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Thursday, February 26, 2015


Democratic Congressman: We Need Food Stamps Because So Many Fathers Are In Jail

This is only partly true and in a very small percentage. All of those guys in prison aren't innocent but, a lot of them probably are. If they aren't completely innocent, they were incarcerated on something so petty that it's a total waste of our tax dollars. Finding out just who needs to remain in jail is very easy...just review their record if they even have one. Repeat offenders with possessions of miniscule amounts of weed or otherwise, but they had a job and were paying taxes, is a no-no in my book. Taking taxes out of the system only to make the citizens pay for those offenders to sit in a cell and eat good, watch television on a nice large screen bigger than lots of free citizens makes no sense to me.

Now, not working with repeat offenses as such should require jail time due to ZERO PRODUCTIVITY. When a man who is actually taking care of a family is removed from society, it will naturally cause the woman to resort to what ever it takes to survive and feed her kids. As such, all women do not fall under such innocence as so many lie down with bums, make babies, and then we tax payers end up taking care of them. It's a racket...and a bad one. I'm pretty sure that those out of work are on stamps more so than those on 'em just 'cause they can be, though.

Now, I'd like to address one of the comments from below the article which is actually off topic from the article itself. This commenter, as evidenced by their post, knows FULL WELL what went on with the vote over the Iraq War. Here's the post:

bogusboggs > El Maestro • a day ago

Joe Biden, John Kerry, Hillary Clinton and a host of other Democrats ALL voted for the 2003 invasion, so you are right; a bunch of low information, uneducated politicians put us in there. And by all means, if you want to claim that the Democrats who voted for the war were lied to by Bush, then go ahead. Tell the world that the people you like to vote for are dense and easily duped; THAT should go over well!

The people in that link were against the war and voted as such. Rather than discuss who voted against the war, they highlighted current members that did vote for it. Also, they knew that those who were for it WERE NOT IN CONTROL OF THE INFORMATION DISSEMINATED. Then, here's the link for the Republicans that voted against the war:

This last link is very interesting and is probably very unpopular with the likes of McCain, Cheney, and other like them. Cheney called President Bush's apology 'childish' and still defended the war. I will always have respect for President Bush for being able to 'man up.' Link, which I've posted before:

As noted before, food stamps increased due the state of the then bad economy. I see where we would've been able to trim it down had it not been for this oil crisis. It's strange how the Republicans increased the food stamps after 2002 when Bush took office and THE ECONOMY WAS GREAT, BOASTING A SURPLUS, AND FOLKS WERE EMPLOYED. Now, folks are looking for work, trying to get trained, and trying to survive but, the (R)'s want to REMOVE THE FOOD STAMPS FROM THEM. You make the call, America.
I actually meant to include the following link as well. These are the types of Senators and Congressman I like and respect be it Republican, Democrat, or Independent. He tells it like it is...HE TELLS THE TRUTH. It's not quite like it was back in early 2000 but, it still needs work.

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