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Sunday, March 15, 2015


Sheriff Clarke Issues Message to Holder and Obama For Police Officers Everywhere

Yep, all this dumbazz is doing is SAVING FACE. After all the documentation (87 pages worth) of all things illegal in Ferguson's Police department, this Tommy Boy still hasn't said a word in defense of the people that have been wronged...HIS OWN DA*NED PEOPLE AT THAT. NOT A WORD ABOUT THOSE (14) 'BLACK ONLY' DOG BITES, EXCESSIVE FINES TARGETED AT ONLY BLACKS WHILE THE JUDGE GOT HIS FRIENDS OFF, PROFILING, AND THE LIST GOES ON. Anybody out there remember a movie named 'In Too Deep?" Yeah, this foolishous guy is in way too deep to turn around as he was way premature with his first youtube video...then the DOJ released its' findings. Having to save face is a real m-effer WHEN YOU'RE NOT A REAL MAN AFRAID TO BE WRONG...AND APOLOGIZE.

As it stands, he's about a big a laughing stock as all (47) of those idiots who signed that HISTORICALLY DUMBAZZ LETTER TO THE AYATOLLAH. In their defense, at least they had the decency to say that it was a dumb idea...EVEN AFTER HAVING SAID THAT THE ADMINISTRATION (THE DEMOCRATS) HAD NO SENSE OF HUMOR. Nothing funny about that letter, Tom just pump your cotton pickin' brakes with the lameness. Let's look at a couple of his stupid azz excerpts, shall we.

1) Meanwhile, all they want to do in regard to the horrific shooting of two Ferguson police officers is lazily issue a simple tweet.

Um, Eric Holder and the President made all resources available to find who did the shooting. Then, the President did take the time to Tweet what he is a social media world now. Finally, the President took it upon himself to discuss the seriousness of the matter and that he hopes the person is caught...ON THE JIMMY KIMMEL SHOW WHERE HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE ARE WATCHING. Buddy, you are a complete azz...dingle berries and all. The small percentage of the racists and Obama haters will side with you but, the people with common sense can SEE RIGHT THROUGH YOU...PUN INTENDED, YOU FAKE BRUTHA. Nobody expects this guy to side with the shooter but, what about the rest of the people wronged? He could care less 'cause he wants to keep his job and Fox is gonna continue to interview him for this reason. It's all good, though. What goes around comes right back.
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