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Tuesday, January 12, 2016


Black Fox News Guest Says Black Americans are 'Poorer, Dumber and More Criminalized' Blames the Dems

Lots of great points here which are true. What's happening is a SYSTEMIC issue due to a lack of everything and virtually no hope. However, not all these people fall into this category as some will simply do what they do just like in any ethnicity. Others just don't have the right opportunities...and an opportunity isn't just handing them something. It's a tool to use.
What she is truly telling you is, there is no hope for the majority of Blacks, who are intent on following the same path.
Carbo you are the last person that can interpret what a black is saying. Your mind is too clouded with prejudice and bigotry. We all know how you feel about blacks. No, your one black friend, Elmo, don't count.
Speedy- you are the type, she is talking about. You have not contributed nothing but racist trash talk, like Jackson, Sharpton. I grew up in a town of 500 people, with half of those Black. We never had a murder in our town. WE never had any demonstration's, no carjacking's. We played pickup baseball and basketball games against Blacks. You have no idea how we lived. Everybody knew everybody. We may not have socialized, but when we met on the street, we spoke. You have never had as much fun as we had with those ballgames, so don't you ever tell me, I know nothing about Blacks. That vermin you spew is poison.
I grew up around people like you Carbo. You smile in someone's face and stab them in the back at the same time. Yeah, I know all about small towns. Everything is fine as long as blacks stay in their place and don't get uppity. Playing ball every now and then means nothing. I was born and raised in the south and I know all about it. I've been in the south for over six decades so what can you tell me about it that I don't already know and experienced?
Never in your entire life, lived around White people, when you were growing up. You lived in the ghetto, went to a segregated school. Wallowing in self-pity, wondering when someone was going to attack you. In our little town, there was no crime. Except occasionally, Joe Blow would get arrested for being drunk in public. You know nothing and never will, about living with Whites, that is your problem. To you playing ball, may not mean nothing, to us it meant a lot.
All bigots think blacks lived in the ghetto. It's your mentality that makes it hard for people to believe you. I didn't have time to wallow in self pity because I knew who I was. I was and is black and proud. My believe in myself and God help me overcome segregation, Jim Crow, and racial discrimination. Because of this I was better able to succeed in life despite people like you.
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