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Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Harry Reid Justifies Lying About Romney's Taxes: 'He Didn't Win, Did He?'

Hell, if I accuse someone here of not paying their taxes, does it mean that I'm lying on them? Or, does it mean that I really don't know and am just running off at the mouth with the tactic of trying to discredit the person? It's a matter of context, and no, I'm not trying to defend Harold. All too many times people fail to analyze the specifics of things...the LANGUAGE AND INTENT. Speaking of LANGUAGE AND INTENT, Mike Pence has returned to his vomit, as I predicted, and will be modifying his 'dead on arrival' law. Furthermore, he had to lap up his inability to answer George Stephanopoulos' question which he asked SIX TIMES and received no answer. He held a press conference saying, "I could've handled that better this weekend." Why is it that Republicans always have to go back and readjust WHEN THEY CLAIM TO MEAN WHAT THEY DID IN THE FIRST PLACE?

I mean, why change now? To hell with what the American People think, Pence...stand strong on your morals and beliefs! It's okay to pass judgment on people's ways of private life, buddy. If your percentage of dumbazzes there are willing to DISCRIMINATE ON "WHAT KIND OF MONEY"/"WHO'S MONEY" THEY'LL ACCEPT FOR THE SAME SERVICES THEY EXTEND TO EVERYONE, THEN GO RIGHT AHEAD WITH Y'ALLS BADAZZES! America, there's such a thing as being too religious, okay, to the point to where a person has absolutely NO COMMON SENSE. As far as I'm concerned, bring me all the gay money and business I can stand 'cause I've got a mortgage to pay, a truck note, insurances, kids to care for, taxes, and I gotta eat man. I'll take their money and pray for 'em all the way to bank and everybody's happy!!! Let's look at this example:

A painter get's a call about painting a large house and comes out to take a look and give a quote. The owners accept it and hires the guy and his crew...they're gonna make pretty good on the job. But, between the time they accept the job and actually start it, the guy with the painting business finds out the house owners are gay and decides to decline on the job. Two words come to mind here...RIPPLE EFFECT, and it's what's happening in Indiana right now. A hard head not only makes for a tender azz but, it also makes for an empty bank account.
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