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Thursday, January 8, 2015


Rush Limbaugh brings up Obama's birth certificate

Fair enough! Let's just bring up fatso years of lies and drug use.
Hey, LilSpeedy, want to be the hero among all your friends and the democrat party? Want to have your own show on MSNBC or CNN? Want to be the highest paid editorialist at the New York Times?

Just prove Limbaugh wrong. Go ahead. Try. After all, according to you he has had years of lies.

Seems to me a person with an ounce of common sense would align themselves with a person who has proven he is 97% correct rather than degrade him. But that's just me (and 70% of the rest of the population).
Just ordered 10 of the "where's the REAL birth certificate" magnetic bumper stickers and received a
I would also like to know - where are the school records. So much secrecy - what's he hiding?
@Gasmeterguy, I don't have to prove a plunking thing to you. You're a rushbo cheerleader. He has you lock, stock and barrel. He is a druggie and a race baiter. Now that is a fact. Prove me wrong bubba.
Buddy, Rush is correct with his lies 97% of the time and he's also a big time RACIST as your buddy MADDOG has already said in one of his posts. Wanna see it? 'Cause I have it. Now, MSNBC has proven Rush wrong on many occasions...particularly on his views regarding President Reagan and it was hands down in black and white. So, either you're a racist who supports him willingly or blindly, or, you're just a careless and silly man. You make the call, bud. That 70% of the rest of the population is comprised of only those that listen and buy in to him in case you didn't know.

Your first order of business is explaining how he can love Ayn Rand, her writings, and philosophies so much while also completely ignoring the following:

Then, there's this one...and be sure to read the caller's comments at the bottom:

Also, please read some of the stupid azz things Rush has said over the years all out of hatred, anger, and racism:

Finally, and the GRAND FINALE that Rush is ashamed of:

The simple fact that he left a $2K tip on a bill that was prolly only 1/10th in total cost says a lot about his perspective of finances. All of you Rush Revere, Two if by Tea buyers, and email address buyers...GOOD JOB!

GASMETERGUY, I'm just gonna be perfectly honest with you. You're WAAAAAY out of your league here, buddy. Just ask MADDOG...I'm sure you still trust him even after his Ayn Rand misconception left him in complete disarray...and embarrassed.

Now, I'm 100% certain that the racists and ULTIMATE DUMMIES here are wondering why I'm not elaborating on the actual topic...the birth certificate of the President. Sigh...Good Lord!!!! If you're really wondering where his birth certificate is, ask anyone on John Boehner's team including him. They've all seen it and verified it...and it's perfectly legit. If it wasn't, do you really think they'd be so quiet about it right now while all the Rush's, Donald Trumps, Ted Cruz's, etc. are crying about it? Wow! A bumper sticker asking where is the President's birth certificate...after he's already been in for (7) years as President...the HIGHEST AND MOST PROTECTED OFFICE IN THE WORLD. COMPLETELY DUMB with no common sense at all. Just laughable, America.

Lil, yes I am a rushbo cheerleader. Until the day comes when he quits making common sense, he will have me as an eager listener. As far as being a druggie, he did have a problem with one drug. He sought help, got that help, and has recovered. Why are you not tolerant of a druggie who found relief in rehab? Are you always this intolerant of ex-druggies?
Now let's examine "race baiting". All I have ever heard him say is the law should apply to every body equally. He points out those who think there should be several tiers with certain minorities in the top tiers (blacks, illegal immigrants, criminals) and others on the bottom tier (working people of all races who take their responsibilities seriously). If that is race baiting, we need more it.

Lucky, you should write a book. With all the research you have provided you have more than enough material for a scholarly tome. Go for it. I am almost certain there are more than enough publishers out there who would pay you a great deal of money for such a damaging attack on the number one enemy of socialist, communists, progressives, democrats, and low information voters.

Of course there is always the chance a publisher might examine your resources and run away. After all, citing a biased outlet is not the best way to discover the truth. Daily Kos, The Atlantic? Come on. I am surprised you couldn't find something from the Muslim Brotherhood.

Should your book get published, I want to purchase the first book as it comes off the press. Please alert me when the time comes.
@ Gasmeterguy, I did as you asked and gave you a list of the LIES that your IDOL Rushbo has told through the years. They are too numerous to post all of them, so I supplied you with the web sites. And yes I am hard on Rushbo about his drug use. He was using drugs when he was blasting others about using drugs use...check it out for yourself, it's easy to find. Also, it is hard to get cured in a few weeks from the type of drugs that he was hooked on, this is coming from a doctor. I posted all this before about Rushbo...but as usual repubs are selective listeners.
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