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Saturday, January 30, 2016


Donald Trump has flip-flopped so much that Stephen Colbert hosted a Trump vs. Trump debate

Flip flopping is a sign that he can be a leader of the majority of the people.
To me that is a sign that he would govern by what the majority wants and not what he wants.
Well, according to the first comment here, it would mean that Obama is also a leader for the majority as he's had to adjust his positioning within the margin of error. Trump? He's went from being dead set one way on issues to doing a complete 180...and his own savvy people know it. Flip-flopping is a sign that you're out of your natural element and uncomfortable, just like a fish in the sand, flip-flopping around. Let's look at a couple of Trump bits.

1) The chairman of blasts Trump for using Vets as cover to run from Megyn and the issues.
2) Veterans For a Stronger America is under investigation for their fraudulent activities headed by Trump.




The second deal was billed as a fundraiser, just like his latest deal at Drake University but, it ain't happenin'. Just read the second article and see how real voters instantly spot how Trump completely avoid the issues and simply focuses on anger and hatred to rally people. Trumpers are just too easy.

Not surprising that Stephen Colbert is ragging on a politician that does not fit his ultra-progressive world view. Probably why his ratings have sunk like a stone.
The general consensus is such that ANYONE that challenges Trump on his own record, and the issues, is always the bad guy...or gal in Megyn's case. In Hillary's case, anyone that challenges her on her own record and ALL THE BS that she's charged with is ALWAYS right...even when all the intelligence is stating otherwise and is credible. It's okay to question and grill Hillary but, not Trump. Take Saturday Night Live for instance. Republicans, especially Ted Cruz, came out in anger against a comedy show because it shed light on allegedly how hypocritical they are. Democrats HAVE NEVER taken issue which such skits, and, take it all in stride and are always happy to take part in some political fun. Hell, even Trump showed up.

If Hillary dares skip a monumental debate like Iowa, man, everyone would be talking about how she wants to avoid Benghazi, the email scandal, and everything else. But, Trump? They VALIDATE how it's okay and how it's the ART OF THE DEAL and how he's taking the debate game to a whole new level. Serious voters have never heard of such BS in this lifetime..and he's an insult to the Vets.
stevin coalbear's schtick is wretchedly difficult to watch, can't do it for more than 7-8 seconds.

If we get stuck with trumpy vs. hilldog gotta vote for trumpy, if hilldog gets indicted and joey b. gets the nod at the convention then the choice becomes more difficult. If it is trumpy vs. burnie gotta vote trumpy. anybody but hilldog, bushey, or establishment.
Jarasan, you would vote for Joe Biden over Trump?! Your sure you don't want to re-think that?
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