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Friday, July 24, 2015


The Collected Quotes of Donald Trump on "the Blacks"

“And, you know, I have a great relationship with African Americans, as you possibly have heard. I just have great respect for them and you know they like me.”

Donald with all your sarcasm, I hope you are the repubs nominee. Pay back is a mother!
He has so much respect for African Americans that he grossly disrespected the one in our HIGHEST RANKING OFFICE!!!! LMAO!!!Oh, his money will get him so far then he'll be cut off at the pass. Right now, Trump is a breath of fresh air for all these hardcore and radical Republicans...that's it. He's not afraid to speak as he does 'cause he's got tons of money, and he serves his money. He's the rich Republicans' candidate but, for the average Joe that likes to get along with his neighbors and not pass judgement on folks he DOESN'T KNOW, he's a terrible choice. For people that love God and ask for forgiveness, he's definitely a no go. For folks that are rich and have money, he might be in their minds for a vote so he can help them to become even richer...while the rest of us struggle to afford beef.

But, this is how they roll. Struggling white folks that entertain the idea of voting for a man THAT HAS NEVER DEALT WITH THE AVERAGE MAN BUT UNDERSTANDS THAT MAN'S SITUATION. Let's look at something here. Trump's example of going around and running off at the mouth and losing all his sponsors/backers/money seems to be his plan for getting America back on track. Is this what he's telling business owners to do? Not to worry about your business surviving so long as you can speak your mind and hate folks? Really? Well, that's EXACTLY WHAT TRUMP IS DOING. Oh, but then he goes back and sues...but apparently doesn't care about losing the business. Yeah, what ever. He's got all his supporters completely hoodwinked.
Hmmmmm, let's look at some Trumped Up Stuffs in this link:

Contained in that link is all the proof you need regarding where Conservative people with COMMON SENSE know the GOP stands in reality. It's not some bogus Liberal link,'s a real link with real Republicans with real concerns. This, as opposed to a few dummies around here who see Trump as their savior and telling it like it is. Well, surprise, surprise, surprise...Trump rolls with the 'Crats financially and that's why I like him on the business side. He knows where his fortune really came from...and who can keep in his fortune. Destruction of the GOP party C/O Don Juan Trump and the blind folks can't even see it around here...kinda like these folks:

1) The only people who are complaining will only be the ones who are afraid of the truth...
# posted by MADDOG10 : 4:58 PM

2) I like Trump - he tells it like it is.
# posted by emilyg : 8:28 PM

3) Now we're getting somewhere. Go grow a set and then come back and squabble.
And None of you deserve unemployment, because you haven't done a ed thing to earn it.
You're still fired...!
# posted by MADDOG10 : 9:33 PM

4) Yes it does. It means all the sissy lah lah's of the GOP need to get a set.
The turning point is that all of you ingrates deserve what you're going to get.....
# posted by MADDOG10 : 9:38 PM

5)Hey Trump - keep telling the truth.
# posted by emilyg : 2:42 PM

6) Trump doesn't hesitate telling the TRUTH..!!!
# posted by tiparker119 : 5:17 PM

7) We couldn't be so lucky here right.. Keep smacking him down Mr. Trump....
# posted by MADDOG10 : 11:07 AM

End of much appreciated Trump support excerpts.

You know, ignorance just doesn't need any help folks, it's completely self sufficient. These dummies can't see that Trump's show is more or less unintentionally scripted and designed to do exactly what it's doing. The people in that link can see the clear and present danger for their party and call it as it is. The people in the comments I provided are just so happy to have someone SPEAKING one way, like they'd prolly do but, Trump IS DOING SOMETHING ELSE. In just one more week, everyone will see just what results from this whole deal...and there will be tears...many, many tears.
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