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Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Discrimination and the New 'Inclusive' America

The writer does a good of reasoning within their first two paragraphs but, they still seemed to have lost their way with the idea of business owners being forced to think something is okay. Well, no one is trying to alter their thinking, at all, regarding gays. But, the idea that they're business owners providing goods and services to the general public is where the problem is. America, these people are using this as a crutch, plain and simple, and they probably have no clue as to just how much 'gay money' they've already accepted. Whatever happened to common sense along with having your morals and values? All over the internet you can find where people that dislike gays make fun of them and DRAW ALL KINDS OF THINGS SUBJECTIVE TO GAY PEOPLE. You'd think that a person in the cake/pie business would be tickled to death to simply provide their services in exchange for a great payday.

Problem is, the going idea shows that hatred pays way more than just doing what's right and decent according the pizza parlor in Indiana. Doctors refusing to do wellness checks on infants because of the baby's parents' sexual preference is completely senseless. So, what's next, America? Will a gay couple have a sick dog or cat requiring care and when they arrive at the veterinarian, are they gonna refuse caring for a sick animal due to the couple? This is where it's all going, America. What about the lady who owns an antique shop? If two females go there, together, will she automatically assume they're gay and refuse service, and/or tell them to get out of her place of business with that nonsense?

What about the wedding planner? Do they have disclaimers already in place, or will NOW put them in place, stating that they only plan "traditional weddings between one man and one woman? Gays only want to pay for the same services that other people pay for and enjoy. To punish people based solely on they're sexual orientation is wrong and there already measures in place for this. It sounds like these people are simply offended by the mere presence of gays/couples. Too bad for them 'cause I'll tell you what, America. There are some very, very wealthy gay couples and when it comes time for who considers the well-being for gays in terms of civil rights and treatment, the Republicans have already forfeited their opportunity to show and prove. Democrats, just like those business owners in Indiana, are going to clean up on all that gay money that the Republicans have refused.

Their next argument will be how they don't need the money from those people because it's the vote that counts. True that...and all those same gays will be voting with the Dems because the Dems treat them with RESPECT AND STAY OUT OF THEIR BEDROOMS. Republicans had better start CONDEMNING EVERYTHING THAT'S WRONG ACCORDING TO THEIR FAITH, OTHERWISE, THEY'RE ONLY CONFIRMING THEY"RE DISCRIMINATION OF GAYS ONLY. Now, go tell that and share it on some other sites.
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