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Friday, July 10, 2015


Allen West Just Made This Facebook Post About Confederate Flag

These are my sentiments, also. I could never have said it better. It's ironic that people use something like the Rebel flag for their failures. I still think it should have come down.
Allen West is a retired Lieutenant Colonel and the former Republican Representative from Florida's 22nd district. He is also a bats**t crazy Teabagger who is most often invoked by 'baggers to handwave any accusations of racism in the movement, which, according to West, is an invention of the liberal media. He was elected in the 'bagger wave of 2010, being the first black Congressman from Florida since the 19th century (which proves 'baggers are definitely not racist). He was defeated in his 2012 reelection bid. Uncle West's checkered past negates anything that is coming out of his mouth.
people create hate ---racism--murder---and everything else that goes on in this world---the human race not a flag or anything like it

The points Mr. West brought up are very valid points. We will see if any of the Black problems, he mentioned are solved by bringing down the flag. It has been over 100 hundred years, since the end of the Civil War. All of the problems he mentioned, began with the Civil Rights Bill.
People who haven't had the experience of being Black in American shouldn't speak on it. The Toms are included. These same people say nothing when Nazi symbols are condemned by the Israelites and oh we 're friend to the death for these people who was wrong by oppression with no apology for supporting them . Could it be because their skin is seen as "White". Or is it because you're on this hand was and still are the oppressors .
Carbob you only know part of history, blacks problems began with slavery. It's the slavery mentality that blacks are fighting now.
Let's see how much history, you know. Give me your version of the cause for Civil War, then I will give you mine.
Speedy, your statement about, "slavery mentality". I doubt if there is one living Black, in this country has any experience, living as a slave. Where and how did the Blacks today acquire this mentality?
You know exactly what I'm talking about. Slavery mentality is just another word for prejudice. It's believing that all blacks are criminals, all blacks rob, steal and kill. It's believing that all blacks are on welfare and uneducated. It's believing that black males come from fatherless homes, and that black females are incapable of raising a male child, the list goes on and on. Did I make it plain enough Carbob. People like you and the confederate flag is a constant reminder of that hellish slave/master mentality.
Speedy, I would be willing to bet you, that you can not find one million Whites in this country, that believe what you posted. I have been in every state in this country, some just passing through. Have no idea how many blacks, I have met, talked and worked with. I don't believe all Blacks are criminals, I personally know quite a number of honest, god-fearing, hard working Blacks. I believe their are way too many crimes committed by Blacks. Most of those crimes are Black-on-Black. I believe there are way too many Black unwed mothers. Why? I have no idea why the stats continue to grow. This is what Mr. Carson and Mr. West refer too.
I may or may not find that many in the Dixiecrat South, but I'll bet my last dollar that I would find three times that amount in the rest of United States. After all, why was the Civil War Fought?
I agree Speedy those are the stereotype of Blacks ,whether they live near them or not that how the media portray them too. That's all you hear and see are negative things about Blacks .Whites can do the same thing and will not be look upon in the same manner. Roof was fitted with a bullet proof vest and guns was down while approaching this murder and handle with kids gloves , let that had been a young Black man with a gun and killed 9 Whites ,let 's just say it would not have turn out this way. We have too many example to even try to deny this.
I will give you a history lesson about the Civil War. In the South the economy was based mostly on cotton. The large producers had slaves doing all the labor. The Northern industrial complex processed the cotton, charging ridiculous prices.South wanted to build plants in the South, the Congress, where the South was outnumbered said no. The slaves are your industry. That is probably not the exact wording. The South then proceeded to ship the cotton to Europe. The Congress put tariffs on the exports. The South then, seceded from the Union. I don't remember if slavery came into the picture before or after the secession. This is what I remember being taught in history class, that was sixty years ago.
Well, if that's all you were taught then no wonder you are so confused. You must remember that History was distorted and much was left out concerning slavery and its aftermath. Slavery was always the issue. The South's economy was totally dependent on slave labor while the North's economy was based on manufacturing.
That is where Blacks make their mistake, economics was the issue not slavery. I can post many links to back my claim.
I already talked about economics as the cause in a previous post. You probably read it and thought you were the first.
These 5 Facts Explain America's Enduring Racial Divide

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