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Wednesday, February 4, 2015


GOP Sen. Tillis: Restaurants Shouldn't Force Employees to Wash Their Hands

Ok, Sen. Tillis, then let the public know the names of the restaurants that find this procedure unnecessary and the public will take it from there. Idiot.
Okay, let's look at this carefully, y'all. Any DECENT EMPLOYEE will be sure to implement the same hygiene as they do at home after using the restroom. It's called having been reared properly while living at home as a child. However, this doesn't apply to everyone and lots of people just don't won't wash their hands after having been to a restroom FILLED WITH GERMS EVERYWHERE. I'm going to discuss some things I've personally seen during a trip to the john which are just plain filthy and sick...and there will be people here can definitely relate to this, GUYS.

There are the guys, that are knocking down the longnecks, and need to make frequent trips to 'bleed off' the brew. I've personally seen guys come, whip it out, drain, put it up, AND WALK RIGHT OUT after having TOUCHED IT. Multiply this by several nasty, un-home trained guys, y'all. What this does is leave his 'residue' on the door handle which the next guy must forth and so on. He goes out and sees a friend that's shown up and decides TO SHAKE HIS HAND and ain't no tellin' where that snake he just drained has actually been. Yeah, just that nasty. I can't speak for all of course but, I've been fortunate enough to witness what I recognize as an employee wash their hands before leaving.

But, there's still one big problem. The whole hand washing thing becomes null and void the minute they GRAB THAT NASTY DOOR HANDLE WITH A NAKED HAND. For years, I've been using a clean paper towel to grab the handle in order to exit 'germ free.' Most people don't even think about this after having washed their hands. Personally, I believe that employees should be heavily reminded to wash up after their trip and that additional etiquette such as grabbing the handle with a clean towel will help even more. Do we really want an employee feeling that after taking a dump it's okay to just walk right out and handle food, touch utensils, and touch others? We can't actually force them but, signs can help with implementing that guilty feeling of being so dirty without doing so. Just my common sense opinion.
Oh come on!

Everyone has Obamacare now so why should anyone wash their hands? It decreases efficiency for the restaurant if the employees have to stop and wash their hands every time they go to the bathroom.

Since everyone has healthcare it does not matter if some negligent employee causes an epidemic or a string of multiple illnesses.

It is all part of Obamas Marxist Utopia. Yay!!!!!
You're an idiot! I don't think you are, I know you are. (pun intended)
Wash the fukin hands.
Ever hear of pin worms.

What are you getting you're panties in a knot for? You know everyone has free healthcare now.
If there are more outbreaks it isn't a problem. Obama can just take more money from those greedy rich people and greedy corporations to pay for everyones healthcare. If old people get sick and die then that is just less work for the death panels.

See....calm down don't worry...our marvelous Marxist regime has us covered...Yay!
You still sound like an illogical plucking idiot to anyone with smarts or even common sense.
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