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Saturday, February 28, 2015


'SHAME ON YOU!' Black Media Exec UNLOADS: Obama Uses Sharpton To CONTROL Blacks

Yep, I saw this coming a long time ago and it's common among blacks in the 'successful black entertainment echelon.' First, let me say that what Byron says about Sharpton is to what Sharpton says about Rush...that he controls his people which is actually true. This main difference, though, is that Sharpton could care less about Rush's power, for the most part, but Byron CARES A LOT ABOUT SHARPTON'S POWER AND HIS MONEY MAKING POWER. Byron, BYRON NEEDS SOME OF THAT MONEY is what it is. I see this argument as a cover because of Al's dealings with major coverage networks while Byron operates on a much, much lower level and budget. An older article, which you know I'll post, comments on how his profits are 'razor thin' and that employees were very concerned about their pay scale.

Yet, Byron seems to be doing well with a Bentley, upscale Fifth Ave New York Apt, and a $17M mansion. Hmmm, I'm seeing why he's going after more money right here in this link and excerpt.



So far, Allen’s under-the-radar bid to dominate the low end of TV has earned him a nice lifestyle: a fat, black Bentley, a Fifth Avenue apartment in New York, and a $17 million Beverly Hills mansion, where he lives with his wife of six years and their three children. But his tactics have drawn detractors. Former crew members talk about low wages, and both the International Cinematographers Guild and the Writers Guild of America have filed complaints against Entertainment Studios for unfair business practices. Allen won’t comment on the complaints but says that his pay scale is commensurate to experience and talent.

So, as you can see, it's easier for Byron to jump on the 'attack Al Sharpton' bandwagon in order to fill the time slots, get more views, and get more money to put in his employees pockets. THAT, as opposed to trying to sit down and talk with AL to discover his actual basis for striking deals and trying to see if AL's claims of discrimination are valid. Let me say once again that if any of these entities that are cooperating with AL via compensations, THEY'RE DOING SO BECAUSE THEY KNOW THEY'RE IN THE WRONG SOMEWHERE. THESE ENTITIES ARE HUGE AND HAVE HUGE LAW FIRMS AS WELL. IF AL WAS JUST BLOWING SMOKE UP THEIR AZZES, HE WOULDN'T BE GETTING A COPPER CENT FROM ANY OF THEM. Now, you can take that to the bank.

I see Byron as going about this the wrong way and it goes back to the story about a bunch of crabs in a bucket. When one or two seem to be making their way out, there's always one or two that wanna pull 'em back in. Let's look at where Byron tries to get close enough to actually strike but, backs out while knowing the answer. He wouldn't dare touch it because he doesn't have what it takes like AL does. Excerpt from the article:

“My wife happens to be white and I ask her who is the white guy who speaks for all white people? You can’t even think that. That idea is racist. That’s wrong. So why do I have some black guy who speaks for me? Why is he cutting deals that somehow I don’t benefit from but somehow he’s on television every night?”

The white guy that speaks for all white people? Essentially, Rush Limbaugh and while it doesn't actually mean 'all white people', it means those that are easily and highly influenced by him. Otherwise, Rush wouldn't be in business, America. It requires listeners and ratings to remain in business. Rush both preaches and practices racism. Hell, even MADDOG right here at LP said it himself and I have the post. We all know how MADDOG rolls, though, which is still surprising for him to have said that. I'll figure it out soon enough. So, here we have one Byron Allen who's afraid to challenge the economics of the entertainment world but, not afraid to attack someone of his own color that isn't afraid to challenge those entities...and win. Wow. Then, I go down to the bottom and read the comments which follow suit to the same song.

We are living in some bad times and because so many people simply won't do their diligence, they'll be carried in the wind like a dead leaf having fallen from a tree. This wasn't an attempt to vindicate AL or anything like that but, rather to show what the real problem is here. Everything that's going on revolves around MONEY, POWER, AND RESPECT...WHO HAS IT AND WHO LACKS IT.

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