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Wednesday, July 1, 2015


These 5 Facts Explain America's Enduring Racial Divide

It is time to put the blame on the ones at fault. Blacks have been given many opportunities and have squandered them all. How do you keep someone in school when they have no desire, for learning. How do you place the blame on their color, instead of their responsibility. The birth rate of Black unwed women is nothing but irresponsibility. Fatherless homes is irresponsibility of the Black males. If a person is irresponsible, Black or White, no one can solve their problems.
I agree Carbob. Sad that everything these days is blamed strictly on racism.
As usual Carbob you offer nothing but your stereotypical view of the problems that blacks face. I grew up during Jim Crow and Segregation and I know first-hand what it does to an individual. Economics is the root cause. Blacks don't own businesses like they did during segregation. When the money stayed in the community, the community thrived. But as Black owned businesses became scarce and loans became harder to get, millions of dollars began leaving the community. This was by design. The ones that controls economics, control politicians, Court System, Media, and education.
My view is not a stereotypical view. The numbers speak loud and clear. You and the majority of Blacks, ignore the root cause of your problems, and you refuse to do anything about them. You want the Whites to solve your problems for you. Look at the riots in Baltimore, the majority were teens from fatherless homes.
It's Economics dummy. How can you solve the problems of Blacks when you can't solve yours own problems like hate, prejudice stereotyping, and bigotry. Carbob you possess all four so you like thousands of others are incapable of solving problems for anyone. When I finished my tour of duty I didn't have a job waiting on me. I took the initiative like thousands of other blacks and went to college on the GI bill to better my condition. It was easy for me to get a job because now I was prepared. I chose teaching because I had leadership experience and was disciplined. And yes, I owe it all to my military experience, the good and the bad. I taught during the day and went to school at night to obtain a masters degree in Mathematics and Science. Yes Carbob, you solved my problem alright. Do me a favor and shut the HELL're making an A$$ out of yourself with your asinine logic about blacks.
You are a minority in every way. How many brothers and sisters, do you have? What makes me think that, you came from a fatherless home?
You are right. I am a minority and a successful one at that. You see Carbob. I like many other blacks do not fit your very narrow minded view of blacks. I'm very educated and can't be easily fooled with BS. You are a bigot and can't help how you think.
You are also, a Black Racist!!! You are as Racist as Dylann Roof!!! I spent 20 years in the USAF, had a Black female airman, who worked for me. She was nominated for USAF Academy. Do you know any Blacks nominated for any Service Academy? You like to boast that you are very educated, and if you are as educated as you say, then you are educated beyond your intelligence.
There is nothing to believe fool, it is a fact. What racist called boasting, blacks call confidence. An another thing, no one worked for you in the military, you supervised bigot. You had nothing to do with someone being smart...but that's that slave master mentality. Carbob it doesn't take much to be smarter than you, you give yourself away with your racist attitude. How many people do you know have retired and have principals trying to get you to come back, even if it's just to substitute?
In my profession, we never had substitute workers. Is there another profession, beside yours, that has substitutes? Doesn't sound like anything, I would be interested in doing. Do a search for Space Systems/Loral and Stanford Linear Accelerator and you may get the idea, of my profession. Better yet, think of this, watch your local weather report. I aligned the station keeping components on the GOES weather satellites.
While you are at it, do yours research on Math majors that were your teachers that played a part in your education and your career. Without which you would not qualify for your said job. In my professional, it's an honor for someone to want you to return to the teaching profession. It says that you were a valuable asset to the profession and that your skills as a master teacher is held in high esteem.
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