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Monday, April 6, 2015


The Democrats Are Lying: Republicans Are Not Bigots

The Muslims are attacking and slaughtering Christians too. Must be Liberals feel justified in doing the same.
America, you know what time it is when I show up! Let's get to work!!! Now, recently in Kenya, there were FATAL attacks on Christians but, IT WAS BECAUSE THEY ARE CHRISTIANS AND NOT MUSLIMS...THE 'WRONG FAITH' ACCORDING TO THEM. This also applies to elsewhere in the Middle Easetern regions where Christianity is frowned upon as opposed to not believing in God or having faith at all. JAP69 is comparing apples to Q-tips here. Those people still live under the 'eye for an eye' law and conduct measures as such. Now, let's take a real good look at a very telling and somewhat recent development which some are familiar with but, CAN'T ELABORATE ON. In the news, a gay (female) couple went through procedures in selecting a doctor for their newborn baby and this was to be the baby's FIRST WELLNESS CHECKUP...VERY, VERY IMPORTANT.

Well, long story short, it turns out the treating physician's god (intended lower case) told her NOT to see the baby after she had prayed on it. Rather, another physician with some common sense ended up DOING WHAT WAS RIGHT and PUT THAT CHILD'S HEALTH BEFORE ANY OTHER ANYTHING ELSE. Picture that, America. This senseless, careless, and SELFISH doctor decided to take issue with the couple instead of doing what she has devoted herself to doing...CARING FOR CHILDREN. Oh, but, here's the real kicker when it comes to these types of 'too religious Republicans.' Republicans want to burn the candle on the both ends and the middle when it comes to the subject of children. First, they want to control women's rights regarding choice and make it very difficult for them to decide what they want to do with their bodies, their lives, AND THEIR CHILDREN.

Now, America, these same Republicans want to DENY SERVICE TO PERFECTLY GOOD AND LOVING FEMALE PARENTS OF A "BORN BABY", OKAY... A BORN BABY WHICH "THEY ADVOCATE" FOR...PRO LIFE. They tell those parents, "Our faith won't allow us to care for you." America, just what the hell does the baby have to with all this??? The objective here is CARING FOR THE BABY...THE SAME BABY YOU DIDN'T WANT ABORTED FROM THE START, YOU DUMBAZZES!!! America, you wanna talk about the party which wants to CONTROL EVERYTHING IN YOUR LIFE, then look no further than Republicans. They're proving it every single day right in front of you and me.

All this BS with denying perfectly good and paying citizens the same service that they're about to render to the person in line behind the gay person is just really pathetic. But, we all see how well hate pays if you're the right ethnicity, right? Let's look at some other things Republicans should frown on 'cause thus saith their faith.

Deuteronomy 22:5 discusses women not wearing the garments of men, not putting on the weapons/armor of a warrior, and other things. Do we see Republicans refusing to provide service to these same women that are our SOLDIERS? What about those outside in the garden with pants on and those wearing make-up? IT'S IN THE BIBLE, TOO. Oh, what about the man who is recently married not required to go to war? Yeah, right here:

Deuteronomy 24:5...go look it up since you think I'm lying. America, DO WE SEE REPUBLICANS ENFORCING ANY OF THESE BIBLICAL STATUTES AND PROFESSING THEIR FAITH ABOUT THEM??? HELL NO!!!!!! Many other things are in the Bible, as well, which they choose to ignore until they need them for their agendas. Problem is, America, Republicans don't know how to separate the Bible and ARE NOT ABLE to establish a proper understanding of it as a direct result. The Bible is full of mercy, compassion, and forgiveness...CHANCES TO GET IT TOGETHER. You never hear Republicans talking about any of those four things I just described. Only about finding fault and how wrong it is. God tells us what's wrong and that's there's forgiveness and mercy ready and waiting.

Democrats illustrate mercy and forgiveness in pretty much everything they try to do for the American people...and refuse to be judgmental like Republicans are doing right now. America, you'd better stay focused on what's really going on 'cause the devil is, in fact, A LIAR. Amen.

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