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Saturday, July 11, 2015


Trump is Right: Illegal Alien Crime is Staggering in Scope and Savagery

Yes, he is right.
Mainstream politicians do not want to talk about it.
But the media carried the Ferguson and Baltimore riots for days on end.

I just sit back and laugh at all the gullible people that fall for Trump's reality show BullS#it. Trump's popularity is going to go South soon and as usual the ones that are praising him now will flip-flop and go underground. Again, I will say I told you so. SMH
Speedy, how is it that only attentive people like you and I get what Trump is actually doing? Granted, a couple of weeks ago, I said I like Trump...and I meant it for the very reasons you see unfolding now. See, Trump is playing two hands simultaneously and the hand he's playing best is the one which exposes how most (R)'s broad brush all Mexicans while saying he loves the Mexican heritage/culture overall. Then, the shots he's taking at the jobs market and trade deals aren't necessarily those based on the President's architecture...Donnie is 'scripting' his way through.

Here's the kicker: he had Jamiel Shaw Sr. come out and speak at his Arizona speech about how his son was killed by undocumented immigrants. Okay, fine, but how did those same undocumented immigrants get their hands on those high powered UNDOCUMENTED firearms they killed his son with? Yeah, see how that works, America? Both Trump and Shaw stayed away from those two big words...GUN CONTROL. Those same undocumented immigrants could've just stabbed the kid to death but, they didn't...they had unregistered guns. Neither one of these gentlemen was about to hint at the NRA in any of this. You've got to understand the games that are being played here and only those who are willing to use their brains, if they have one, will be able to accurately register what they're REALLY HEARING.

Heck, for this matter, we have DOCUMENTED PEOPLE right here in the USA who were BORN HERE that are killing folks. What about them, Trump and Shaw? Like you, Speedy, I enjoy giving my brain a very good work out every single day...and doing so by way of critical thinking.
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