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Thursday, March 19, 2015


Huge Boehner-Pelosi Deal That Could Change Medicare Forever

Well, let's see how many people here approve of these two trying to get something done FOR THE PEOPLE. The Republicans were on the path to CUTTING MEDICARE and pissing off ALL THOSE FLORIDIANS. They knew they had to try do something or else risk the 'nails in the coffin.' In looking at the post times of two articles in general, at least one person has absolutely no interest in these developments which says a lot about their true concern...which ain't the AMERICAN PEOPLE. That article about Schock has been out for a minute and none of them had any interest.

Now, let's talk about the Netanyahu election, America. Now, seems we have the people with common sense that understand what Netanyahu's true motives are at this point while the dumbazzes are clueless and are just happy to see an 'indirect loss' for Obama. There's a whole lot more to what's going on than just the Bo-Bo vs. Bibi ordeal and the results could be very damaging, even toxic, for the U.S. relations with Israel. I'm seeing where one person here is trying to go with the whole 'Obama Team Gave Money...' and it's a very shallow way of looking into something of such importance. Rather, I'd prefer to read what the people who will be under such leadership and motives have to say such as in the following link and especially the comments below it.


There are some very, very intelligent responses regarding THE MEAT of the these developments and I'm not talking about anything pro Obama. The region, in general along with their foreseeable issues, is where it's all at. If Netanyahu continues this path, we're gonna see what real turmoil is and then HE'LL COME RIGHT BACK TO BEGGING THE DEMOCRATS/THE UNITED STATES FOR SUPPORT...I CAN GUARANTEE IT, AMERICA...AND YOU SHOULD KNOW THAT I KNOW. For the time being, let's just go along with the following narrative:

Only because you really need to understand FROM A MATURE PERSEPECTIVE.
If Bibi cowers in a corner let us see how long it take the Palestinians to over run Israel slaughtering and butchering along their journey.
Get a grip
I will comment on the medicare deal when I get information on it. I would rather read the legislation first.
Oh Come on Jap69 you know they have to pass the deal to find out what is in it. Now stop putting impossible conditions on it such as reading it first.
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