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Saturday, January 30, 2016


Government Finds 'Top Secret' Information In Hillary Clinton's Emails

For some time now, Democrats have been trying like hell to get ALL this $hit out in the open for the people to see. But, no, Republicans are insistent on BLOCKING the release in an effort to keep the people all angry at Hillary and the Democrats while pushing that they're lying about everything. The talking heads play into this very, very well...especially Rush and Sean. Man, Sean literally CRIES every single day on this issue in pure desperation...and his listeners are right there wiping his tears and patting him on the back while he's actually stabbing them in their backs by WITHHOLDING ALL THE FACTS.

Honestly, it's an art form for them 'cause it's much easier to push a lie along with credible names attached to it. The untrained ear is none the wiser especially when there's so much hatred already factored in. Believe me, if I had any clue that Hillary was anywhere near guilty in all this, I would've been the first one to back out of supporting this woman. The following excerpt is the stuff that the talking heads love to leave out as it points to nothing to hide:

-"We firmly oppose the complete blocking of the release of these emails," Clinton campaign spokesman Brain Fallon said. "Since first providing her emails to the State Department more than one year ago, Hillary Clinton has urged that they be made available to the public. We feel no differently today."-

This same thing applies to to all the Benghazi nonsense which has been proven over and over, yet, they cannot let go 'cause they still think the have a shot with it. The movie 13 Hours drummed up so much publicity based on all this but, once it came out and the narrative was nothing near what the liars had pushed, it flopped miserably. You'd think that with everything that preceded this movie in terms of hardcore proof, anger, and betrayal that movie goers would've been demanding her head on a platter after seeing it. Rather, there hasn't been a peep because they now know they were their own people.

Just yesterday, Rush ran to his own defense about this movie saying how he hasn't even seen the movie and that they were supposed to send him a DVD. But, something about piracy came about and they didn't send it. I call BS!!! He can get off his fat azz and go see it just like he has so many other movies. I'll tell you what the REAL DEAL is, though. All his many contacts had already told him that the movie is the complete opposite of his narrative...and I'm certain he heard about both OZ's and Tanto's interviews on Berry's show which discredited all the BS.

Okay, time for more popcorn....

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