie about who they had sex with and would like to get with. It's a shame and a disgrace when a 59 years old grown azz man talk about who he would like to assault, kiss, or grope. You're an ex-LEO and it doesn't bother you. SAD. You must be born again.

What was supposed to be a private conversation 11 years ago is a lot less bothersome to me than the possibility of a known rapist moving back into the White House. Slick Willie has his way with women left and right, over the Oval Office desk and under the Oval Office desk. Crooked Hillary knows all the graphic details about wayward Billy Boy's sexual exploits. She becomes a lamp-throwing Delilah, emasculating her weak husband, but yet still condemns and denounces the women who were raped and abused to keep the path clear for her future advancement. Are you kidding me ? You got to do better than that LilSleazey ! "For the word of God is living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing to the division of soul and of spirit, of joints and of marrow, and discerning the thoughts and intentions of the heart".
KKKAL, you are deceiving yourself if you think God is pleased with Trump's antics and treatment of women. You must be born again.
KKKAL, it funny you used the verse from Hebrews 4:12
Hebrews 4:12 For the word of God is living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing to the division of soul and of spirit, of joints and of marrow, and discerning the thoughts and intentions of the heart. This is what happens when you are born-again. The old nature is done away with and everything becomes new. Everything.

12 For wthe word of God is living and xactive, ysharper than any ztwo-edged sword, piercing to the division of soul and of spirit, of joints and of marrow, and adiscerning the thoughts and intentions of the heart.

Wow ! Now we find out from Wiki Leaks your that wonderful candidate and top aides in her inner circle have connections to Satanism and other demonic occult practices. Isn't that nice, LilSleazey ? As for me, all I have to do is look at that hag and know she is a witch ! Been saying so for years.
A source within the FBI says Hillary Clinton is the "Antichrist personified to a large swath of FBI personnel", and that the reason why they're leaking information is that they're Pro-Trump. I guess the FBI agents are in the "basket of deplorables" with everyone else, LOL
LilSleazey, you messed up Post #174. Hebrews 4:12 is my favorite Bible verse. I don't see why you should find it "funny" that I would quote it (?) FYI- It is NOT a salvation related verse as you imply, but rather is to show that we cannot escape the notice of God; that all insincerity, unbelief, hypocrisy, will be detected by Him; and that since our hearts are perfectly open before him, we should be sincere and should not attempt to deceive him. The sense is, that the truth of God is all-penetrating and searching, and that the real thoughts and intents of the heart will be brought to light, and that if there is insincerity and self-deception there can be no hope of escape. I've previously counseled you on the subjects of discernment and judgement. Again, I emphasize that it is very important that you pay attention in these daily classes.
KKKAL, Trump doesn't profess any religion or make any reference to God. Also having a favorite verse and not living up to what it says profits you nothing. What that verse means to those that are born-again is that when you get out the word of God, the word of God will condemn you if you are in sin. You must be born-again.

