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Sunday, April 5, 2015


Black College Basketball Player Calls White Opponent The N-Word

The irony in this whole thing carries over to the work place, pubs, name it. The kids of this generation honestly don't get it. They see the use of this word as 'common street slang' and use it such with all their friends no matter what ethnicity they are and it has always been very disturbing to me for one reason. I notice that when they use it among themselves while just joking around and talking trash, drinking together, and 'peaceful' times, there's no issue. But, when things are hot, and there's animosity in the air, it becomes 'personal' with those same black kids if a white uses the word towards them. I have witnessed this in the act, up close and word for word. In fact, the person that was using the word was black and was using the word while talking to and about black, white, and Hispanic co-workers...jokingly. I smiled but, I wasn't smiling about what he was saying and was just waiting to see what would happen if/when that tables were turned.

Well, they did and it was because those guys were actually aware of what was going on and were just "chopping it up" as they say. So, yes, we also have this problem in our overall community but, it's only with the young azz, immature, unaware, careless individuals that don't know any better. The case in this article is slightly different, though, as this dude's angry sportsmanship got the best of him and he just rolled it out. I'm not justifying what he did but, rather illustrating the pure irony of what happened...a black called a white the N-word when blacks are originally designated this terminology from the slave days. Anyone with common sense knows this white player ain't the N-word but, if you leave to the commentators below this article, they're shouting about hypocrisy. Well, you know, they have a valid point to an extent and I'll tell you why. So many blacks have simply 'adopted' the word, especially comedians, and use it loosely. Some white comedians also use it but, it's within comedy skits and more or less 'allowed' in that regard...THE CONTEXT IS THE CLUE. Richard Pryor is among the first of great black comedians to use the word and Dave Chappelle also showed how to do it along with Eddie Murphy.

This is perplexing to me 'cause if it's not okay in an angry situation then it shouldn't be okay in a comical situation either, FOR THOSE PROTESTING IT, as the DESCRIPTION...THE PEOPLE TARGETED DOESN'T CHANGE. This fire will only spread as long as we give it oxygen and I speak in truth as always. You can't be cool with something until/unless it's used in a negative way towards you....makes no sense and that's where the problem is. For the most, it's funny seeing how it all works and I'll include articles, as well, which clearly substantiate my common sense views.


This next link is very funny 'cause the video is filled with truth and illustrates that special-type relationship which blacks 'extend' to their white 'cool counterparts' regarding the word itself.


As I say about which television news channels you choose to watch, when you LIMIT WHERE AND WHAT TRUTHS YOU WANT TO ACCEPT, YOU'RE TRYING TO AVOID TRUTH INSTEAD OF PURSUE IT. Running from your fears keeps you running the same as when people take LIES and run with 'em. It's the very reason why a lie spreads way faster than the truth does...lots of people HAVE NO TIME FOR THE TRUTH. Lies are easy and truth is difficult for a certain faction of individuals.

America, I'll bet emilyg will READ THIS ENTIRE piece. However, it's the same approach to truth and common sense I use EVERY TIME. Go figure.

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