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Wednesday, March 11, 2015


GOP Hates Obama More Than a Nuclear Iran

President Obama and the Democrats made it clear from the start of President Obama's Presidency they did not want to work with Republicans.
Now we have a clear war of political parties.
Suck it up and live with it.
No one cares about how much repubs hate. Life goes on as usual. That is something they have to deal with their maker about. Hate is negative energy that useless in the well-being of any human-being that professes to be a Christian. Hate on, your just reward is waiting patiently on YOU.
The same can be said for Democrats LiLSpeedy.
Politics and how one stands on politics has been brutal from the beginning.
That is the way the world turns.
I have seen many democratic and republican administrations in my life time and I have never seen the hate from repubs like this before. From the very beginning it went from "let's make this a one term president to a Congress of NO. Go figure.
Over the past twenty or thirty years politics have taken a drastic turn from working together to extreme opposition of the other party. I have no problem with any politician who wants to work with the other side.
@Speedy on your second post:
It has absolutely been about EVERYTHING OPPOSING OBAMA ON ANY AND ALL FRONTS...PERIOD. You know, one blogger made the comment not long ago that Democrats don't know how to be non-partisan...essentially. Really? Now, if we look at what's REALLY GOING HERE, we can see that these (47) TRAITORS are no different than THOSE WHO WERE SIDING WITH PUTIN THE WHOLE TIME DURING THE INITIAL UKRAINE FALLOUT. Now, look at what the score is in that game...Republicans losing again. Speedy, I gave a HEADS UP on what was about to happen with this Iran debacle, remember" Let's REVISIT MY TWO CLUES, SHALL WE, TO PROOVE I DO IN FACT HAVE CONTACTS AND KNOW MY STUFF.

Link and excerpt #1:

Yep, we'll see who get's the last laugh, as usual, in about a week. Lay low, Speedy...they have no idea.
# posted by Lucky Loser : 2:56 PM     

Link and excerpt #2:

What just one cotton pickin' minute!!!! Now, the Feds and Holder were race baiting from the start and are BOTH are still on a 'WITCH HUNT.' That whole thing about 'HANDS UP' being 'bogus', as REPORTED BY HOLDER, is merely 'a smoking gun assumption.' Wait another cotton pickin' minute!!!! At first, it was the TRUTH as reported by THE SAME MAN...'Hands Up' was just BS (Ad Lib) as reported by the same man, and, the two Stooges were RIGHT THERE WITH HOLDER. In fact, to further prove the case, let's look at CARBOB'S SICK RESPONSE in support of such filth.

Yes, and in that order. Guess who's the ring leader of the letter drafted and sent to the IRANIANS? Senator TOM 'COTTON'....a cotton pickin' TRAITOR. Sure, he's a veteran but, how many of his commanders did he turn on in an effort to make his point? See the correlation there? These men hate the President so much that they're not even afraid to CLEARY BE SEEN AS TRAITORS BY THE ENTIRE WORLD. Wanna talk about having a CONGRESS that's THE LAUGHING STOCK to the rest of the world? We have it. There have been many clashes over the years with both sides but, this is nothing more than absolute hate resulting in OPEN AND CARELESS TREASON. All the while, the idiots try and impose treason on the President and there's not even a grain of proof.

The following link speaks volumes on the various clashes and I personally encourage you to read it...especially towards the bottom. One excerpt, in particular, really got my attention and it's this one:



“The president is the one who conducts foreign policy, not the speaker of the House,” then- Vice President Dick Cheney groused to Rush Limbaugh.

End of excerpt.

Oh, really Dick? Maybe that should read on the tail end, "...except if it's President Obama." You know, these guys are seemingly trying to OBSTRUCT PEACEFUL DIPLOMACY. Tom Cotton, with his flip-flopping azz, recently had an allowance for Iran having 'some enrichment' and now he's all turned around 'cause he can see the light. This guy has roughly TWO MONTHS under his belt and THOSE (47) IDIOTS WENT RIGHT IN WITH HIM ON A LETTER OF THAT MAGNITUDE. Ted Cruz said, "I'd write another one." Hmmm. It's been said that there hasn't been one conviction under the Logan Act which this letter is being scrutinized by. I beg to differ and here's the link containing a farmer that was and why. Look at the specifics within this link and see what's happened.

Chances are, nothing will happen as there aren't any untrue statements within the letter. However, they still convey a message of disrupting peace which will, in fact, lead to war. The second link deals with ALL THE PROPOSALS regarding Iran Nuclear production. The Republicans say we need more sanctions but they haven't,at least, taken into account THE FIRST LINK:

Bottom line, actions speak louder than words and I'm not saying that what they did is the all out proof. But, WE MUST LEARN TO TRUST AND GIVE PEOPLE A CHANCE TO DO RIGHT IF THEY TAKE THE RIGHT FIRST STEP. This deal, for Republicans, is not ALL about Iran. It's about the President possibly accomplishing something, FINALLY , that no other President could...i.e the Affordable Care Act and becoming the first black elected President. We still have such a long way to go just as he said in Selma.

Sorry, Loser, with the POTUS we have, he will not do anything even if Congress stays out of it. He can't keep his [email protected]@ off the golf course long enough to make a difference. And Loser, since you have all this time on your hands, Wiki how many rounds of golf Obama has played since his term in office. It will make the common person sick.
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