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Friday, July 24, 2015


Shooting At Louisiana Theater Leaves 3 Dead, Including Gunman

Hey, MADDOG, These lives definitely matter to folks with common sense. Now, we know how you feel about black Democrats that kill so let's see your thoughts on this RADICALIZED, and, RACIAL-IZED WHITE REPUBLICAN. You know, it seems that you and him share a lot according to the way the host describes him...
What gives you the idea, he is White Republican? He appears to have had the mentality, of a dim-witted Democrat. The type that falls in the Liberal group.
Um, hey CARBOB, just have a look over at Speedy's blog where you'll see where my info came from. On second thought, never mind...I really enjoy this stuff so I'll oblige AGAIN just for you my good friend.


“Invited political controversy on every one of them, and loved every minute of it,” he said.

The show’s host, Floyd, told Yahoo News that he invited Houser on his show many times to discuss his radical views because it was entertaining and caused tremendous buzz.

“He was a guest because he was good TV entertainment, not because it was a respected opinion that he had to say. But he was very entertaining all the time,” Floyd said in a phone interview with Yahoo news. “He had Tea Party-radical Republican views on everything. I’d have a Democratic spokesperson on [for the opposing perspective]. He generated a lot of phone calls.”

Houser was a member of Tea Party Nation, according to the group’s website.

The Hatewatch Blog, which is run by the Intelligence Project of the Southern Poverty Law Center, uncovered that Houser posted about his fondness for Hitler, neo-Nazis and lone wolves on several online forums.

End of excerpt.

There, see how that's done, America? See, CARBOB, just like all the rest of his ill-informed clan, refuse to do no REAL DILIGENCE ever on anything and always end up pulling both feet, hands, and elbows out of their mouths. Had he taken the time to look around, he would've saw my entire write up over on Speedy's blog but, because HE HATES SPEEDY AND ME SO MUCH, HE MISSES THE TRUTH AND FACTS THAT WE TAKE PRIDE IN POSTING...AS OPPOSED TO THE LIES THAT THEY DO. Oh, CARBOB...I actually saw where you were actually doing at least a little better in an older thread some weeks back. They pulled you back in, didn't they?????
Then he was a dim-witted Tea Party Extremist.
Lucky loser, who the hell are you to categorize me with this imposter. What gives your black a$$ the right to match anyone with this lunatic. Just because your Truth doesn't match up with mine or anyone else's, you think you can go around categorizing everyone who's upset your apple cart? Grow the hell up and get over your black self...
You need to take your racist thoughts back to where they came from. If you don't like my commentary or anyone else who doesn't agree with your black A$$, there's a simple solution even a deranged moron such as you and your cohort to understand. It simply put , is DON"T READ IT. If someone's opinion puts you in a racist mood you have issues and it shows..
your black a$$

black self...

your black A$$

Ahhhh, now we're getting somewhere, buddy!! Now, that's what I'm talkin' about!!! You forgot to add, though, that this is public information and I can say what I want in response to anything I want so long as it's decent in language, dude. It would seem that YOU have the INCAPACITY here, my BRUTHA, of refraining from what you've deemed as racist and categorizing...yes? Learn to practice what you preach, MADDOG. See, you didn't fail at the reading part, you failed at the self control part, AS USUAL, and just couldn't help yourself this time. I called the shooter a white Republican and asked your opinion on that based on your blog entry...and it rubbed you THAT BADLY? I have issues? LMAO!!! So, maybe you really should just revert right back to what you advised me, sir.............

It simply put , is DON"T READ IT.

...and yes,

you have issues and it shows..

Now, go take your blood pressure pills before you disappear like rdgrnr had to...and I'm still waitin' on him.
I ain't your Brutha. And the only incapacitated one is you. Your mouth runs just like the Mississippi, and spews garbage in every outlet. I don't need a racist to tell me about self control (Your Issues), not mine. Your black A$$ still haunts you doesn't it?
I don't have to revert back on anything I've said or say, if you don't like what I have to say, DON"T READ it. Even a five year old can understand that....
Don't worry about me minnow, I'm not going to disappear anytime soon....
Lol, if that doesn't say it all what does. This home grown terrorist was an self identified right winger that hated liberals ,women and minority ,hanging Nazi signs on his once Bar in Georgia.
I'm not going to disappear anytime soon....

