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Saturday, March 28, 2015


President Signs Order Making Ted Cruz Ineligible for Obamacare

Who the he!! does this President think he is. I am appalled such an action.
We will punish our enemies. (Jarrett)
I have a pen and a phone. (Obama)
Um, no, the question from YOU should be just who the hell Cruz Missile thinks he is, homeboy. As usual, you're all caught up in the crosshairs of a really damp and windy day...just killed your perm. Let's take it from the top, shall we? First off, all of you complete idiots were right on board with Cruz and his appeal/repeal of the ACA, right? I mean, you were all over his filibuster induced with green eggs-ema and ham. This is the same guy, whom you're seemingly supporting, to enroll in the same cluckin' thing in which you supported him getting rid of...COMPLETELY. (Yes, I do enjoy my CAPS LOCK at times jarasan, you dumbazz, as much as you enjoy being the dummy you are.)

America, take a real good look at this idiot's flip-floppish position. How in the freakin' hell does one hate the President and his insurance law one minute and then hate him for not allowing someone to enroll that the total dumbazz (JAP69) supports...THAT ORIGINALLY HATED THE PRESIDENT'S LAW? Yeah, I like my CAPS LOCK...AND I'M LOCKED IN ON YOU, NOW. Buddy, just like I said in another post regarding your demeanor on 'SUPPOSEDLY' being banned from another site, IT MAKES ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE. If anything, your position on Cruz Missile should be such that YOU'RE PISSED WITH HIM FOR EVEN CONSIDERING JOINING OBAMACARE! You, and all the rest of your DISCOMBOBULATED, IDIOTIC FRIENDS are so full of BS that it's scary. You people change like the winds just as I've always said here. You have no solid base. It's all on whatever your FICKLE AND FLICKED A$$ leaders decide to do that moves you...even when wrong. Yes, FLICKED is an actual word, go look it up you dummies.

So, now YOU'RE pissed 'cause my man Barry literally WROTE CRUZ OFF FROM JOING HIS INSURANCE...THE SAME ONE THAT CRUZ HATED AND YOU, TOO. Man, what in the heck is wrong with you people...SERIOUSLY???? You know, this reminds me of that dumb $hit that MADDOG posted up about how liberals all stick together. Guess what? We stick together 'cause we know right from wrong and what makes sense. When you idiots stick together, just look at what happens...YOU MAKE COMPLETE A$$ES OUT OF YOURSELVES AND ARE CONTINUOUSLY CHANGING YOUR POSITIONS BASED ON WHAT SPORADIC DECISIONS YOUR DUMB LEADERS MAKE. Yes, I enjoy my CAPS LOCK, jarasan, with your dumbazz. You fall into the same category as're FICKLE and FLICKED. JAP69, do you not know that by exhibiting anger over Cruz not being able to join the ACA means that YOU SUPPORT OBAMA'S ACA?? Buddy, it has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with what you're thinking and Ted Cruz CAN SIGN UP AS HE PLEASES...AND WILL. Although the proposed 28th amendment isn't quite law, the President's MORALS are in full affect. Link:

Then, there's the actual 28th amendment proposal which the President ALREADY ABIDES BY ANYWAY:

America, to even assume that Ted Cruz was restricted from signing up as required by Federal Law is COMPLETELY LUDICROUS and the President would, in fact, write his own pink slip right out of the white house in doing so. Good grief, here's the real story as told by Cruz:

JAP69 and jarasan are probably a couple of fairly young and green easily swayed punks that know no better than to change hands more than a poker game. It's actually very funny while also very, very sad. More truth? Just follow me, I'll take you to it.

before you replied did you notice that the guy who wrote the piece is a comic and the link starts out as ????
Comment by Think - Today, 9:22 pm
Yep, LOL
No he didn't, he's to locked in on his caps and his rants all the while being a racist.
Now he's talking about truth. He wouldn't know truth if it bitch slapped him in his head..
Jap commented on it also. But I guest that was an oversight on your part.

Who the he!! does this President think he is. I am appalled such an action.
We will punish our enemies. (Jarrett)
I have a pen and a phone. (Obama)"
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