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Tuesday, July 21, 2015


This Is What Happens When You Cross Donald Trump

Let me explain something to you about Donald. Donald is not happy unless he is in complete control. This comes after years of belittling people that worked for him. It is a known fact that when someone crosses him he goes on a tantrum and have hissy fits. Donald is not as tough as he likes to portray himself to be. His fussy demeanor gives him away. Case in point, he has not said another word about El Chapo since he was told to STFU or else. Go figure. He wouldn't apologize to McCain but act like a bitch when called out by the Mexican he was ranting about a week ago.
Gonna piggy back on post#1. Donald is actually a mirror image of what the GOP 'really is' and what/how they 'really' believe. Let's look at the McCain deal. The GOP took some very disrespectful shots at John Kerry's service in Vietnam to the extent that they put on fake Purple Hearts to make fun of him but, they're denouncing Trump for doing it to McCain? Yep, flip-floppers and 'Double Standard Panhandlers' are at it again and no one from the GOP dared to bring up their dirt until this:

There's also this link which contains a plethora of facts and details on just how far the GOP will go to hate Democrats that have served. Then, when one of their own does the same the same thing TO ONE OF THEIR OWN, we get the latest developments:

See, America, all this junk comes back to haunt and the Republicans WILL NEVER LEARN and they just say whatever so long as it's hating and undercutting any/all Democrats no matter what. Look at what some of their premier supporters FROM RIGHT HERE AT LP just recently said about Trump in POSTS #'s 2&3:

Hey Trump - keep telling the truth.
# posted by emilyg : 2:42 PM

Trump doesn't hesitate telling the TRUTH..!!!
# posted by tiparker119 : 5:17 PM


Yeah, he knows he's got the brainless folks' undivided attention. Just a matter of time...
# posted by Lucky Loser : 5:25 PM

El Chapo shut Donald mouth up with one sentence. In fact, he shut all you bad ass repubs up. He scored some points with his rant on Chapo, but he got punked out as a result.
# posted by LiLSpeedy : 5:46 PM

Yeah, see how that works, America? Now, the Democrats, as usual, are supporting service members and upholding McCain's service and the (R)'s are merely saving face with damage control... plain and simple. Trump couldn't even say that he asks for forgiveness from God in an interview, folks. He said something about bread and continued to mumble something making no sense at all. Well, here ya go:

Romans 10:10 - For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.

Yes, WITH THE MOUTH CONFESSION IS MADE UNTO SALVATION. NO MOUTH NO SALVATION. Trump doesn't have the right kind of mouth for me 'cause I know what the Bible says and requires of man. All you dumb (R)'s...y'all can have him. AMEN.

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