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Saturday, November 14, 2015


Ann Coulter Proves She is a Horrible Human Being With These Paris Attack Tweets

Yeah, attack people in a case like this in their weakest moment. Way to go, Ann!! It's one thing to discuss the immigrant issue(s) with dignity and respect and another thing to 'politicize' an incident to advance your personal agenda(s) the expense of MAJOR MISFORTUNE. She has no class at all...and Sean Hannity is in love with her.
And don't forget, it is the religion of peace. Hollande said it very well, "it is a declaration of war" and it isn't just piesill, barri was bragging he got jizhadi johnny but piesill got an airliner full of people, and killed and injured hundreds in Paris. barri 1 piessill 323 tough game, we are losing. Stop migrants, refugees from coming here and anywhere else other than the Middle East. Vive la France! France is going to kick some jizhadi a$$, just wait.
Well, here's the real deal. The airliner was all about Russia and had nothing to do with Obama...this is Putin's deal and Putin's deal only. Those were HIS PEOPLE on that plane, so to attempt an indictment on Obama as a failure and losing here is grossly misdirected. Hell, no one in the media is even attempting to try and tie that in to Obama's directives. The only thing that'll come out of this Paris incident regarding Obama is that he's considering allowing in all those refugees...which would be a grave mistake. He cannot afford to take that chance and gamble with the American People's Security along with his which Legacy he plans to relish. Let us not forget that France opted NOT to be involved with the Iraq war but, that was for good reason until things began to become unwound as Trump said. "You'll get bogged down" were his exact words...and we're bogged right now...big time.

It's up to France to handle up on their problem with ISIS, which is in all truth, a DIRECT result of us going over there after Sadaam and completely DESTABILIZING THAT ENTIRE REGION. Analysts from BOTH SIDES have concluded to this. This Paris attack has cost the U.S. (1) life, thus far, which is still one life too many in my opinion. These attacks are far from being over, and, the next CIC will need to take some aggressive measures to counter what is already in progress due to infiltration. FWIW, Jihadi John only got one of our citizens but, this Syrian cell took down a plane full of Russians...and this is on Putin now. I don't see where anyone is criticizing Putin on being weak with his policy and security for his citizens...and over 200 have been lost. I think it's a good idea to quit trying to make Obama out to be the weak and bad guy when these latest incidents CLEARLY VALIDATE THAT IT CAN HAPPEN ANYWHERE AT ANYTIME NO MATTER WHO'S CALLING THE SHOTS. France has strict gun control which I'm actually against only when it comes to good people being well armed to protect themselves, their family, and innocent others. Again, I cannot find anyone criticizing Hollande for his policy on GUN CONTROL LAWS at present.

Would a couple of legal concealed carry residents been of any help? Very possible but, it's the element of surprise that overwhelmed everyone...yes? NO ONE KNEW THIS WAS ABOUT TO TAKE PLACE AND PEOPLE WERE DEAD BEFORE ANYONE KNEW WHAT WAS EVEN HAPPENING. This is just a little bit different than when WE KNEW PEOPLE WERE LEARNING HOW TO TAKE OFF AND FLY PLANES BUT, NOT KNOW HOW, OR ,CARED HOW TO ACTUALLY LAND THEM. BIG DIFFERENCE. Now, can we discuss some solutions as opposed to pointing fingers? My finger is BIGGER.
Your finger is swollen, put ice on it.
Your brain is swollen, get a lobotomy JARASAN.
Dr. Carson would disagree with that procedure for a swollen brain, your ignorance shines brightly once again!
You're missing the point. You need one because you are MENTAL JARASAN. "Your finger is swollen, put ice on it" is illogical CRY-BABY.
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