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Sunday, July 12, 2015


Now The Symbol Of New Orleans Is Considered Racist

What the hell is wrong with people that they even entertain idiocy like this?
I was born and raised in New Orleans and that is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. The only thing wrong with the symbol is that it is a jinx for the New Orleans Saints football team. They suck!
I was born and raised in New Orleans and that is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. The only thing wrong with the symbol is that it is a jinx for the New Orleans Saints football team. They suck!
Sorry for the double post. Posting was taking forever.
Actually, this is very controversial if we really think about it. Like the Washington Redskins' logo, this was also on borrowed time before it was under fire. The Saints' logo was used to mark or brand slaves for running away during those times and has been around since then. Also, it was a way of governing the population of slavery according to articles. However, like the Redskins, all the players black and white etc. wear the logo with no issues and I'm unsure on whether anyone actually dug into the history of the logo, and, whether it'll cause problems now. You know, it's like our history is beginning to reveal itself in a much more prominent way meaning that things which have simply been carried over from decades ago have never been really studied in depth.

In my opinion, if any of the population from those times could be here, today, to see what's going on now with all this, they'd be able to weigh in pretty heavily on these items originally intended purposes and meanings. That said, even more controversy can be expected over things that don't have a hidden meaning but, rather a deeply embedded meaning that no one has actually thought about and studied. The names of schools, street names, and other things will be up for discussion in the coming years. In case anyone is missing my point, thinking that I'm off my rocker, or just on par with the leftist they hate then consider this. Hypothetically speaking, if 'somehow' there was a school or street in the future named O.J. Simpson Middle School or O.J. Simpson Blvd. how would you feel about that? How about Jim Jones International Airport or David Koresh Expressway? Name and association is the issue here just like signage and association is the issue elsewhere.

I'll tell you what, no white person would allow their kids to attend that middle school...I can guarantee that. It's probably a good idea to at least do some diligence and 'consider' the issue overall before deciding to write everything off as nonsense. That, while still reserving your right feel's the mature thing to do as we already have enough immaturity in the world to corrupt Mars from here. Just my .02
I read a blog that said "If that the case of flags being banned ,then the American Flag should be banned also because it was with the armies that went into the homeland of the Native American and slaughter women ,children as well as men" there 're all kind of arguments to be made about this glories country and they're not all good but not all bad either . My thinking is because we are made of so many different people with different ideas and that pulling this country center left. My thinking is it's not racist to have that logo on the New Orleans Saints but that my opinion.
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