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Saturday, February 21, 2015


Obama's DHS Report Warns Of The Real Threat To America: Right-Wingers

There are different factions that make up the so-called Right- wingers. Right-wing parties include conservatives, Christian democrats, classical liberals, nationalists and, on the far Right, racists and fascists, better known as extremists. Yes, there has been extremists in every religion since the beginning of time. Right-winger’s dogma goes from mainstream to insanity. The "extremist" elements reject key elements of the American consensus, are vehemently opposed to the nation's political leadership, and try to exclude groups they hate, sometimes by using violence. Therefore, President Obama’s assessment of right-wing extremists has validity and cannot be ignored by the American people.
The problem with todays DNC is that they have let Neo Marxists seize control of the party.

If you look at Obamas recent tax and spend proposals you will see just how bad Marxist greed truly is.

The voters will stand up in 2016 and refuse to be further abused and exploited by greedy Marxist aggression.

Unless, of course, the DNC gets smart and kicks the NEO-MARs out of the party.

Todays DNC is overrun and infested with left-wing extremists and that is the true threat to our country.
I believe the topic was about right-wingers. Are you saying that right-wing extremism is not a threat? We talk about democrats 24/7. We talk about them so much until a lot of what's going on is regurgitated gibberish. Democrats are not the only ones screwing up in Washington. Those of you that's in denial, scared, and waiting for the sky to fall, there is still hope for you if you get rid of your authoritative and sanctimonious attitudes.
Well there you go. It seemed to me that the topic was about the real threat to America.
Think, I know it's hard to talk about your own party. You would rather use diversion tactics, but it is, what it is. You repubs don't have the guts to say anything negative about the GOP. That is why there are people like me and LL, and a few others that are not scared to talk about the plucking GOP. BTW, you still did not answer my question. Are you saying that right-wing extremism is not a threat? Not answering is the same as answering it.
Wrong you are lilspeedy. I am an independent!

I have pointed out the hypocrisy of people like Ronald Reagan when he fired the air traffic controllers for violating federal law and then he turned around and pardoned the illegals for violating federal law. So either you just don't pay attention or you have a very poor memory.

As far as right wingers they aren't a threat unless they are violent or pass bad policies.

I can say though that the left-wing extremists (Obama and his Marxist Minions) have certainly been a threat to me personally by violating the right to liberty and the right to pursuit of happiness and soon , with the death panels, they may be violating the right to life.

Obama has given us all a new freedom. That is freedom FROM choice. Obamacare is one set of coverages that you have to have and you cant control and most people have to wind up paying for things they can never use because they have no choice.

Forcing and coercing people to buy things against their own best interest is a real threat to America and that was done by the left-wingers.

Need I remind you that Obamacare is only for the plebian peasants and not for the liberal Marxist elites who made the law. The people who passed Obamacare are not subject to Obamacare did you forget that?
Everything you have said so far is regurgitated gibberish that is spewed on a daily basis by repubs. You gave yourself away when you said right-wingers are not a threat. Maybe not to whites, but to people of color they are very dangerous. Like I said before you repubs don't have the guts to talk about the problems within your own party, instead you would rather be sanctimonious and talk about the Dems instead. What a coward.
Boy lilspeedy you sure are prejudice. You like to put words into other peoples mouths and thoughts into other peoples heads.

I suggest that if you want to see a wildly prejudiced person that you look in the mirror.

Maybe this video may show you someone who is not as prejudiced as you -

Think, you may call it prejudice but I am just a man that see things for what they are and is not afraid to speak my mind. To me the worst thing to be is a HYPOCRITE like some of you.
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