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Friday, April 3, 2015


President Obama Hails 'Historic Understanding' With Iran; Warns Congress

Is there anyone who believes this deal is good for the entire region. He not only sold out Israel, but also Saudi Arabia.
No, CARBOB, we should just go to questions, chances for proving out checks and balances, or nothing. The Republicans, just like with healthcare, STILL HAVEN'T PROPOSED ANY TYPE OF ALERNATIVE DEAL AND NEITHER HAS BIBI. Yet, they all slam the President and John Kerry for trying to implement DIPLOMACY FIRST. CARBOB, if you knew and have known someone as a very potential threat elsewhere in your community, would you just get a bunch of your friends together and go beat the snot out of them and shoot them? Or, would you get enough people together, contact ATF/the police etc. and allow them to resolve the issue? CARBOB, even in an hostage/standoff situation, the authorities will ATTEMPT TALKS WITH THE PERSON(S) IN QUESTION KNOWING FULL WELL THEY'RE ARMED AND ARE ENDANGERING/THREATENING PEOPLE'S LIVES!!

WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOUR BRAIN, DUDE??? I mean, seriously??? Can you honestly not reason and use just a wee bit of common sense even in light of your hatred for the President? Just wow! The deal isn't even done yet, nowhere close to being signed as he wants Congress to really read over all the specifics of it, ask questions, and share their points on it. The man is doing exactly what he's supposed to be doing. CARBOB, if it's such an intense situation, THEN WHY DIDN'T GEORGE BUSH INVADE IRAN INSTEAD OF IRAQ???? While you're at it, have all your friends try and answer that question 'CAUSE THAT'S WHAT'S ABOUT TO COME UP. We went to Iraq in search of the same WMD's, that WE SENT OVER THERE, for them to fight Iran. These same weapons were twenty years old and prolly not completely usable for their original purpose and design although both Iraqi and American soldiers were INDIRECTLY injured by them.

At that time, though, IRAN was actively pursuing a bomb...and had and active nuclear program. What happened to Bush on that? We found weapons but, then again, we really didn't...nothing was ACTIVE as Bush sold it. Now, y'all wanna slam Obama for trying to peacefully disarm Iran's ACTIVE PROGRAM instead of bombing and sending troops there? What about the costs, both money and unnecessary lives, AT THIS TIME? First, it's Iraq vs. Iran. Then, it's Iraq invading Kuwait. Then, it's the U.S. vs. Iraq due to that invasion. Then, it's the U.S. against Iraq and Afghanistan. Finally, you people want to see the U.S. vs. Iran! Where does the fighting stop and the talks begin? It starts RIGHT HERE WITH OBAMA BECAUSE PEOPLE ARE TIRED OF ALL THIS.

It's not because the man is weak, it's because the man is thinking COLLATERAL DAMAGE and WAR WEARY AMERICAN PEOPLE. We keep sending our soldiers elsewhere, senselessly, and tiring them out both mentally and physically...not considering WHAT MIGHT HAPPEN IF SOMETHING JUMPS OFF OVER HERE AND OUR PANTS ARE DOWN. You people are hard headed and stubborn. We don't have to show our strength by always deploying our firepower and manpower no matter what the situation. This which is in the New Testament which we live by:

Isaiah 1:18
Come now, and let us reason together, saith the LORD: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool.

LET US REASON TOGETHER, not LET US FIGHT. Anyone denying that the President is following these guidelines isn't in the Bible. As such, when it comes to gays, this same thing applies. You people are bigots under the guise of enshrining people's religious beliefs, my man. If the people that closed their pizza business down were TRUE CHRISTIANS, they'd understand that catering a gay party doesn't mean that they're PARTICIPATING or PROMOTING something against their belief. It means that they're simply doing business and IT'S THE MINDSET THAT COUNTS WHEN DOING ANYTHING in case you didn't know. Cater the party, make the money, pray for 'em...they win all the way around. As such, they've received like over $140K in donations thus far, so they'll be fine from a financial perspective. What about that spirit, though?

I close with this: "FAITH is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen." This is mindset and belief system and God examines the mindset and intentions of all things we do. Buddy, you hate the sin and not the sinner, okay...just as God does. I Don't hate any of you, just hate what you do and how you do it...not lightening up, either. Real talk.
Do you intentionally ignore the recent comments, made by Iran? Destroying Israel is their goal. Their God does not know my God.
Carbo they also say 'Death to America", it doesn't mean it is going to happen. SMH
If they had the means too, they would. All the turmoil in the Middle East now is backed by Iran.
The Middle East has been a tinder box since I was a child. There is nothing that shocks me about this region. They have been fighting against each other for centuries. Carbo there is no such thing as a limited nuclear war, no one would win. So that threat is not likely to happen unless we get reckless people in Washington, DC...mainly war monging repubs.
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