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Tuesday, February 3, 2015


Huckabee threatens to leave GOP

Might as well leave. He has a cold chance in he!! of winning.

My opinion is that he's upset with the GOP for showing signs of 'leniency' when it comes to the gay community and politics thereof. You know, it's not that anyone is being forced to accept their behavior(s) or anything...this is still a spiritual perspective between the believer. You can coexist with anyone while still being able to identify with who you are and what your faith is. This, while also still being able to forgive those that may not know any better, or, know better but still choose to do otherwise. God provides both rewards and punishment for what ever we choose but, it's not up to us to try and control others...only to let them know the error of their ways when it's fitting. This is the commandment:

MARK 6:11

"Any place that does not receive you or listen to you, as you go out from there, shake the dust off the soles of your feet for a testimony against them." 12They went out and preached that men should repent.…

Men should repent, not that we should MAKE THEM REPENT or try and force them. It's a decision that they need to make individually. See, Republicans simply wanna run people's lives and force others to abide by what is probably Bible-based belief for the most part. Problem is, when you force someone against their will, it's not genuine folks. It's why God prefers us to DECIDE to change our ways and come to HIM rather than HIM FORCE US TO. Most Republicans just don't get it that we're living in the most imperative BIBLICAL times ever. Democrats? They get it and there's proof in their actions.

Just because I don't leave a bar that may have a couple or so gays in it doesn't mean I'm in full support of it, y'all. On the flip side, gays have an obligation to still RESPECT THE ESTABLISHMENT by not acting in undesirable ways. This is one area where I'd have a problem with it all. Then, there's the idea of them raising kids in the environment where a child could either be confused by what they see, or, molded into what they see as being normal. This is the great debate and if this is where Huckabee is really burning at, then I feel him. See how easy it is to find common ground?
Then, there's the idea of them raising kids in the environment where a child could either be confused by what they see, or, molded into what they see as being normal.

Let me clarify one thing here before someone feels they've 'got the drop' on me. By my above statement, I mean in the privacy of their own homes and if they have a child or children already having been exposed to a typical relationship between man and woman. This can be confusing and cause issues for a child.
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