Also I don't need the commentary of a verse to understand it...I grew up in the church and is a student of the Bible. You have to know the Bible to talk to me. Others have tried and failed miserably. The same will happen to you.
LilSleazey, tt's amazing to me that anyone who claims to be a Christian would willfully cast a vote to put this evil woman in the White House. The wiki leaks emails have clearly shown Crooked Hillary's connection to satanism and demonism. But of course, the DEMONRATS don't give a rat's azz (as you have previously remarked and made known to me). The fact of the matter is that the Word of god adamantly condemns all forms of demonism and human involvement in demonic schemes. Only the truth of the Bible enables the believer to discern demonic evil and to stand firm against their relentless assaults. The antidote to restrain demonic activity and protect believers from demonic influence in any dispensation is Bible doctrine resident in the soul.
By the way, it was a real classy act at a Crooked Hillary rally in Ohio on Friday night. Hip-hop flop "Jay Z" performs a filthy profanity laced rap much to the delight of the demonrat voters in the crowd. Pitiful what hip-hopping Hillary has to do get people to do to notice her at her age. Meanwhile Trump remains his own best front man and draws in YUGE crowds at all of his events.
KKKAL, Trump is an atheist or non-Christian, while it is well known that Hillary is a Methodist. You are a hypocrite and a fool if you think for one minute what Trump does to people is Godly. I know you want him to win...but it shouldn't be at the expense of your soul. Also, I don't claim to be a Christian, I am. I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal savior years ago, if you have a problem with it take it to Jesus.
LilSleazey, Trump never claimed to be a Sunday school teacher, but he is a SAINT compared to the evil Hag controlled by the spirit of Jezebel that you support. What is so 'ungodly' about being patriotic and promoting nationalism ? Not to mention getting rid of the corrupt politicians and bringing jobs back to America. One thing I know for sure, unlike the evil and deviant freakazoids that you admire so much, Donald Trump is NOT involved in Satanism, demonism, voodoo, pedophilia, 'spirit cooking', etc. Nor does he associate with individuals involved in such practices. I'm not making it up, LilSleazey. Read the emails and get the facts. Turn before you before burn and get off the road to eternal perdition.
KKKAL, do you know how stupid you sound? You don't know Trump, but others do and they are not lying. You're too dense to comprehend.
KKKAL, do you know how stupid you sound? You don't know Trump, but others do and they are not lying. You're too dense to comprehend.
BTW, KKKAL you must be born again to enter God's Kingdom. Ask your Pastor if you go to church.
No, Lilsleazey ! Let me break in down for you in simple terms so that you might be able to understand. Which one us us supports the corrupt, traitorous and morally bankrupt criminal that is under multiple FBI investigations ? I'll give you a clue- it's not me. I'm with the patriotic and nationalistic law and order candidate. Now which one of us is it that sounds stupid, LilSleazey ???? Hmmmm? That's what I thought! Get the facts before spouting off like an imbecile.
KKKAL, you are a loser like Trump. I know you are depressed because now you realize that you have made a complete nincompoop out of yourself AGAIN.
No, LilSleazey, I'm very elated and in high spirits now that Trump is emerging as the clear winner and Crooked Hillary is being revealed for the corrupt and devious politician that she is. Your beloved leftist demonrats dirty tricks operatives won't be able to do enough vote rigging to overcome the resistance of the Trump movement. That's all.
KKKAL, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but Trump is losing. We don't need no one over generals that think they know more than the generals. Trump loves his money, self and family. Don't you get it!
Well, KKKAL your email conspiracy drew a blank. Case closed. No one is crying and bitching but you repubs. All that noise for naught. SAD
Well, if there was any doubt before, there's none now. FBI is owned by the Obama/Clinton machine. The good news is that Trump has the momentum to sway the swath of undecided voters on Tuesday. It's not over until fat Hillary sings her spine-chilling crooked screech and sends out her evil flying monkeys to do her wicked bidding. Keep the faith that the the forces of light and goodness will triumph over the forces of dark and evil.
It took them like 2 years to review a few thousand emails, but it only took a few days to review 650,00 emails. LOL, give me a break. Clinton shill and FBI Director James Comey is clearly an arm of the Clinton campaign. His complicity in this cover-up is disgraceful but the Clintons will take care of him in exchange for selling his soul to the devil and ruining his previously good name and reputation.
KKKAL, don't be sad. One day you will ask yourself, "Why did I vote for Trump? He was doomed from the beginning.
KKKAL, where have you been. Comey gave you repubs 9 days and Trump is still losing. I don't see how it is so impossible with the scanning tech that the FBI is privy to.
By the way, LilSleazey, she still has an on-going FBI investigation into the illegal 'Pay for Play' activities of the Clinton Foundation during her tenure as Secretary of State. Let's see if they let her off the hook on that one.
Don't bother me now LilSleazey, I'm watching a live Trump rally from Sterling, MI. Huge crowd, thousands more outside that can't even get in. Crooked Hillary can't even get 50 or 100 people to come out and listen to her happy horse$hit unless she gets some degenerate rapper to draw in a crowd, LOL
Wow, he's still going to rallies in Pennsylvania and Virginia later tonight ! Go Trump !
KKKAL, while you are comparing crowds, Hillary is comparing the states that will give her 272. Those crowds are his base...which is made up of disgruntle repubs, racists, white supremacists, and kkk members. What makes his crowd any better Captain? Stars like to be associated with a winner. Plain and simply.
KKKAL, Trump is 70 years old. He's taking years off his on life by trying to act like he has so much energy. He's pumped with drugs, especially Viagra. LOL
Ummm, no; once again you got it wrong, LilSleazey. Maybe you don't watch the news, but Crooked Hillary already has one foot in the grave and is the one pumped up on drugs, LOL.
Swamp gets drained on Tuesday, LilSleazey. WOO-HOO !! Bring it on Trump !
Wow, just saw this ! The criminal impostor in the White House, BirdBrain Insane Osama openly called on illegal aliens to vote in Tuesday’s election.

