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Saturday, February 14, 2015


Anti-Vaccine Doctor: I Don't Care If My Kids Make Others Gravely Sick

WOW!!!! It's the kids' RIGHT TO GET SICK!! In other words, why should we even try to help prevent them from becoming sick? Why should I care if my kid is sick and I send them to school ANYWAY and other HEALTHY KIDS are infected as a result? So what if a kid just might have EBOLA!!! Hell, send 'em to school anyway! I'm so tired of Obama and all this 'make the world better BS' that I can't take no more!!!!

Screw being healthy and well. Let's get some sickness and disease...some plagues going around!!!

America, this is YOUR REPUBLICAN DOCTOR'S way of thinking about YOUR KIDS' HEALTH. Link:
Oh padiddle. All the kids have free healthcare now so it does not matter. If they get sick they can just get there free healthcare now.

Nothing to worry about.
@Think, you sound like someone that is mentally challenged. Sad.

Obamacare is a true atrocity. I would not be complaining so much if it did not so royally screw me.

I have never been without health coverage and was promised that I could keep my great policy.

You did not hear me complain about my coverage before Obamacare.

I now have more expensive and worse coverage and am forced to pay for coverage that I can never use. I have to pay for Maternity coverage and pediatric coverage which I can never use!

I have to pay for other coverage which I can never use, did not ask for and do not want!

Your mental processes seemed to be challenged by the fact that Obamacare actually does screw a lot of people and leaves them worse off!

My coverage is way more expensive and worse than it has ever been because of Obama and his merry band of Machiavellian Marxist Morons.

They repeatedly and continuously lied to ram it up our butts.

Stealing is stealing whether it is done by your buddy Obama or some stranger.

I have a question for you. Do you really believe stealing is OK when it is done for your sake?

I can go on and on and bitch about the things that I have to pay for others, but where will it get me... Nothing but high blood pressure and heart attacks come from unnecessary worry. Most of my property tax pay for schools, yet my children are grown and I'm retired and still have to pay. I help pay for free and reduced lunch of which neither I or my children has ever used. My taxes pay for welfare...was denied it as a child, never had to use it as an adult. I should be pissed but I'm not. I never had health insurance until I was drafted at the age of 18. Out of it all, I still count myself as blessed and nothing to complain about. And to answer your question, Do I believe stealing is ok? No I don't. But the government has been stealing from me as long as I can remember. I don't let it bother me because I know I am helping someone that really need it. I don't have all that I want but I have everything that I need.
@lilspeedy I have never owned a home and most of my cars (including the current one) have been over 10 years old. I had a clunker and was not eligible for the cash yet I know that people who are way more successful then I am went out and got the cash for clunkers and paid cash for their cars. I could go on about all the Marxist swindling that Obama has pulled but I won't. I will just stick to the worst piece of legislation ever which is Obamacare. I know they said they really wanted a Canadian style single payer system and that is what they are aiming for but the Canadian system is Racist - .

I guess Racism is ok too as long as it is nationalized like in Canada.

Anyway Obama and his policies are all about tearing some people down while building others up.

That makes them unfair, unjust and un-American.

It is too bad the first Black president turned out to be a Marxist Ninny and not someone else like that really smart College professor lady who commands respect and gets it!
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