I'm not going to disappear anytime soon....That's what the bigot from the hollow use to say. Key words, " USE TO".

IGURES. Lafayette Shooter Was Obama Supporter: “I Was For His Re-Election, I Liked His Spending”
7/24/2015, 10:42:44 PM · by South40 · 50 replies
Gateway Pundit ^ | 24 JUL 2015 | Jim Hoft

Nope, it's not going down like that... nice try but sorry. Let's try these on for size, including the 'partial excerpt' by poster #11. Item #3 is the real doozie, folks:



Please look at his comments in this next link...HE'S CLEARLY NOT A LIBERAL, YOU SILLY PERSON:



Excerpts from this same link:

Judging by a trail of online postings and activity uncovered by several media organizations Friday, Houser was a member of the Tea Party movement who held a self-described “hate” for “liberals” and even expressed sympathy for the Westboro Baptist Church, the bizarre Christian fringe group known for staging anti-gay protests at funerals of military personnel and public figures.

If the electronic “paper trail” was indeed left behind by Houser, his movie theater shooting could be classified as the latest act of domestic terrorism by perpetrators driven by right-wing viewpoints — a lengthy history that includes such recent incidents as the 2008 shootings at the Knoxville Unitarian Universalist Church, when a gunman who later said he was driven by hatred of “liberals” opened fire during a children’s play session, killing two and wounding seven, as well as the shootings at a Kansas Jewish Community Center last year by white supremacist Frazier Glenn Miller, which killed three people.

Only two posts existed on a Twitter account apparently registered to Houser, the second one reading “If you don’t think the internet is censored, try reading a newspaper from a country that hates liberals the way I do.”

End of excerpts.

Now, let me ask this question: Is Obama a Conservative or a Liberal??? How can he hate Liberals but like Obama and his spending? He wasn't talking about Obama doing a good job either, he was speaking of how he sees Obama as spending this country into financial corruptness and he liked it. Why? Because then this could happen:


The way I see it,the faster he wrecks this nation, which in no way resembles what it's founders envisioned,the faster working people with morals may re-assume I was for his re-election. I like his spending habits.etc......Truth and death always go hand in hand, and in our brave moments we can laugh. Whatever truth requires, I will accept.


Now, that is how you piece together a puzzle. You don't take "one link" and run with it like six people with advanced stages of Ebola are chasing you. Yep, it's my prerogative to keep you liars in check and I fully intend on doing just that. PARADE...REST!!! AT EASE.......
Three people are dead Emily and all you are worrying about is whether the perpetrator is democrat or republican? How plucking sad. What a ghoul.

Lafayette shooter...

fIGURES. Lafayette Shooter Was Obama Supporter: "I Was For His Re-Election, I Liked His Spending"
7/24/2015, 10:42:44 PM � by South40 � 50 replies
Gateway Pundit ^ | 24 JUL 2015 | Jim Hoft

I guess the shallow will have to eat crow again, since he said he was a right wing nut job.
Dang, he's batting a thousand with all the babbling and pasting he does. So, who the nut job now?
Wow, nothing but crickets....

And to the other shallow, not to worry any, I'll be around just to stick it in your ear.
Em, I guess he doesn't read too well. How he missed his butt buddy saying the guy was a deranged right winger, but the shallow had to emphasize about your comment. People won't have to go to far to figure the motive there will they?
Maddog you are a product of your gibberish. You're a bigot and proud of it. You can't face the truth about your pathetic AZZ without having a hissy fit. The same thing I said to Emily goes for you double, bubba.
That end that conversation on this right wing nut job, which the police is investing ,all the network but Fox is saying he is home grown terrorist and was on the right. I am not going to waste my time posting in light of the fact these folks get their information from Drudge ,Red States, Glen Beck and Daily Caller etc...
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