This whole administration is lawless!

They lie at every turn.
They lied to get Obamacare passed.
They lied about Benghazi.
They lied about Hillary’s private server and emails.

And now they are calling on and encouraging illegal aliens to vote, while reassuring and promising them that there would be no repercussions. Odumbo stated the illegals have the same voting rights as a US citizen. Where does the lawlessness and vote rigging fraud end ?
Crooked Hillary memorable quote pandering to African-American audience in Selma, AL 2007 (in her best southern black accent): "AH DON'T FEEEL NO-WAAAYS TARD. I'VE COME TOO FAAR FROM WHERE I STARTED FRUM. NOBODY TOLD ME THAT THE ROAD WOULD BE EASY. AH DON'T BELIEVE HE BROUGHT ME THIS FAAAR TO LEAVE ME." LilSleazey, that witch has no shame. Can you relate to her with the affected accent ? LOL, it's hilarious to me !
KKKAL, just as you support the Donald with all his baggage, I support Hillary with all her baggage. I have no doubt that Hillary would make a better leader than Trump. In order to become a good leader, one has to be a good follower. Trump follows no one and listens to no one because he knows more than anyone. SMH
Your beloved Cankles is no leader and has no leadership potential. Not by any stretch of the imagination. She has bad instincts and bad judgement. She's all about power, control and personal enrichment by hook or by crook. Trump is a natural born leader. He doesn't need to follow anybody. Nobody owns him or controls him. He leads the way forward and hopefully will lead the country forward for at least the next 4 years and get us out this cesspool of corruption, criminality and immorality. At this time Donald Trump is the only hope for true American patriots ! Go Trump !
KKKAL, you sound like a parrot that follows Trump idiotic gibberish religiously. He will lose today and he knows it. He sees this as one of his bad investments. Trump doesn't care about you or the American people. He only cares about his BRAND.
KKKAL, I have your crow in the slow cooker. It should be ready by the time the polls closes. Bring your own condiments. Would you like veggies on the side? LOL
Swamp draining time today, LilSleazey !! The American people are smarter than you give them credit for.
KKKAL, reality will start to set in when the polls close. I hope you are man enough to accept the results if indeed Hillary wins.
It's about over LilSleazey. Time to get Crooked Hillary fitted for the handcuffs, LOL
Let the people rule !! Woo-hoo !
Looks like a lot of red on the map, LilSleazey ! Despite all the demonrat vote rigging schemes, Trump wins ! I told you the people were sick and tired of the DEMONRATS !!
Trump wins in historic uprising ! Can't say I didn't try to educate you, LilSleazey, LOL
You can keep the crow dinner, LilSleazey ! You owe me a steak dinner next time I'm in Decatur, LOL
The era of bumbling incompetence and corruption ends on January 20th at High Noon !
Well congrats, Trump wins! Now what? My life style will remain the same. This is not my first rodeo. I have seen presidents come and go in my life time. I remained blessed regardless of whom is in the white house. Trump talked the talk, now he have to walk the walk. He made a lot of promises to people that elected him, now its put up or shut-up. Just like Bush and Obama, I will hold him accountable for the promises he made. Unlike you, I wish him the best since he is now my president. Although I did not vote for him, that is all irrelevant now. As a Christian, I'm obligated to pray for those that have rule over me. It serves no purpose for me to wish him ill will because there are too many lives that would be affected. I am not going to agree with everything that Trump does, but I am above hating someone because of their party affiliation. To me that is a true sign of immaturity.
Wow, what a drastic change of tone from your all of your earlier posts ! The country was ready for a change in direction and Trump was the only one who pull it off. He overcame opposition, ridicule and mockery from not only the Democrats, but also the Republicans, the dishonest mainstream media and all traditional establishment types. Nobody thought he had a chance except the American people and they spoke loud and clear last night. He's got a lot of work to do, that's for sure !
One thing I learned while in the military was the ability to adapt. No election has ever affected me mentally and physically. I went to bed early and woke up refreshed. The election results had no effect on my daily routine. I will give him the same chance I give all presidents. It's now on him.
The Filipinos like the USA again. President Duterte says the joint US/Filipino training exercises are back on, Lol
Military training exercises that is. He had previously announced that they were being cancelled due to his disdain for Obummer.
Every new president is tested. Trump will be tested over and over again. Don't let that gesture fool you. They hate America. I spent a lot of time all over southeast Asia...they hated American in the Sixties and Seventies and they still hate the US in 2016.
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