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Friday, July 31, 2015


No Riots? No Protest? Cop Killed An Unarmed White Guy In SC



Judging from the breakdown of the trajectories and wounds, he may have case if a doctor proves that those are exit wounds in front of the body. You know, we had issues with Mike Brown's injuries and trajectories in that they were very close and strange. This case seems similar because they're also very, very close...point blank range. Man, this is sounding just like the University of Cincinnati deal in many ways so far! The officer(s) there claimed that the car was dragging one officer, which was a lie, and the officer here claims that the teen was trying to run him over.

I'm gonna side with the teen for now with reserve to the officer's claims because it's proven that these cops get all pissed and out of control when 'they lose control' of a situation.' What's gonna happen, I think, is that they'll have to go back to the crime scene and prove out where everyone's positions were on the night in question. They'll look for skid marks etc. which will then let them know exactly what the officer's true actions were as well as the driver's. It says nothing about reviewing the body camera so I suppose they're not wearing them yet which is really bad for the driver right now.
I really wish these asinine comparisons cease. The topic is misleading. There is a reason why there were No Riots and No Protest in Seneca. Use the information below to compare the educational make-up of Seneca and Ferguson. Seneca out performed Ferguson in all areas but one. Wherever there is a large concentration of educated people, be it white or Black, you will have less crime. Even though the article never compares Seneca to a city that a riot or protest took place, it never explains why Seneca did not have a Riot when the young man was shot by police. Seneca for all practical purposes is a college town where as Ferguson is not. The educational level of a population have a tremendous bearing on crime. A person that is educated is less likely to commit a crime because they have too much to lose. High unemployment is a precursor to crime and violence.

For population 25 years and over in Seneca:
•     High school or higher: 87.0%
•     Bachelor's degree or higher: 25.2%
•     Graduate or professional degree: 8.9%
•     Unemployed: 3.9%
•     Mean travel time to work (commute): 17.8 minutes
The recreation provided by the lakes and other attractions such as nearby Clemson University brought many retirees from other parts of the country. Retirement communities have been built in the area.
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For population 25 years and over in Ferguson:
•     High school or higher: 88.1%
•     Bachelor's degree or higher: 21.2%
•     Graduate or professional degree: 7.0%
•     Unemployed: 7.3%
•     Mean travel time to work (commute): 27.5 minutes
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