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Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Democrats Tell Netanyahu to Go Home Call Him a Child

Oh my, isn't that what they called the Republicans after they got their azz's whooped?
Any elected official that thinks Iran can be trusted is a   fool and should be recalled. Have they all forgot the
embassy attack and our citizens held prisoners? They need to regroup and think twice, before trusting Iran.
LMAO!!! I see #'s 1&2 were very cautious in how they said what they did. Yes, our President said in his response that Iran can in fact NOT BE TRUSTED. The issue is trying to solidify an intricate way of monitoring the specifics of any deal made...which brings me to my next point. If they cannot be trusted and 'no deal is better than a bad deal' then what next? Just go and attack Iran and start a war? This is exactly what was going to happen had the President not threatened to shoot down those jets, folks.

As it stands, there isn't even a deal...Benny was way premature and out of line by sending jets to strike. Granted
Granted, Iran is just a sh*thole of a country for all the things they do regarding Israel. Two wrongs won't make it right
right, though. Next, Benny offered no better deal in place of the so called bad deal. President Bush also had to stop Benny from doing the same thing with the whole attack deal back in the day.

I likw Benny but this whole thing should'vebeen handled differently...timing and all. Israeli officials have even precluded that Iran's productivity has been stifled already so there's no reason not to try and implement an even more stringent checks and balances process as opposed to war.
Truth must hurt loser to reference to a comment by someone. Yep, you've got the right name..
By the way you spread your manure around, you should've vied for Hillary's job as secretary of ?. I do believe you and Hillarious have the same size Girdle...
Loser, Obama can say a lot of things, but you can't trust him to do the right thing. He and Hillary's records speak for themselves.
Ben's speech gave more detail on the why then we hear from this administration.
I am really surprised the rear end driver of Loser has not responded.
LL, has everything under control. One-liners is the best that you people can do. SAD.
What do you mean Speedo by you people you racist troll ? Still don't get it do you. SAD.
I mean you bigots pervert.
Bibi's speech was most impressive. He loves his country. Obama wants a deal with Iran for his own selfish reasons - he doesn't care that he will leave a terrible mess for the next president to solve.   It's all about his legacy.
Bibi's speech was out of line. You don't meddle into another country's foreign affairs and expect to receive a warm welcome.
And, you sure as he!! don't give a Nuclear Bomb to a terrorist country.
Prove it. Conspiracy theories are for the uneducated.
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