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Monday, February 9, 2015


First lady: Kids will 'eventually' embrace new school lunches

I just don't understand this woman's logic in her insistence on these measly meals for growing kids. Who set these 'standards'? Some little man with a grudge against growing kids?

No, America's kids will not embrace a substandard lunch program. It will be repealed once she is gone, if not sooner.
Actually, what freaking law gives her the right to dictate school lunches? Has she threatened to withhold funding to schools unless they comply with her crappy ideas? How is that not abuse of power - like the charges against Rick Perry? "Comply with my demands or no funding for you."
It's so very easy to just disagree without doing any diligence whatsoever. The only thing most people are doing is listening to what's popular which entails exactly what's said in the above posts. FLOTUS is simply trying to help address the issues in the link I've enclosed below, and, these are the American statistics, not worldwide. Sure, these kids are young and growing very fast but, detecting eating disorders whether they're mental or physical (thyroid) is often caught too late and the kids are way over weight.

Where's the common sense, people? When your DOCTOR sees that you're having weight issues, THEY PUT YOU ON A DIET. Overweight leads to heart attacks, diabetes, and numerous other things that are actually preventable. The next thing is that most adult know nothing about 'power foods.' A person needs not eat a ton of food for energy, okay. You can eat a small portion of specific foods that will provide tons of energy while also giving you that full feeling (fiber). I've been into health and fitness for most of my life and know these things first hand. I'm no expert but, results don't lie from one person to the next.

Finally, if FLOTUS was just sitting around doing nothing about our kids' obesity problems here in America, EVERY ONE OF YOU WOULD BE SAYING JUST THE OPPOSITE...THAT SHE'S LAZY AND DOESN'T CARE ABOUT CHILDREN AND THE PROBLEM WE HAVE. There's just no middle ground with any of you all. If any (D) tries to do something right, they're abusing power. If they do nothing, they're afraid or don't care. I think most Americans know what, or better yet, WHO the real problem is. Link:
One thing about a repub, when they have absolutely nothing to say or add to the conversation, Diversion, "like the charges against Rick Perry". How plucking sad. Huh?
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