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Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Geraldo: Hip-Hop's Done 'More Damage' to Minorities Than Racism

"Geraldo: Hip-Hop's Done 'More Damage' to Minorities Than Racism" That is by far the most ASININE statement I have ever heard from Geraldo. Let's see Hip-Hop has been here for a few decades and racism has been here for centuries. That is mathematically impossible. In other words, his statement has zero probability of being true. I'm in no way a rap or hip-hop fan but there are other genre of music that is even worse. Why just address minorities? What about the millions of whites that listen to acid rock groups, punk rock, hard rock, heavy metal, etc. What effect has it had on our society, not just individuals?
I agree 100%...!!!
It sure as hell has not improved, their vocabulary nor their intelligence.
carbob - correct.
Ha, ha, ha, ha!!! LMBAO!!!! CARBOB, you're the MOST UNINTELLIGENT PERSON ON THIS FORUM NEXT TO reddog...AND I"VE PROVEN IT TIME AND TIME AGAIN!! Can't believe he even went there. Wait, yes I can!!! For your dumb a$$ information, most rappers use EBONICS intentionally as it relates with the music the make... insomuch that white artists use EBONICS AS WELL. Now, go and tell them that, you racist dumb a$$. You try and portray that you know oh so much about the blacks culture but, it's all based on when you're down at the local 'Tonk with all those just like you saying the same things.

It's so cute how you care so much about blacks, their drawbacks, and much needed improvement yet all you do is slam them EVERY TIME YOU POST. YOU NEVER OFFER ANYTHING GOOD ABOUT BLACKS, EVER...and this SPEAKS VOLUMES. What about the young black kid applying for the job at Chik-fil-A that Speedy posted and the nice folks at Target that helped him? I'M STILL LOOKING FOR YOUR POSITIVE COMMENTS AS WELL AS THE REST OF YOUR RACIST FRIENDS' ON THAT ONE. You're one sorry, weak a$$ excuse for a man...a human even.
I saw that picture about the young Black man in Target, but I don't recall seeing any Blacks, in the picture. Were there any Blacks in his neighborhood, that knows how to tie a tie. Now that it has been confirmed that Selma was not actual. Do you, Speedy and Spike still think it should have received an Oscar nomination. Don't hear much talk about Oscars anymore.
Loser, you and Speedy need to do some searching for real music. Use Smokey, Temptations,(Ruffin), that's when there was real music to hear. You ever listen to Eric Clapton, Robert Cray, BB & Lucille. There are 1000's more and never heard FXXX in any song. Ebonics screwed up your music.
" I don't recall seeing any Blacks, in the picture." This is why I don't have much patience for people like you carbob. You missed the whole point of the article because your bigoted mind will not let you be human. The point that they were making is that it cost nothing to do a kind deed once and a while, especially if it is a child. Whether the child was black or white, we are our brother's keeper.
looser, I went to work today in 3 inches of ice conditions today. Not snow,,, in other words, for people like your f*cking a$#$E#, I risked my butt to get to work today to make money today to pay the the taxes so porch sh*t heads like you can sit at home and talk sh*t about me while I work to pay the the taxes for you and your faggot friend Speedo continue to reap the wealth from the white worker.
So please, you two black bigots, tell me why I risked my life today to go to work in ice conditions to pay the taxes for you two low lifes??:?: Am I and the rest of America missing something? What have you done in the past SIX months that justify being eligible for a hand out ??
In case you don't know you ignorant pervert, I'm retired. I worked on the same job for 31 years. Everything that I have I worked for. You or your racist friends have never given me anything. You risk your old broken down body to go to work because if you don't work you don't eat sucker. Maybe if you had planned better in your younger years, you wouldn't have to go to work at almost 80. So don't blame me because your life is f---up. I pay my bills and can travel when I get ready. So if you really think you are paying for my retirement I suggest you check your old stank pervert azz in the nearest rest home old fool.
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