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Saturday, April 4, 2015


A rising insurrection against Obama

Oh really! When did it start?
What about the insurrection against the Constitution and Conservatism? Yeah I thought so.
What about the insurrection against States rights? Yeah I thought so
What about the insurrection against individual rights.? Yeah I thought so.

Democrats: The party of insurrection
They can only see out their left eye Jap. So, I guess we'll be hearing more from the preacher and Diarrhea mouth on this. Each State has a right to disallow the Unconstitutional presidents actions if they're not signed into law by the Congress.
All of this is the usual right-wing gibberish.
Speedy, the American People aren't dumb and forgetful like these idiots. They know that the REAL INSURRECTION started right here:

"The single most important thing we want to achieve," McConnell said, "is for President Obama to be a one-term president." They figured that if they refused to cooperate on anything, they could later tell voters that the president hadn't accomplished anything and that he had failed to reach across the aisle.

You people are still so preoccupied with Obama while everyone else is focusing on Sweet 16...and Hillary is about to set up camp. I suggest you and all your friends get a really good head start on your 'hate-Hil' project 'cause you're gonna need it....A LOT.

TWAT. (Get your minds outta the gutter! Time Will Always Tell.) I ain't no preacher, MADDOG, I just believe in telling what's right...unlike you and your friends. At least I make the effort to include the Good Master, along with His provisions, in all my perspectives. Buddy, you're old news as they hated Jesus, too, when all He was doing was telling people what was right, why, and helping them. He was hated for THAT. People can look at what I write, how I write it, and receive my general disposition towards you people as being helpful while constructively critical. You and your friends are known for pure hatred, racism, discrimination, flip-flopping, and unwilling to face your own wrong-doing. I remember the times when all you would pile up on anyone in these blogs if they even remotely gave credit to the President or (D)'s. I mean, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU WOULD JUMP ON SPEEDY AND OTHER MEMBERS WHO DON'T EVEN POST ANYMORE. Rdgrnr would lead things off and you people were just NASTY... ON PURPOSE. Only Speedy and I are left and and, I'll tell you what, I love God but I'll be da*ned if I allow any of you to run over me...AND YOU KNOW IT.

Hate me? Great! Hate Speedy? Great! Hate Obama? Great! Hate all (D)'s? Great! Hate blacks? Great! Hate Gays? GREAT!!! All these entities have one GREAT thing in common and it's this right here:

John 15:18

If the world hate you, ye know that it hated me before it hated you.

In your own words:
They can only see out their left eye Jap.

Yeah, but I STILL LOOK BOTH WAYS BEFORE CROSSING. You only look right, WITH BOTH EYES, and get smashed by me every time.

Didn't forget about you, JAP, as you're being a good boy and behaving yourself all the time.

Democrats: The party of insurrection
Republicans : The party of NO DIRECTION.

Lucky Loser - why do u post so much - too long to read and hold interest.
I have gone over to Politico and a few other sites and raise hell there. Being polite of course.
At least the other sites have thousands of replies to spar with. LOL
emilyg, first of all, I post more in an effort to convey my point(s) because supporting details matter. If it's too long for you, or anyone else to read and absorb, then I suggest not reading my entries as maybe your attention span isn't up to the task. However, that would raise questions about the long blog entries you post in your own blog site derived elsewhere such as from Allen West and Andrew Klavan. Do you take the time to completely read their entire entries or do you just see their names, skim it, and post it? If you're not interested in something, emilyg, then your interest won't be there no matter what you're dealing with...correct? As such, when you are interested in something, it'll receive your undivided attention no matter what...correct?

I can watch Sean Hannity's entire broadcast but, I'll put my bank account on your inability to watch anything on MSNBC in its' entirety. I base that on what you've said about my entries and the subject of being interested in general. You've confirmed that you recognize my posts by length, right? Hey, just don't even bother when you see it...seriously. I'm interested in people that want TRUTH AND COMMON SENSE AS OPPOSED TO LIES AND DECEPTION.

America, emilyg was lost after my first sentence, okay. The remainder of my post was for those that really wanted to see just what I had to say...BECAUSE THEY'RE GENUINELY INTERESTED AND HAVE PATIENCE. Thank you.
As usual, diarrhea mouth goes on and on about absolutely NOTHING and still comments about someone else who's being mentioned. Hence the blogs about insurrection to Obama, and now diarrhea mouth chooses it for his party, Danged if that don't beat all... Broken arrow he is...
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