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Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Limbaugh: Netanyahu is Everything Obama Is Not

Deja vu. That is what you repubs said about POOTIN, remember. He sure turned out to be a winner, eh.
PM Netanyahu is twice the man Obummer could ever think about being..
He's just another pantywaist just like the rest of the democrats...
Ha, ha...LMBAO!!! Yep, Speedy, these mangy dogs are just chasing their flea-bitten tails with the same old talk over and over again. Just like the fickle Republicans on the Hill do. Hell, it can be ANYBODY that's saying ANYTHING opposite of Obama/Democrats and they'll be with it EVERYTIME no matter how senseless it is. Speedy, it's so rough over there in Russia under POOTIN (had to borrow it) that EDWARD SNOWDEN NOW WANTS TO COME HOME, my brutha. FIrst, he ran to POOTIN and now he's RUNNING FROM POOTIN...THE SAME GUY THAT THESE IDIOTS TUG ON.

American, these are the dead leaves which have fallen from the tree and being carried which ever way the wind is going...THEY CANNOT CONTROL THEMSELVES. Let's look at something else definitely worth noting here. MADDOG has already called Rush a racist and you know I have the post. Yet, here he is SIDING WITH THE RACIST...AFTER CALLING HIM A RACIST. Rush said that Obama treated Benny like he was a 'white Ferguson cop' but, he Rush still hasn't acknowledged the validated and documented treatment of blacks' per the DOJ BY THOSE SAME WHITE COPS he speaks of. What a weak attempt to create confusion and division based on SOMETHING THAT IS EXTREMELY SENSITIVE TO THE ENTIRE NATION.

Once again, on this Sheriff Clark business, this man had better watch his back real close. His whole 'desecrates what MLK stood for' argument is so out of line that it's SICK. All those beatings, racial profiling, (14) dog bites... all of them on BLACKS, essentially using blacks to extort money, and all of it is EXACTLY WHAT MLK WAS TRYING TO FREE US FROM. This sorry a$$ excuse for a black man in a position with influence did nothing but CONDONE what's been going. In those cops' eyes though, Speedy, they weren't going anything wrong because their mindsets are still locked in to WHAT WAS LIKE JUST THEIR RACIST ANCESTORS' MINDS WERE. As such, anyone who can still say that racism doesn't exist TODAY is pretty much a racist and is also locked in to what they were taught IS NORMAL TREATMENT OF BLACKS. For many of these reasons, people do view the Republican party as racist and this is why they'll be HARD PRESSED to see the Presidency even after the next four years.

Yep, you're da*ned skippy, CAJUNWIN4, Hillary is gonna win despite your desperate hopes of her being disqualified. You're out of your mind, completely, sir, and you're afraid that you might not be around to see another Republican in the President's seat. Well, I have every right to be afraid of that. Your FEARMONGERING IS WELL JUSTIFIED IN THIS CASE.

I'm trying my best to get warmed up, Speedy, but it's so easy to keep my cool with these hot heads.

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