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Saturday, July 25, 2015


7 Reasons The Donald Helps the GOP

All fair game but, once you dig a little deeper and get past that clay to reach the real soil, DT has strong business ties with the Dems from way back. Donny has also mentioned where he faulted the Republicans on the crash from 2007 -2008...and we know who calling shots then. Read the following article and then click the video for some worthwhile listening diligence. The last three sentences in this first article are very interesting.

Now, this next article cuts right to the chase and I can't see how this would help Republicans but, oh well, I know who it well definitely help, though.

Very good excerpt here, and, instead of hoping to create a FALSE REALITY like some are with their favorite bloggers and such, FACE THE FACTS... instead of trying to factor in Obama, Holder, Hillary, and folks who are actually praising him for certain aspects of his campaign. Let's look at what Trump actually says as opposed to what desperate folks are grasping for:

Donald Trump, a 2016 Republican presidential candidate, said Friday he sometimes identifies more as a Democrat when pressed to explain previous statements that the economy generally does better under Democrats than Republicans.

"I identify with some things as a Democrat," Trump said on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" when pressed about the comments from 2004, adding that "generally speaking" he was "never a Bush fan.""When the economy crashed so horribly under George Bush because of mistakes they made having to do with banking and lots of other things, I don't think the Democrats would have done that," Trump said.

"Now, I see it both ways, but I hated what I was watching in the last two years of George Bush, because it was a bubble that was waiting to explode," he added. "What they were doing was a death wish, and I saw that."

"I have seen things done by Republicans that are not good and are not smart, and I would not do that," he said.
End of excerpt.

So, though I have my fun and issues with Trump, his business side is where I still stand with him. They can have everything else about him but, hopefully he'll tone it down and become more presidential-like in overall approach to things. I don't hate Trump, I just hope he'll realize that God has a place in all this and that he needs Gods regardless of how much money he has. Sure, our borders need work and there are bad people here from there but, it's how he delivered that message that was problematic. Furthermore, I saw where he Tweeted a message to Louisiana in the wake of the shootings.

Well, when Obama sent a Tweet to a similar incident, folks went mad about it not being enough but, that didn't happen with Trump. Conversely, hours prior to the shooting, Obama addressed gun safety laws, AGAIN. Since then, Trump hasn't had a word to say about gun safety as he hasn't during his entire campaign thus far. These are the things which are going to come out at debate time, folks, and I hope he's ready to face the music. This is about a whole lot more than the fun he says he's having right now.
Oh, I suppose I can go ahead and throw this in for reddog and tipparker...who should really be the one's doing more homework and paying more attention to things. So, I can't blame Bush for the economy crashing? Well, give Donald a call and plea your cases to him...and have tipparker119 on the three-way so Donald can hand two a$$es back simultaneously, okay. Your comments:

Comment by reddog - Yesterday, 7:25 pm
Lucky Loser, are you really that blind that you don't understand what this Prez has done to this country ?? Do your homework dude. NO ONE can blame Bush for the debt this country is in right now,over 3 trillion !!

...and your 'tip-toeing' buddy:

Comment by tiparker119 - Today, 7:39 am
Thank You reddog to your reply to Lucky Loser...!!

Yes, thanks, reddog!!!
Loi ! that says it all.
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