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Wednesday, October 5, 2016


After Kaine Loses Debate New Doubts About Hillary

Now there are doubts???? I told you all Kaine was beady eyed commie the day they chose him, this guy is total politician insider puppet of the left ......and you thought a worm couldn't be trained???
Kaine is a perfect match for Hillary. He was so very rude and obnoxious, had zero manners. No respect for the moderator either. Pence was a calm, class act.
Pence lost he wouldn't defend Trunpinsky!
Are you for real? Good Lord.
It definitely doesn't have a day job, or is another astro troll.
Kaine was horrible.
Kaine was belligerent, obnoxious, rowdy, horrible, rude, what else. Lets fill a basket

Hillary will win, so get over it already !
Yes, she will win, The Asshat award...!
What makes me wonder why anyone would vote for another republican ? The last one ran the economy into the ground. We were very near a depression. The gas prices were inflated over $4 a gallon. The dow was at 7900 and it's now over 18000! And all I see on here are stupid cartoons of hillary and extremely immature verbage.
Your asshat is too tight.
Thin skin huh? LMAO
Oh look, the head Troll pulled his head out of the sand just long enough to spew more rederick LMAO.
MADMAN you have thin-skin too. You are also a hypocrite.
lil*sluttygirl you have a forehead that is all foreskin, that is why you are a diqueheaded troll.
So much butt hurt, Hillary will win, stop your whining already. I'm gonna have to hook you up with KY FLOYD, He works at a KY Jelly plant. lol.
JARASAN you are queer and a punk of a man. SAD PUPPY.
The list gets bigger. First jarasucks talks about eating salad, now it's foreskin. I'm sure he has a reasonable explanation for this one too...ahhaa ahhha aahha ahahha
Yes, there are even more doubts about hilldebeast after the beady eye commie Kaine lost last night. But there are no doubts whatsoever that lil*sluttygirl and lil*amberjack have tiny little brains made out of little tiny dingleberries, intsy bitsy tiny little dingle berry brains.


"I was in Virginia on 9/11" Who gives a fuque Timbo? Seriously, Timbo, get a grip.
JARASAN you just need to come out of the closet. I don't judge.
lil*sluttygirl of course you don't judge, you are a fuquing idiot.
JARASAN come out of the closet. Then we'll understand why you are so infatuated with certain parts of the male anatomy as demonstrated numerous times in your comments.
lil*sluttygirl judging by your troll comments I forgot that not only are you a fuquing idiot but you're also a fuquing douchebag.
JARASAN, you are living a secret life style that's not so secret anymore. You are a miserable and confused pervert.
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