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Friday, September 25, 2015


Pro-Immigration Pope Lives in Vatican City With Strictest Immigration Policies in the World


Just thought I'd throw this acronym out there as a test for the name of my 'possibly' new guarantees just yet. Okay, what we have here is yet another curve ball being thrown at both the intelligent folks and the already pre-programmed haters because this whole deal is based on two things. One, the SIZE OF THE COUNTRY and two, the PER CAPITA EXPENDITURES. In other words, a smaller country can be allowing in more people while also spending more to help those people while a larger country with more money and resources is actually doing less for that same amount of people. This is why I'm always encouraging the readers here to do their diligence and crunch all the numbers before making a decision on anything.

If a smaller country is 'meeting its' quota' in terms of humanitarian efforts, then there's no reason to go beyond its' financial capabilities unless it's a life and death scenario. Most smaller countries are doing more than the U.S. for their size...and that's a fact. However, while this case may meet the criteria(s) for allowing in refugees, the serious threat of infiltration by ISIS radicals is very imminent and should be addressed/handled accordingly. These ISIS radicals are most definitely abreast of what's going on with the whole refugee dilemma and will take full advantage of it. For this reason, I'm all for refusing the entrance of these refugees...UNLESS THEY'RE WOMEN WITH CHILDREN. Even so, it's still possible to get by with a child that's been brain washed to do something real bad once settled in here. The threat is real and Democrats know this but, Republicans won't extend any credit to them for saying so...they just play the blame game.

That said, the Pope lives where they're especially strict because they already do their part in relation its' SIZE AND ECONOMY. He's already been slammed by the right wingers but, they just aren't telling the whole truth as usual and it's why I'm always telling people to research before quickly agreeing and concluding on anything. Here's a couple of links for homework:






You can search from there, okay, and decide on what's right or wrong. But, this next link is one to die for and I urge all to visit:

The Pope's message, with the exception of when he touched on 'human life', was pretty much INDIRECTLY BUT NATURALLY geared in favor of Democrats' beliefs and practices. Even so, he spoke on the abolishment of the death penalty in favor of life and rehabilitation implementations. In other words, fetuses and no-so-developed fetuses have the same right to life. I'm still brain storming on this one 'cause it's actually a tough one. I have no problem bringing someone into my home to help them so ong as I know they mean me no harm...and this is where we're at on the refugee ordeal. More later.

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